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  1. Just thinking out loud - if the tour operator planned a future trip to Oz, it would have made sense to get AUD to avoid paying conversion fees. The average Fiji vendor may or may not have plans to travel to Oz and thus would prefer local currency to avoid waiting in bank and pay fees (unless they have ways of converting money on the “black” market 🙂)
  2. FWIW, I do not think that the personnel handling the boarding/embarkation are employees of Oceania - I believe that they are employed by the port authority and they handle boarding for any cruise line that is at that particular dock. That said, perhaps O could have provided water/refreshments from the ship if they saw many people waiting in boarding area.
  3. Generally speaking, once you book with a TA and not directly with Oceania, all communications need to go via your TA.
  4. I am not crazy about the carpets either but the busy pattern will hide any dirt/stains very well (especially the one in cabins). I suspect that may be what they had in mind?
  5. Terry - thank you for taking the time to track down Eka and pass on our greetings. Have a safe trip home 🙂
  6. I have to agree with Kangakid about Fiji currency. The locals would have to exchange the AUD into local currency and lose part of their profit to exchange rate and fees - not really fair to them.
  7. Terry - we’ve even to Muscat three times (or maybe even more) but have never seen the opera house. It looks spectacular - thanks for the pictures. If we are ever back there again I will try to visit it.
  8. Great pictures - thank you. It will take a bit to get used to after all these years. What does the library look like? That is one of my favorite places on R ships.
  9. Despite the fact that they are allowed I hope it doesn’t become a trend. Those that require head covering for religious reasons have other options than baseball caps. In my book baseball caps are acceptable for outdoors dining but not indoors. JMO - for others YMMV.
  10. Please don’t feed the trolls. They instigate and then sit back and enjoy watching the infighting they instigated.
  11. Exactly - MDR is open only for B2B passengers who remain on from previous segment. They receive a notice beforehand and need to confirm whether they wish to have lunch in the MDR on turn-around day. This is to let the kitchen know how many passengers will participate in MDR lunch as some B2B passsengers may wish to be out for lunch (or use the Terrace). For embarking passengers only the Terrace & Waves are open for lunch, as posted above.
  12. I have never had to do this but have often observed the procedure at nearby tables. The sommelier takes your card and then brings a bill for you to sign - that way you too have a copy to keep track of your charges and/or contest the bills if necessary Others who have used this service will correct me if this is not correct.
  13. Not a drinker, but IMO: 1 No 2 They will keep the bottle for you and present it in any venue you ask for it 3 Yes - how else would they know you bought a drink?
  14. Thank you Terry. I know she would know us in person as we have sailed together many times but not sure about by names (she has sailed with thousands of passengers). That said, it’s worth a try - Hi from Marsha & Paul. Thank you.
  15. Terry - we couldn’t agree more about Eka. It is nice to see her smiling face. We have cruised with her multiple times and each time we are happy to see her. It’s one of the pleasures to see staff that we know from the past cruises as we board a new cruise - it is one of the things that makes Oceania special.
  16. Denise, Both of you will be fine dressing (upscale) casual - no problem. If you are like 90+% of Oceania “newbies”, you will most likely become an Oceania regular. 🙂 Enjoy your cruise!
  17. By “repeat newbies” I meant those that are on their second (or later) O cruise - i.e. when they were true newbies they dressed more formally but as “repeat newbies” (no longer true newbies) they have observed that they can “dress more casually” on Oceania. Perhaps it was a poor choice of words but I hope that this makes things a little clearer - or maybe not 🙂
  18. Isn’t that exactly what I said in post #29? Those that wear jackets on O are probably the ones that wore jackets on the formal nights on mass market lines and those that underdress are the ones that underdressed on those lines (and not just on formal nights). I only mentioned my Princess cruise because you thought I hadn’t been on a mass market line recently - I was and while some passengers don’t obey the dress code most of them still wear jackets/suits on those nights.
  19. That is certainly possible. What about those that “under-dress” with flip-flops and shorts/jeans to MDR? What are they thinking? BTW - I was on Princess last year and saw a lot more suits/jackets on formal nights than I ever see on Oceania. That said, I agree that most cruise lines have relaxed their strict dress codes over the years.
  20. Agree with you (& Lyn) - this reflects the changing clientele on Oceania. Many cruisers come from mass market lines where both, more formal and less formal dress code, are the rule. Hence, it is understandable that they would dress on their first Oceania cruise the way they are used to on other lines. Oceania regulars (and repeat “newbies”) are more likely to dress more casually (yet nicely).
  21. Mura, I understand your feeling about wearing a jacket if invited to a captain’s table. That said, if you otherwise do not wish to wear jackets to dinners, how can you predict whether you’ll be invited or not, thus necessitating packing a jacket that you may not otherwise need. Packing with a jacket - for me - requires different packing than packing without one. Thus I do not pack one and if invited to a table with staff, I dress nicely but without a jacket and I can live with that. Hopefullly the staff can as well 🙂.
  22. The shorts are fine as long as you skip the suspenders The shirt is OK as well as it is collared Not sure about the hat 🙂
  23. Maybe the Polo’s baby brother? 😄
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