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  1. 11 hours ago, Floridastorm said:

    Would appreciate knowing if anything special is provided for this cabin beside the extra space. Seems like the layout of the Oceanview, Veranda, and Penthouse cabins are about the same with the difference being space. Just curious as it will assist in which one we choose.


    My Best,



    You left out the most important part - what ship?

    PH on R class ships are very different from PHs on O class ships.

    That said, all PH are nicer than regular cabins but not all PHs are created equal.

  2. 2 hours ago, blacksmith said:

    Sounds like a TA getting ready to go out of business. I’d contact Oceania to see what they think. Perhaps you could deal directly with Oceania on this one.

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    In fact, I would discuss the possibility of transferring the booking to Oceania.

    I know It would be hard to transfer to another agent at this point as the new agent would not earn the comisssion.

    Oceania may not care about this.

  3. 47 minutes ago, deadzone1003 said:

    However, there is another one in the horizon that seems very interesting and maybe more effective than HCQ, Ivermectin, that generic drug one would take for scabies.  It apparently kills the "covid19" virus in vitro in 2 days

    So does ultraviolet and Clorox & Lysol - have a cocktail or an IV drip followed by a colonoscopy with ultraviolet light - it comes highly recommended by someone.

  4. 1 hour ago, Petoonya said:

    It's not till Apr 2021 and changeable if it needs to change but I got a fare of $419 RT SFO-PPT United coach. Not premium but oh well, the price was too unreal to pass on. Air Tahiti Nui at the time was $1300. The fare was there and 30 min later was gone.

    Let's hope it all works out for you.

  5. 2 hours ago, Benita said:

    I was given a conditional credit and told Crystal had 35 days to reply. Crystal “replied”  by  giving me the refund a few days later and I called Chase to have them remove the conditional credit and end the dispute. The rep said Chase would have done so without my call at the 35 day point if they saw the refund.My dispute was on 6/29. It can take awhile for the credit card company to show the 
    refund- in my case it was only four days.

         I don’t know which credit card you used, but Chase allows 35 days for the merchant to respond. If Crystal feels you are owed the refund, I would be surprised if you don’t get it soon. You may want to check with Crystal and see if they issued the refund because some have posted that it can take weeks to show up due to the credit card company.

    Well, it’s a bit different in a sense that the CC I used(Citi) over a year ago is now closed. Even though it is closed now, they are the ones who filed the dispute.

    Not sure how Crystal’s refund will be handled by the the bank or Crystal. Probably Crystal will try to send the money back and Citi will send me a check?

    In either case, I will know when the money was refunded by Crystal.

  6. 3 hours ago, Benita said:

    I don’t think it was a miracle- I think it was the dispute. Carole(caroak), as well as  you and I had the same experience. Crystal refunded the money soon after a dispute was filed with the credit card companies. Mine occurred within four days ((and posted to my Chase account three days after that). 
         I called Chase today to cancel the dispute, and the rep said that refunds after disputes against airlines and cruise lines often happen quickly as the merchant has to pay the credit card company a fee if the dispute is settled in the customers favor. 

    Congrats on the refund.

    Glad it worked for you and Carole - not for me so far.

    I filed the dispute on 6/27 and was told that the merchant has till 8/23 to reply.

    I was given conditional credit but NOT a refund.

  7. 1 hour ago, pinotlover said:

    Bath is great, but not practical. 1 hr 45 min drive each way, probably 2 hours to City Center. Only leaves a few hours to see the Baths and the beautiful City with its unique architecture. Save it for a trip when you can either spend an entire day or overnight.

    It depends on when the ship leaves.

    If you disembark at 8AM, have a guide wait for you, you can be in Bath by 10 AM. You can see a lot in 5 hours and leave at 3 PM.

    If your ship sails at 5PM, that's a different story.

  8. 45 minutes ago, Kate-AHF said:

    Off to research something fun to see outside of Southampton (which we will have already covered on our pre-cruise)

    Spend the day in beautiful Bath (if you haven't been there already). Or get tickets for Highclere Castle 🙂

    Salisbury with the Magna Carta is close by as well.

  9. It's a very personal decision.

    Things may quiet down by then or we may have a second wave.

    Most importantly, how much risk are you willing to take in relation to your personal health.'.

    Only you have the answer to that.

    Personally, I am hoping for the best but not booking anything till there is an effective vaccine/drug for this - but that's just me.

    Others - Susiesan - is practically anxious to get it so she can have antibodies. That shouldn't be very hard if she is serious about it 🙂

  10. 17 hours ago, RJB said:

    Don't let the door hit you in the a.. on the way out   Still have a safe trip,  and write. 

    RJB & TB - I have great news for you and I know that you'll be very happy about this because you would have missed me greatly .😀

    I was all packed to move to Qatar until I saw this. Close call


  11. I have a friend who lives in Slovakia - many people have not even heard of this country.

    Yet, they wrote the book on how to deal with COVID - wish we had been as smart. I am envious.




    It might be easy to say that they only have 5.5 M people - it was easy for them.

    But a small country like that has proportionately fewer medical staff, med. facilities, supplies, funds, etc, etc. But had the right leadership at the right time and apparently people smart enough to follow the advice of experts.

    We are supposed to be the richest country with best medical resources,best scientists, etc, etc, etc but apparently lots of dumb people.


  12. 55 minutes ago, deadzone1003 said:

    My other point was that the ICU was so full because of the 3 months backlog of sick people who got sicker because they were not allowed or too scared to be treated.

    Right - I had a heart attack and my neighbor was in septic shock but we thought we'd better wait because we were too scared to be treated.



    55 minutes ago, deadzone1003 said:

    As for my call?  How about using some ambulances and transferring them to other hospitals whose ICU's are not as full.  

    Great plan, except - A quote from local papers:


    Texas Medical Center hospitals go into Phase 2 surge plans as ICU capacity exceeds 100 percent

    With the number of intensive-care patients now exceeding capacity, Texas Medical Center hospitals have begun implementing COVID-19 surge plans that leaders thought might not be necessary after numbers fell far short of projections in April and May.

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