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  1. Going without food for some 14 hours is certainly doable - without fluids not a good idea (especially when confined for that long a time - DVTs, etc). One can certainly drink from an otherwise sealed water/juice container with a straw without removing the mask by slipping the straw into their mouths on the side of the mask.
  2. It will be a very long flight but at least they are finally heading "home" I wonder if the food will be an upgrade or downgrade from what they were getting on Diamond the last 2 weeks? Also, I am sure they don't have to worry about luggage fees and overweight charges 😊 All is well that ends well.
  3. Come 1/2 to 1 hour after your posted boarding time to avoid any lines. That said, lines are not a big issue on Oceania even if you come at your suggested boarding time.
  4. Please, as others have indicated before, TOTALLY ignore the 2 for 1 pricing. ALL Oceania cruises are priced 2 for 1 - that is their add gimmick. Just please completely forget and never use the 2 for 1 pricing argument - there is no such thing. As for air, it is ALWAYS included in the price but you can decline the air and get a credit for what they would charge you for the air; or just get air one way and get credit for the other air. You really need an experienced Oceania TA who actually understands ALL this stuff.
  5. See my link in post 361 above about Princess.
  6. Most likely - they probably have itineraries from there to other Asian ports that they cannot visit? Good to know that Singapore is not "closed" at this point.
  7. Agree with this. Even if I had not gotten the flu shot somehow I feel I could deal better with the flu than the corona virus - at least that is my impression.
  8. Singapore may well be the next closed port. We have friends on the Majestic Princess from Sydney to Singapore, due to arrive in Singapore 3/2. They were just informed that the cruise will end in Perth on 2/22 and segment from Perth to Singapore is cancelled. Not sure if this is Singapore's or Princesses' decision.
  9. Thank you for your suggestions and details - I will pass them on 😊
  10. Just heard from a friend who is on a Princess cruise (?Majestic) from Sydney to Singapore (scheduled to arrive in Singapore on 3/2) They have been informed that their cruise will end in Perth on 2/22. I guess it is the segment from Perth to Singapore that is being cancelled.Not sure if it's because Singapore will not take them or Princess chose not to go there. FWIW - here are the Princess changes: https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/itinerary-modifications-cancellations.html
  11. Agreed. It is a great place to have a drink (or not) while enjoying the quartet - not a good place to socialize. People who are there to listen to the music do not appreciate conversations of others.
  12. On another board they have a suggestion for a problem like this - HUACA - Hang Up And Call Again. Maybe speaking to a different rep might Have a different outcome - nothing lost by trying.
  13. Though I am not familiar with Michael's Club, I believe that you'll find Martini's (especially on R ships) very similar in size and ambiance.
  14. Call Oceania to see if you can change your reservations. What cat cabin are you in - that makes a difference in availability.
  15. The ability to dine en suite from any of the specialties is a big bonus for us - either when we cannot get extra reservations or just want to dine in our bathrobes and slippers after a busy day out.
  16. Unless some selfish and entitled people have decided that these copies are their own personal copies and removed them from the lounge to their cabin - this unfortunately happens a lot (especially USA Today). British papers seems of less interest and are left in the lounge.
  17. Bxboy - welcome to CC and Oceania forum. Since you only have 4 posts, it’s fair to assume that you are new to CC and are not familiar with search functions, etc. The O Life option has been discussed here extensively and you can try to search for threads discussing this topic. I will try to summarize it. First - O Life option is its own entity and has nothing to do with air or cruise fare - you can purchase it or not. If one purchases O Life you have to choose one of 3 options: 1 OBC 2 Excursions 3 Drinks package I will give an example of an O Life package - 1 $400 OBC 2 4 shore excursions per cabin (2/pp) 3 drinks package OBC option is a foolish choice - in this example your cruise will cost you $400 more to purchase O Life. You are paying this $400 1 year ahead of the time only to get it back as OBC a year later (and then must find ways to spend it) - why would anyone do that. I cannot comment on drinks package option as we don’t drink. You would have to do the math based on how much you two drink - would it be over $400. If so, then it’s a good deal (Twiga above feels it is a good deal) For us the excursion package is the best value. You are paying $400 for 4 excursions and most of Oceania excursions are well above $100 (up to $199) - you can almost double your investment choosing the most expensive excursions that are bookable for O Life (no OE, OS excursions). Some people do not like cruise ship excursions and do their own - for them this is not a good option. If none of the 3 options make financial sense for you then do not add O Life to your cruise. Hope that helps.
  18. I guess that is the point. If the chair hogs in past would hog 1/3 or even 1/2 of the loungers people would not mind as much. But when the hogs occupy 100% of the loungers, then it’s a problem. It seems that this is where things stand now much of the time.
  19. I am shocked 😀😀 I am not a sun/pool person so I don’t have that much personal experience. I was referring more to the fact that this did not seem to be as hot a topic of complaints here on CC in the past as it is now. That made me think that things have changed?
  20. Wish you all the best. Not sure I would chance going through not just one but two "hotspots". Hopefully all will be well - just don't touch anything and don't breath and you'll be fine 😀
  21. Obviously some cruise itineraries are more suitable for using the pool than others. That was not my point. Oceania didn't just start cruising into the Carib or FP last year yet I don't remember this being such a problem 5-10 years ago. Maybe people were more considerate then or my memory is failing again? 😊
  22. Ditto This is not a topic that has been discussed here in the past but seems to be quite the problem currently. The "New Oceania"?
  23. Just out of curiosity - who pays for her trip to Singapore & back?
  24. You don't wait for the butter to melt before pouring in the eggs?
  25. You'll be just fine - enjoy 😊 He may be the only one wearing a suit & tie but if he doesn't mind he'll be fine - it's your vacation.
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