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  1. I seem to remember that it cannot be combined with other promotions? Not sure if I am remembering correctly.
  2. I can see how you clear immigration on the ship checking your passport but not customs. What if they want to see what’s in your luggage which is by now off-loaded on its way to the hotel. I know they seldom ask to check your luggage but theoretically I can have all sorts of contraband in it if I know that they are not going to check it.
  3. Well, if Viking knew that they were arriving in Vancouver on the 26th, they sure didn’t tell us. Until relatively recently their schedule on Viking.com had our itinerary listed as Day 1 to Day 23 - there were no specific dates on the schedule, only Day 1 and so on to Day 23. Day 1 is May 5th - that would make Day 23 May 27th. What they failed to indicate is that we will have 2 full days of May 14th due to crossing the int. Date line. That is what they should have listed - repeat Day 10 (which is May 14th) - that would have made the last day May 26th
  4. We are disembarking in Vancouver. If the luggage is off-loaded during the night and then taken to a hotel for us to pick up, how do we clear customs without luggage?
  5. Also, while the passport may list many excursions, one often cannot take more than one a day as they may overlap or there is not enough time between the end of one and beginning of the next (as sometimes they run late). Not sure about O policy on this but another cruise line will not allow a second excursion if it begins less than 90 minutes after the first.
  6. Thank you Lyn - that is what I thought (and why I quoted your post 🙂)
  7. IIRC, there is some law that if you do not embark in the US embarkation port you cannot embark in the next US port. For example, if the cruise starts in Miami and you miss it and the next port is Key West,you cannot embark there and you must wait to embark in next foreign port. Is this correct? PS I know that if there is such a US law, it Is not the case in Australia where one time we could not embark in Sydney due to a schedule conflict but were able to embark in the next port of Brisbane.
  8. Exactly. Not to mention having to deal with your luggage till 5 PM for independent travelers. Many might be arriving that morning or even if they arrived a day or two earlier, you’ll have to check out of the hotel by noon. Sure, one can leave the luggage at the hotel but I am sure everyone is anxious to get on the ship ASAP and get settled in.
  9. I still don’t believe that they always planned on arriving on the 26th. If so, they surely made the mess of it for both disembarking but especially embarking passsengers.
  10. Thank you for that info. Do we -or Viking for that matter - know what hotel are we talking about? Surely those arrangements have been made by now and we should be told what hotel the luggage will be stored at as many of us have plans after disembarkation and not everyone is on Viking’s post cruise program.
  11. That is the easiest way to do it. Another might be faxing it to Oceania - that is soooooo last century, but it works
  12. Can you share some details of the offer?
  13. Oceania customer service is not known for always providing correct and up to date info - a spoonful of salt is suggested The representative might have meant that no tax will be added to each individual drink in the package; this is different from a VAT that is charged for the purchase of goods. JMO.
  14. That's a good choice for many people but a poor one for those that do not drink. Why pay for something you will not use. Nice to have choices - all inclusive & a la carte cruise lines.
  15. Even better example to contradict your theory of always silent i's - TRIVIA (Oceania).
  16. Serbian - is that sər-b-ən or sər-bē-ən ? I believe it's the latter and the I is not silent. English is tricky even for native speakers
  17. I hope you did mean Oceania the cruise line and not Oceana the ship (P&O) - although I am sure there is something to love about both
  18. Thanks for letting us know - I enjoy your posts.
  19. Cynthia - after reading the details of this excursion it is FANTASTIC! If your physical abilities are up to it, go for the Tiger’s nest. Landing in Paro is exciting as well - get a window seat 🙂: https://onemileatatime.com/landing-at-paro-airport/ Enjoy!
  20. C - this is just FWIW and JMO. Katmandu is - and has been for some time now - the Tijuana of the region. Rural Nepal is a different story. The true gem of the area is Bhutan - unspoiled, not polluted and not overrun - all of which applies to Katmandu. If not on this cruise consider that for the future.
  21. Nobody is given “a spot at the table” last minute. They cannot simply bump other lines that are already scheduled to dock - even Viking is not that naive. As you probably know, docking schedules are set up a couple of years ahead of the time (if not more). If Viking knew that they were docking on the 26th and asked for a spot, they would have been told who is already scheduled for that day. OTOH, if they thought they were arriving on the 27th then they probably had a spot. It’s having to change from the 27th to 26th “last minute” that got them into trouble. Just IMO.
  22. Not everyone is “brave” enough to count on someone being outside the ship in most ports. This approach may work in the Carib but not most European, Asian or Australian ports. Not to mention that you would have no idea who this person is and what he/she will offer you for that “good price”. I think most people that like to do private tours arrange for them well in advance after a thorough search. I know I do - I never hope that I can get something in the port “on the fly”. As always, YMMV
  23. No - what I am saying is that for private excursions to be cheaper than Oceania’s excursions you usually need a group. Most of the time this can easily be arranged on roll call but not always and not everybody “can” or is willing to do this for a number of reasons. Sometimes a couple is looking for others to join them to make an excursion less expensive but maybe nobody else is interested in that excursion. They may have a nice private tour but not likely less expensive. To just simply state that private excursions are cheaper than Oceania’s is not accurate.
  24. One caveat - you probably have to share these private excursions with an average of anywhere from 6 to 10 people for them to be cheaper. If it’s only for 2 people they are most likely to be more expensive. They are definitely more flexible - provided you can get a group that can agree on itinerary (like shopping vs no shopping, etc)
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