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  1. Thank you. Looking forward to returning to Silversea after absence of several years. I have always liked the product a lot except for the formality. It has relaxed a bit, which I appreciate. The Muse looks and sound like it will be a wonderful experience.
  2. Is there a charge for lunch at Kaiseki?
  3. While it looks very nice, it does take up (almost) the entire night table - not much room for anything else
  4. See my post #90 above re: deposit for straws on the ship.
  5. Well, the rest of the country eventually catches up to California - think smoking restrictions in restaurants and public places (among many others)
  6. It may not be a big deal for you or most others in your area at our more advanced age but I can guarantee you that if we don’t take bettter care of our environment, the world your grandchildren and their grandchildren will live in will be very different. Therefore, it’s up to you (and all of us) to keep that in mind if you care about their future. JMO.
  7. Dave & Sea42, I haven't and I don't think anybody else here has suggested paying or putting deposits for straws on the ship. What has been discussed is either eliminating them or replacing them with recyclable paper or reusable metal ones. The deposit discussion was about land based institutions.
  8. I agree that $1 is a bit steep, especially for an outgoing order where returning the straw is not practical OTOH, I suspect a 10 cent deposit would be ignored by most people. It takes time to change peoples’ habits. I know that it took a while for people here to get used to bringing their own shopping bags to supermarkets rather than using store’s plastic bags but I see it almost universally done by 90+% of shoppers for the benefit of everyone. Even paper bags from the store, while better than plastic bags, are not so great as they don’t just magically appear from thin air. BTW, I have seen this practice in Europe many years before we even thought of it. We tend to think that one straw or one plastic bag doesn’t make a difference but if millions of people around the world think that way then it DOES make a difference.
  9. In principle, if not in amount, how is this different from deposit on glass bottles that people in many states have to pay?
  10. Great Deb - I can retire now on the income and loyalties from 2 sold books thanks to you & Mura (books I haven’t written yet😄)
  11. Good to know that the last few posters had no problems. I would caution future cruises not to assume for this to be the case each time and book your flights with that in mind. There are a number of horror stories about disembarkation in Miami for any number of reason. I know because we were part of one of those horror stories. Caveat emptor!
  12. I guess the solution is to have reusable metal straws that can be washed much like the utensils that we use to eat. After all, we put the forks and spoons into our mouths without hesitation - how would straws be any different?
  13. Then you’d better take them to the EU as well next time you visit there as they just passed legislature to restrict or ban single use plastics such as straws, plates, utensils, etc. There was a time when we were way ahead of the world in forward thinking - now we lag behind in many ways (like reusable and solar energy, etc) SAD!
  14. Glad to see that Sydney Morning Herald agrees with me calling Dubai a "Disney" destination. I don't think it's a put-down as who doesn't love Disneyland - they are both fantasy lands.
  15. Good to hear that as we have always enjoyed their elegance & special skills. That said, I still think it’s rather the exception than the rule as we haven’t seen this on several of our last O cruises - unless they decided to employ them again? We just got off the Marina in Nov and there were no Russian dancers on production team
  16. I agree. Before NCL took over the entertainment, Oceania always had dancers (usually Russians or Ukrainians) as part of the entertainment team. They usually held dancing classes. Those days are gone. I also agree that probably Cunard is better suited for dancers as I believe they still employ gentleman companions (for dancing) - hence dancing is more important to their clients.
  17. For more posts on this topic type in “Ballroom dancing” and choose “this forum” and it will limit answers to Oceania forum. I always see couples dancing for 20 - 30 minutes before shows on R ships - not sure about O ships as the stage is different.
  18. I hope you will like her - she is a great ship 🙂
  19. Kate - it was a pleasure meeting you on part of your cruise. I think that you will like the PH; the trouble is that you may have trouble going back to a veranda 🙂
  20. Which ship will you be on? There is a significant difference between the R and O class ships.
  21. As you probably know, you can try to make changes once you board - the earlier, the better. Good luck.
  22. I am not sure that it would be worth for you to pay for Concierge cabin, especially as you have to pay double. Concierge veranda is exactly the same as a regular veranda cabin with a few extras that you may or may not want or feel they are worth paying extra. Please do a search here for concierge category for pros and cons of this benefit. Tables for one would be more difficult in specialties but no problem anywhere else. Enjoy your first Oceania cruise.
  23. The card room is practical but it is such a cold, sterile place. Maritini's or Horizons are nicer, IMO.
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