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  1. I agree that card opening offers are by far the biggest bang for your money.
  2. 99.9% accurate. Many here complain that they haven’t changed in years. I don’t mind as we cruise once or twice a year - that is not too repetitious, especially as one does not have to choose the same item each time 😊 We repeat our “menu” at home many, many times during the year, even with eating out.
  3. Agree with Chase Sapphire - discussed extensively in this thread above. Capital Venture One - not so much. It earns only 2X points (except for hotels on hotels.com till 1/20). Airline partners are not what most of us use and the transfer rate is 2:1.5 (some airlines even 2:1) So - let’s say you spend $20K on a cruise for the 2 of you. Sapphire gives you 60K points which become 60K miles Capital One gives you 40K points which becomes 30K miles (if my math is correct) - that would be exactly 1/2 of what the Sapphire gives you - not what I want. Perhaps one could split the spending between the 2 cards - using Capital for groceries, etc for 2X return. The problem - the miles you earn with Capital do not transfer to most airlines that are aligned with Sapphire. JMO - as always YMMV
  4. Are they randomly murdering tourists or rival drug gangs?
  5. You might not have chosen the best line for your expectations. Oceania is known for many things (food, service, casual and friendly atmosphere, etc) but not for entertainment and variety of activities like they offer on mega ships. Most of the people on Oceania are happy to entertain themselves much of the time and depend less on ship activities in general. There are some activities offered - bingo, trivia, lectures - but on a port intensive itinerary like Caribbean where everyone tends to be off the ship during the day there won’t be much going on. On TA cruises with more sea days they tend to have a lot more activities. Hope that you will enjoy the cruise but have reasonable expectations.
  6. Congrats - enjoy all the benefits to the fullest.
  7. When your brother invites you to join him it counts as one reservation for him AND you; conversely, when you later invite your brother to join you it will count for both of you. Thus you will have “used up” your reservations unless you each have 2 reservations to both restaurants. In that case you can repeat the process. 😊
  8. We have done it changing ships & cruise lines on the same day/same dock in NYC. No problem - neither cruise line would know or care that you are switching from one line to another as long as you can check in on time.
  9. And here I was hoping that Oceania now cruises to New Mexico 😁
  10. Clo - are you waiting for an answer from me?
  11. That’s more like it Bob - the ship is in good hands again 😁Glad that you are well enough to finish the cruise.
  12. Don't forget - in a PH you can always dine en-suite (if you wish).
  13. Interesting - I have Zimbabwe bank notes of 2, 5, 10 & 20 Dollars. I guess that tells you how long ago I visited Zimbabwe 😁 (it was 1995)
  14. I am with you Mura. We tip extra after the cruise and the amount depends on the service given or the amount of extra demands we might have made on the staff. In all our cruising over the years (well over 50) there was only one occasion when we did not tip extra to a cabin steward. It was on a recent Viking cruise when the steward was bordering on obnoxious (we left the regular gratuities in place). At the same time we tipped his attendant who was most attentive and helpful.
  15. That is true - we did fly them with a layover in PC and got to see PC.
  16. Sorry but I am not familiar with the details of this deal to give an opinion. I know a lot more about FF miles than investments
  17. Exactly - if the cruise was booked while OP was not near Silver then the OBC may not be correct (or up to date). It would be correct if the OP had already completed enough cruises to become Silver on their next cruise at the time of booking this cruise.
  18. Plus Copa's business is like Business lite - no lie flat seats last time I flew with them ☺️
  19. Petoonya - I am not sure it is worth staring at point zero now. It has taken me years to get to where I am now and I have enjoyed the ride but the game is very different now and the awards are harder and harder to come by. For those of us that are already "invested & rolling", we are making the best of it but it's not easy like it used to be. By the time you really "learn" the game well there may not be any awards given by airlines any longer - or cost millions of miles (if they keep going like they are 😥) That said, if you are interested, there are places to learn about these things like thepointsguy,viewfromthe wing, flyertalk etc.
  20. I have that card (like almost any other card out there 😀) but use it for Marriott stays only (when I have to pay for the stay - much prefer the free nights ☺️).
  21. I figured as much. Nice to see someone else enjoying the Oceania food as much as we do 😊
  22. In that case you should get the increased Silver OBC at the start of your cruise. The second PPG could be $250 or $350 but not full value of PPG as you are not grandfathered in. 😥 This is what I think but you should confirm it with your TA.
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