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  1. Yes - if they cancel the cruise you'll have the option of a refund or 125% FCC. To make up for the inconvenience of this suspension, guests who are currently booked on voyages with embarkation dates from April 12 to May 10, 2020 will automatically receive a future cruise credit worth 125% of the cruise fare paid. This is our way of providing even more value to our loyal guests to cruise with us at a later date. This future cruise credit will be issued automatically and may be applied to any voyage on Oceania Cruises anywhere in the world through December 31, 2022 that is booked by April 1, 2021. All ancillary items purchased through Oceania Cruises will be refunded. Ancillary items eligible for refund include Oceania Care Travel Protection, transfers, shore excursions, hotel/land packages, air add-ons and fees, visas, beverage packages, and culinary experiences. For guests who prefer to forfeit the higher value of the 125% future cruise credit, a lower value full refund option is available. Please contact our Guest Services team no later than April 15, 2020 if you prefer to be issued a refund.
  2. Was your cruise cancelled by SB and you are waiting for a refund or did you cancel the cruise and are getting FCC from SB?
  3. I am sure that May will be cancelled and June as well, most likely. There is little appetite for people to get aboard a ship at the moment
  4. I agree with you but........ all my future cruises (May & Nov/Dec) are still there?
  5. We too have some cruises this Fall.I doubt that we will go but not cancelling just yet. Final payments are in July/Aug and we'll see how things look then. No advantage to cancelling now as far as I can see but if we cancel, we'll do so before any penalty phase.
  6. Agree with all of the above. Add to that the fact that many have huge amounts in FCCs and may not risk this happening to them again anytime soon as cruise lines will probably offer only FCC rather than refunds as cash runs low.
  7. Thanks Lyn - great pictures.
  8. Thank you my friend - I found it. Looks interesting - maybe for the future.
  9. I've seen Hudson river cruises on American cruise lines RT from NYC - not the ones you mention. What cruise line was that? BTW, that Hudson river cruise is more expensive than an average ocean cruise 🙂
  10. You are technically correct but what if Oceania does not survive in its current state or worse, not at all - that FCC could become useless. I certainly hope that is not the case, but.....A bIrd in hand....
  11. How is this behavior different from that of “antivaxers” you talked about? Those that attend these mass gatherings endanger the health of others there who then in turn will endanger the health of those that were not even there.
  12. What would you rather miss - your child missing his/her graduation or you or your parents getting COVID (with all the consequences thereof) because your child attended the graduation. There are many much worse things than missing a graduation, even if it’s the only one they’ll ever have. Dying of anyone because of ignorance of others is just one of them. I know what my choice would be. Some colleges are planning to postpone their graduations till June or July - why must it be in May? BTW - where is “here”?
  13. If they are asymptomatic with COVID and die of drug overdose then the drugs are the cause of death, IMO.
  14. To be more specific, if a patient is admitted with COVID serious enough to require hospitalization and then dies of a heart attack (or pneumonia, sepsis, multiple organ failure, etc), the cause of death is COVID IMO.
  15. Agree. If they die of a heart attack without COVID then heart attack is the cause of death.
  16. Personally I think that is too early. There will be a price to pay for this "civil disobedience" and not always only by the "rebels" - they will infect many innocent bystanders who were obedient and law abiding. It will only prolong the crisis.
  17. Yes - I'll go there in a heart beat 😀
  18. Are you ready to go out now? If not, when? Do you feel lucky - to paraphrase Dirty Harry.
  19. As long as that place is not vegetarian or G*d forbid vegan 😀
  20. Where do you want to go? Maybe I'll go with you.😀
  21. I disagree. Those who are diabetic may have higher mortality rate when contracting COVID-19 but they would not have died without the COVID-19 - at least not now from Diabetes. Thus their cause of death IS COVID-19 - ditto for other underlying medical illnesses (obesity, chronic lung disease, heart disease, etc) that would not cause them to die at this moment (maybe eventually) Their sudden demise is due to COVID-19.
  22. Again - I agree but what if they don't have the cash to be "nice" and generate goodwill.
  23. Can they refuse the FCC IF & WHEN they receive the refund from CC as that is what they prefer? I agree that keeping both is double dipping (fraud).
  24. I feel your pain and agree with you in principle. That said, Oceania has the law on their side. When you cancelled the cruise before it was cancelled by Oceania you essentially accepted the rules in effect at that time - i.e. no refund, only FCC. Interesting that you mention Seabourn. I have the exact same situation with them - I cancelled a 30 day cruise before they did and got only FCC (100% only as that was the offer then). Subsequently they cancelled the cruise and offered a choice of refund or 125% FCC. Needless to say, I did not qualify for either of those later offers for the above reason - I have to live by the rules in place when I cancelled. You could try disputing the charge with your CC on the basis you mention (Government ban on travel). Good luck.
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