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  1. I believe that you also have to purchase this type of insurance within 14 days after the first deposit.
  2. I have learned over time to take this poster’s statements as facts.
  3. Agreed but that is as of today with more to come all the time (hopefully fast)
  4. I am 99.9% sure he said 5000 (not 500) because as he said it I jokingly said to myself that 2500 of those 5000 will go to the Grand. If, as brisalta said, that each kit can test 300 samples then even 500 would be enough.
  5. The governor claims they have 5000 test kits available now Obviously those passengers should be tested first but if any one of those come back positive, how else could you determine which of the other 2500 others have been exposed and are positive but not symptomatic at present. Once they are off the ship and then test positive, good luck chasing everyone they flew with on the plane, etc, etc.
  6. The latest I hear on local news from the Governor that the ship will not be allowed to dock until everyone is tested. They will sending the kits to the ship.
  7. Local news here in SF showed Governor Newsom addressing the issue and apparently the ship will not be allowed to dock until everyone is tested with kits that are to be provided to the ship.
  8. I guess you got your crystal ball back - glad it's working again 😀 Kidding aside - I hope that you are proven right.
  9. Yes, I was just about to post about this. I certainly hope that this will not become a repeat of Diamond in Yokohama. That is a lot of people to disembark from the ship in SF without testing and sending them all over the country.
  10. They may be dropping like a stone in China but rising like a tide elsewhere and in US
  11. The place to start is on embarkation day ASAP. There will be a place assigned by cabin category where one can make specialty reservations as not everyone has made them online. Hence they have a number of openings reserved for this purpose - so the sooner you go there the better. After that, there is a place to make extra reservations for the same day - on O ships it is a desk on deck 5, on R ships at the starboard entrance to the Terrace. PS You can try calling Oceania now and see what they can do for you as you explain your situation to them. Good luck!
  12. At the very latest - more often by 9 AM (under normal circumstances or when not delayed by immigration)
  13. Spoke with SB rep today. They claim that ALL prepaid excursions were cancelled and refunded on 3/1. My CC shows some refunds pending from 3/1 but it is some $450 short of what I had paid. So they have NOT been all refunded yet - more chasing to do in the next few days. Why can't it be done properly the first time - I do have other things to do and worry about. No sign of refunded taxes either.
  14. They are useful but if you count on these to keep you safe from corona, you would be disappointed.
  15. That would be splendid and then you could lose weight while cruising on her instead of gaining, as is usually the case 😀
  16. I too have always struggled with that concept, whoever's fault it is - whether it is the company's or bank's policy. Charges appear on your account instantaneously but refunds take forever.
  17. Thank you for clarifying but unfortunately none of those instances apply to me. I used the same CC for all transactions. The cruise could have been booked as a B2B but we booked it as a single 30 day cruise. Some of the missing refunds are from the “first segment” part of the cruise while others from later. It seems so random.
  18. I am not sure what you mean by different account but they were all booked the same way on Seabourn website in my account with the same credit card. It is odd that they would only list 1/2 as being cancelled. When I inquired about this I was assured the rest would follow soon - I am waiting 😃
  19. I’d call this more desperate than generous - certainly when compared to Viking.
  20. Interesting point 😃
  21. +1 That door shall never close 😀 The person in question is a responsible person and discloses only things that can be disclosed publicly. I am sure there are plenty of things this person knows that cannot be disclosed and he/she knows that and is trusted not to do so.
  22. On a somewhat related note - we cancelled our 3/8 Encore cruise for FCC (would have preferred refund). Received an email that about 1/2 of our prepaid excursions have been cancelled but not all - I wonder how that works. When will they cancel the rest? Of course, the money itself for these cancellations or tax refund is nowhere to be seen as yet.
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