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  1. Hopefully you'll get a generous compensation like Riviera did.
  2. While this is obviously not what you envisioned, under the circumstances it's a fair deal. You are getting essentially 5 free days on Riviera in addition to refund or FCC. Hopefully flying home will not be a problem. Make lemonade out of lemons 🙂
  3. A person on an Oceania cruise to Carib posted the ship was directed to return to Miami only 2 days after having left Miami.
  4. Good question. Kitty9 who is on Riviera posted that they were directed to return to Miami only 2 days after having left Miami.
  5. ..and most likely inaccurate (to put it kindly) 😀 We have to wait until it's cleared up by someone else.
  6. This was posted on Oceania boards: Here it is: Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 42m At my request, effective midnight tonight, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and MSC have all agreed to suspend outbound cruises for thirty days. It is a great and important industry – it will be kept that way! That would include Seabourn.
  7. Tell me about this in July or August 😀
  8. HAL is part of Carnival (together with Princess and some others)
  9. They do. The RT cruises from SF to Hawaii have to stop in Mexico. The last 2 Grand Princess cruises on this itinerary got a pass on this due to medical emergencies and didn't have to go to Mexico. Maybe to salvage the Alaska season they may give these ships a "temporary" exemption to the PVSA?
  10. That pretty much covers all major cruise lines, doesn't it?
  11. You just left Miami 2 days ago - didn’t you? What compensation are they offering to the passengers?
  12. NCL - including all of its brands (Norwegian, Regent, Oceania) - is suspending all cruises for 30 days till April 11 with 100% refund or 125% FCC for those affected.
  13. Did anyone notice that if you opt for a refund vs a FCC that the refund will be posted within 90 days of the request - that is an unreasonably long delay IMO. Not sure why this is the case as other recent refunds for missed Asia cruises were posted almost immediately.
  14. I had a similar issue until it was pointed out to me that all but two excursions were booked on the same card - I assumed that they were all on the same card. Thus the missing refunds were found on that other card.
  15. That helps - plus another cup of Java 😀 I've been there, so I know.
  16. Antarctica? 😀 The last place without COVID-19 Not many flights there though - it's hard to land there (now that EZE is closed to many international flights) 😀
  17. Like you say - currently the ban in Spain is from 3/13 to 3/26. The cruise that was questioned about docking in Tarragona leaves Miami on 3/31- after the current ban expires (wouldn't get to Tarragona till sometime in April): On O's website they changed the 3/31/20 MIA to BCN transatlantic to end in Tarragona
  18. Are you getting a FCC or a refund? If the former, would you have gotten a refund if you had waited till O cancelled the cruise?
  19. Probably a smart move. Avoids having to deal with all the cancellations and itinerary changes. They will probably just chill there till the coast is clear.
  20. The cruise in question docks beyond the current ban (which, no doubt, will be extended). I am sure that cruise will be changed or cancelled.
  21. It's hard to chill out when my life is on the line due to someone's incompetence. I am in the same group as you - over 70 with underlying medical conditions. When I say that my life is on the line I don't mean by cruising - I mean by just going outside. I want to understand how S. Korea can test 10K people every day and we just reached 10K for the entire country. Vietnam is doing better in testing than we are and you say I should just chill out Presumably you are under 40 and in good health with no worries about COVID-19.
  22. 2 weeks seems like a very strange length of time. Do they really expect things to change much in 14 days. I think this makes it harder (not easier) for the cruise lines to plan ahead - they will have to guess whether it will it extended or not. Are there many ships in the Spanish ports in March anyway?
  23. Just waiting for O to cancel the cruise - I have pretty much decided that we would not go.
  24. I wonder if that new policy will apply to us. We cancelled on 2/26 and under our cancellation policy we have to book within 90 days and cruise by 2/26/21. I would much prefer the new terms.
  25. Most definitely not prepared and still not ready even now - a shame forever and this most likely will be causing many people their lives unnecessarily.
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