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  1. Hopefully the refilling stations will be like those at the airports which are activated by a sensor and the bottles tops are well below the spout; if you lift your bottle too close to the spout the water will not flow as the sensor will not be triggered; or they could be activated only by holding & pressing your bottle down - hence you cannot touch the spout while filling your bottle . Since the size of the bottles will be known and constant, either model would work if designed properly. Also, it sounds like people will have the option to refill their bottles in their own cabin from botttles of still & carbonated water, thus avoiding any contact of their bottles with “strangers”. As far as the soap, I will not be bringing any. I will be the only one using my bottle and am not likely to self infect myself. If I don’t have the Noro I will not suddenly give it to myself. Washing the bottle with hot water under these circumstances will suffice for me. Treat it like your toothbrush - I don’t normally use dishwasher soap between uses as it is my own toothbrush - I just rinse it. Maybe some people do use dishwasher soap after every use? As always, YMMV
  2. Well said. A lot of people do things I would never do and vice versa - and we all think that only we are right. As they say - to each their own.
  3. What do people do at home with their in the car coffee cups, which are sometimes metal (obviously I am not talking about the McDonalds disposable cups). Do they put it into a sterilizer or do they just wash it out with warm/hot water? Do they actually buy a new metal sippy cup every day for the coffee in the car? Why can’t the same thing be done on the ship, especially if you are the only one reusing it?
  4. All very true. One very important thing to keep in mind is to cross the street confidently without hesiatation or stopping (like the locals do). The cars and motorcycles count on that type of behavior and will get around you but if you stop it tends to throw them off. We were in Saigon twice with Nautica and both times we docked in town - very close walking to many - but not all - sights.
  5. Maybe the math will keep our aging brains a little sharper?
  6. Do you know if the “downtown” area was hit as well? Many of the historical buildings and reconstruction efforts are in that area.
  7. No worries Dave. Fair winds and following waves to you as well.
  8. Dave - you should specify that YOU always take the cruise without O Life. We usually DO take the O Life with excursions as we can almost double the value. In other words, if O Life offers 4 excursions then we pay $400 more for the cruise but get excursions that are valued between $700 - $800 by choosing the most expensive ones we like. Some places private tours are difficult (Africa, Myanmar, etc) or expensive (Japan) and ship tours are perfect in places like that. We don’t mind O excursions and usually do a combination of ship’s tours and private ones. As always, YMMV 🙂
  9. The answer to this is very simple, I believe. The price without O Life is exactly the amount of OBC offered - i.e if the OBC In O Life is $400/pp then the price without O Life is $400 less. What is not clear is the price of “free” air which can vary greatly. However, the amount of credit for air can easily be calculated on the website by first choosing with air and then without air.
  10. This is spot on - although there are some limits 🙂
  11. I know very little about this subject to take sides but IMO chengkp75 has always offered expert insight into the topics he posted on and I appreciate his expert opinion. That said, I do not know for a fact that he is correct but I do believe so - not only on this subject but on other topics he posted about on this forum. I hope he continues to contribute on this forum. That is my opinion.
  12. If you do not drink and don’t mind ship sponsored excursions then the 4 excursions is the best value. You can choose any excursion as noted above by Lyn. They are usually valued up to $199. Look at excursions offered on your cruise and if there are 4 excursions that you would take and if they are over $100 each then choosing them is a better value than $400 OBC. If you don’t like the offered excursions then take the OBC OR just take the cruise with air without O Life.
  13. An example of non-essential but really nice service by a butler: The day they served my favorite dessert at tea - Paris Brest - we were going to be out on a tour which meant I would miss it till next time (maybe a week later). I mentioned this to our butler and we had 4 pieces waiting for us in the cabin upon our return. A very nice treat and another example of what a butler can do 🙂
  14. Oh boy - you might be in trouble You named most of the activities that award O Points. The daily program lists all activities and those activities that award O points will have a big O after them, Some - like trivia - you have to win or place to get points while others you get 1 point just for participating. Good luck.
  15. Generally speaking, the redemption rates are lower on shorter cruises as people have fewer days/chances to accumulate lots of O points on a short cruise; reverse is true for longer cruises. That si our experience.
  16. This is how big they are: Mass: 41,000 lbs (Adult) Length: 18 – 33 ft. With their mouths open they look like they could swallow 3 or 4 people at once but fortunately they don’t - they are filter feeding.
  17. Yes, but who is to say that O’s clientele must be only Americans. If they cruise in Australia/NZ or Singapore area in the winter, they can attract a whole new market. Ditto for South America. Ditto for Middle East (Dubai, Jordan, Oman) which is closer for Europeans in the winter than Caribbean. Princess has done it by having one of their ships (Diamond Princess) cruise predominantly in Asia and attract a whole new market of Japanese, Chinese & Singapore cruisers along with some US cruisers. The rest of the world is catching up to us with the concept and the “fun of cruising”.
  18. There are other places to cruise in the winter than just the Carib.
  19. I don’t think O breaks down and separates taxes & port fees from the cruise fare though I could be wrong.
  20. Was it a RT cruise with the same return port as the departure port? If so, AFAIK different rules apply to these RTs than transports from one US city to another.
  21. I have done this many, many times and have never encountered this. After all, you are already booked - not on a waitlist; no reason you should go to the end of the line. In any case, should OP be faced with this situation, OP can choose not to cancel the tour. Alternatively, if OP had waited to book till onboard, OP would be out of luck if the tour is waitlisted. Thus, if OP is truly interested in this tour, there is nothing to be lost by booking it now. JMO.
  22. They do - the wine glasses are different They also like to treat their customers as responsible adults that obey the rules.
  23. Book now and then once onboard cancel it and re-book with OBC. It’s done all the time. For cruises after 5/19 one can use OBC to prebook excursions.
  24. We love Dim Sum but like the song says - never on Sunday Far too crowded any Sunday, never mind New Year. Nothing worse than waiting for an hour to be seated while watching others enjoying their food Glad you have a place to enjoy excellent Dim Sum.
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