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  1. Tom, I sure hope that some of the ships of the American Cruise Lines are ocean going as we are cruising from Baltimore to Jacksonville and there are no rivers that connect those two cities. I am pretty sure we will be sailing on the ocean 🙂
  2. Aren't the ships of American Cruise Lines also American flagged ?
  3. Agreed. I bet he’ll need an extra suitcase (or a cargo container) for this souvenir
  4. See my edit above. Does that situation maybe apply to your cruise?
  5. I recently completed a B2B on Marina Oct/Nov 2018 and never had to call O for ANYTHING. Booked my restaurant reservations, excursions without any problem when the timeline for booking opened. We were on a longer cruise on Nautica and were entitled multiple reservations in both specialties. The booking schedule did not allow us to book ALL our allotted reservations within the first week. The booking forced you to book 1/2 of your reservations for the first half of the cruise and the remainder for the second half of the cruise. I think this is fair and I don’t see a problem with this. Of course, one can try for extra reservations once onboard for anytime one is available.
  6. roothy - see my post above from 1/18 re: benefits received on B2B vs booked as a single grand voyage. You have to do the math to see which way it works out best. Importantly, if booked as B2B with separate numbers you can take advantage of a lower price if either segment becomes discounted.
  7. In my mind a true B2B are 2 cruises with different booking numbers = 2 credits. Otherwise a cruise that has 2 segments that could be booked as separate cruises but have only 1 booking number are NOT B2B but rather an extended or grand voyage. In such a case the number of days of such a cruise will determine the numbers of credits received. If that extended/grand voyage is under 24 days (like two 7 day segments booked as a single cruise) will get only 1 credit; if booked as 2 separate cruises with separate booing numbers you get 2 credits. Thus, if booking with 2 different booking numbers a 14 day cruise will get 2 credits but a 24 day cruise booked with a single booking number will get only 1 credit. Unfair? Maybe, but that is how Oceania set it up in the begging and it’s hard to change now. Some other cruise lines simply count the number of nights cruised with a line to establish loyalty level.
  8. We did dock on Neva river "downtown" on Nautica but it was in 2006. I've read here that sometimes the R ships dock there but not always. I guess it depends on who else is in town - Seabourn, Silversea and some others have smaller ships as well that maybe be docked downtown.
  9. Ditto for Saigon. We have done it on a Princess with a very long ride to Saigon and back and twice on Nautica docked right in Saigon - a huge difference.
  10. Obviously that should have said Bangkok. St. Petersburg can also be one of those ports at times that R ships can get closer to city center.
  11. O class ships have 4 specialty restaurants vs 2 on the R ships. They also have Privee and La Reserve (both for fee) and a larger selection at the Terrace. Their bathrooms are larger. R ships get to some ports that O ships cannot - Bankgok and Saigon are just 2 examples where it makes a huge difference. The atmosphere on the R ships is generally "warmer" as a smaller number of passengers and staff get to know each other faster and better, making it a more personal experience. We also prefer the library and the theater on the R ships. Ultimately, the itinerary decides for us.
  12. Plus you’ll have more time to explore leisurely, have local food and entertainment (& Chilean wine 🙂). Enjoy!
  13. Off topic (from the topic of this thread).
  14. In addition, while they may be malnourished they are not domesticated and not accustomed to all human foods. Think meat products over things like bread or dry dog food. On one occasion the dog ate only the slice of ham out of a ham sandwich, leaving most of the food uneaten. Sorry for OT post.
  15. I share your concern as we are dog lovers as well. A word of caution as we encountered this in the past. While traveling in rural South America we brought some food with us to do just what you wanted to do and it caused a terrible fight among the dogs fighting for the food. We never tried that again (unless there is only 1 dog).
  16. You are both welcome. Just to clarify - AFAIK these are not CC rules, just common practice that makes it easier to follow the thread without excessive scrolling.
  17. Marina is an O ship. I suspect they you will enjoy it and might even get hooked on O 🙂 What cabin cat are thinking of booking? PS R class are the smaller ships with capacity of 680 (former Renaissance ships) O class are newer and larger at capacity of 1200
  18. 1 You should have no problem with a 2 top in MDR or Terrace; ditto for specialties if you can book early or are flexible with times. In the MDR sometimes they can sit a couple at a table for 4 if not too busy 2 Everyone can have breakfast in cabin but you need concierge or above for hot breakfast; otherwise it’s continental 3 Showers are small in reg cabins on the R ships, much better on the O ships. No problem in PH or above on either class of ship 4 Plenty of storage for a 12 day cruise. TONS of people cruise on the R ships on RTW for 180 days and manage just fine.
  19. It’s been mentioned on another thread - and this is not personal, just a general note.. There is no need to copy the full posts one is replying to - especially if they are lengthy ones like this one. It’s been done on this thread multiple times. Just mention the CC name of the person your want to reply to or just quote the statement you want to reply to. It makes reading these threads a lot easier. Thank you.
  20. They are pretty obscure as cruise ports. Good to see that O is looking for new ports. Enjoy!
  21. That sounds like a nice trip, but.... Visiting Sicily is very easy on a land trip - in fact, we’ve done it and loved it. I would be more interested in Oceania venturing to more remote destinations that are very difficult or imposssible to DIY on a land trip. Ponant, Seabourn, Silversea and others do trips that visit places like East Timor, small Melanesia islands, Northwest passage, Antarctica, Russian and Norwegian Arctic - the list goes on and on. Yes - we can do those trips on those lines but I would rather do it on Oceania.
  22. ..or the Terrace if you want to dress more casually because you are already packed or you want a quick meal to pack 🙂
  23. Maybe you missed the line where I said that we visited Cuba on a land trip. Thus I am well informed about that topic. While visiting Cuba is not like visiting France (in more ways than one), a land trip to Cuba, even with its limitations, will allow you to explore Cuba in “real depth” much better than a cruise will and it would seem that this is what you want. We had 7 full days AND evenings in Cuba and while there were some scheduled events we also had plenty of time to explore on our own. While I haven’t explored visiting Cuba on land recently, I would imagine that if anything, things have opened up more than they were in 2013. And, BTW, that trip cost us less than the cruise we are taking later this year (disclaimer - we are in a PH on Insignia and the land trip was in 2013). Your call.
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