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  1. Thank goodness 😀
  2. I would not like that. Sometimes it takes quite a while before a trolley reaches you, depending on where you sit. At times we can relax and wait our turn, other times we want to get out a little faster when other activities overlap. In such cases it is nice to be able to help oneself from the shelves by the entrance in addition to trolleys..
  3. I am blushing 😀 Kate - it’s a two way street.
  4. All I see for the entire sea day is baggo 😀
  5. This sounds right with one possible caveat. I seem to remember - but I could be wrong - that the “free” cruise must be booked at least 6 months in advance. Others may chime in about this.
  6. Your free cruise MUST be your #20 cruise - period. No exceptions AFAIK. The cabin will be in the category that your previous 19 cruises averaged in.
  7. That fact just may help you in “trading it” for another restaurant. If you cannot “trade” it then just cancel it so that someone else can use it rather than just not show up (but I think you already knew this 😊) The more flexible you are with dinner time and table size, the better the odds of landing extra reservations
  8. You should book ALL your allotment of reservations. You might be able to use it as a bargaining chip to change for your more favored restaurant. The swap is not guaranteed and it depends on availability and popularity of restaurant but your odds of getting an extra reservation at, say Jacques, is better if you give up say Toscana in exchange rather than simply asking for an extra reservation at Jacques without giving up something. That said, I am not saying that you must swap to get an extra reservation but if they are hard to come by then trading might help. By trading I mean trading with the reservation manager - not another passenger.
  9. Also, I would not bother drinking wine in Prague - drink their beer. They consume more beer per capita than any other nation; it's cheaper than bottled water and they have some of the best beers in the world. Along those lines, I would stay with Czech cuisine - why go to Prague to have burgers, spaghetti, pizza or sushi? When in Rome,,,,,,,,,🙂
  10. LuAnn - I believe we met on the Marina (not Riviera) on one of her early voyages from Miami to Barcelona. It was a great cruise and I am glad we met you and stayed in touch. Best to both of you.
  11. I did too - I can say that only because I can’t remember any that I did not enjoy 😊
  12. That is what I hear and the main reason we are trying her.
  13. Well, well - what do you know 😊 - I was indeed on that Riviera TA in Nov 2013. Fortunately, I was never on a Noro cruise - a string of good luck I hope to continue. Would enjoy sailing with you again some day - like with many people of my age, it would be like meeting you for the first time (again) 😊
  14. ORV - do you really expect me to remember that far back? 😀 A few years ago I would have remembered such things but these days I am just glad if I can remember my name 😊 I will check though.
  15. Thank you. I am sure we'll have a great cruise - looking forward to exploring the Explorer 😀
  16. What “falling standards” are you seeing on Regent? Curious as we are sailing on Regent in 2 weeks
  17. Really? If that was the case it was a truly unique cruise. Didn’t they have any lectures, trivia, movies, bridge, card tournaments, country fair with officers, stitch & b**tch sessions, cooking demonstrations or classes, art classes or you just didn’t notice?
  18. I just priced and booked a Viking river cruise. Had quotes from a Viking agent and 3 TAs. Let me just say that they were WIDELY different and the Viking agent’s price was highest. We are talking several hundreds of $$$ apart.
  19. Cruise only fare for B2 is $4,499.
  20. I would suggest to leave the tour at the castle. If they have not visited the inside of the Cathedral, you can do it on your own and then go through the remainder of the Castle complex to the Golden Lane and down the stairs into Lesser Town. Visit the church on Lesser Town square and Kampa Island (with John Lennon wall) and then walk across Charles bridge following the street to Old Town Square with the Astronomical Clock tower. Afterwards admire the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings along Parizska street on your way back to Intercontinental. Maybe stop to visit Klementinum with what many call the “most beautiful library in the world” https://www.boredpanda.com/beautiful-library-prague-czech-clementinum/ Look into a private tour of the Jewish Quarter - even if you are not Jewish -due to its historical importance (some of the oldest synagogues and cemeteries in Europe). For dinner (or lunch) I would choose a local restaurant - like one of the pubs - over international restaurants for better food at better prices. Concierge at the hotel can assist you. For shopping or window shopping - especially for Bohemian crystal - walk along Celetna street from Old Town square to (and through) Powder Gate to Municipal house just past the tower. Go inside to check interior and the beautiful Art Nouveau restaurant on ground floor or have a meal downstairs with local musicians at dinner. Czechs & Prague are very musical - like Vienna - and if you are so inclined find a concert in one of the churches. Enjoy Prague - a very special city.
  21. Thank you. That confirms the 15 Euro/pp/day. Were all 7 days on the ship or did you have any pre/post cruise days on land (not likely on 7 day cruise)? Did you have any OBC? If so, could you have charged the gratuities to the OBC? (others have indicated that it is possible). TIA
  22. Flip a coin? 😀 I think you should explore other options - we have (Crystal, Seabourn, Silversea, Viking Ocean). All were very good and each had some points that were actually better than on Oceania but when the overall experience was considered (food, service, cabin, fellow passengers, cost, our preferences & likes, perks, etc, etc), O still suited US best (even though it no longer is the Oceania we first cruised on in 2006). That said, it might change in the future depending on what our future experiences on Oceania will be.
  23. I respect your opinion and you should follow your heart (or your maybe head?) 😊
  24. ..and a walk-in closet on O ships and a manageable bathroom and shower on R ships, a room where you can actually enjoy ensuite dining and so on. That said - it’s an entirely personal choice. Many are perfectly happy in an inside rooms and others would not sail if they can’t get an OS or VS
  25. I will certainly agree that you are entitled to your opinion but at the same time it is just that - your personal opinion. By the same token others are entitled to their opinion - like bitob in post #51 above:; We were on Marina in November with 2 other couples. Together we have more than 40 cruises on Oceania. We all agreed that the food on that cruise was perhaps the best we have ever had on Oceania (it is not always the best food at sea, I agree). The chef was from Paris. Every food venue was perfection. We have rarely, if ever, experienced perfection in every venue. Every cruise is different and the Executive Chef makes a HUGE difference. It so happens that one of the couples bitob mentions in the post are very close personal friends of ours and have told us independently after their cruise that “this was the best food they’ve had on Oceania” in their 20+ cruises. Granted - they were on a different cruise from yours but who is right about Oceania’s current food - you (and others like you) or them? These are both personal and therefore subjective opinions. Time will tell how the majority of seasoned O cruisers will report about their opinions on the food as compared to the past - included our personal opinion on our 3 upcoming cruises next year. As it should be in all democracies, the majority rules and wise consumers will eventually speak with their wallets one way or another. 😊
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