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  1. As a retired teachers from NJ, we too faced your dilemma many times. I would be concerned about August due to the current situation, but would wait for Royal to cancel. Now, about Anthem. It is going to packed with an over-flow of kids on that Easter Date! We took our Granddaughter who was 5 at the time on an October cruise on Anthem and were very disappointed with what it had to offer and the crowds even then were over-whelming. Yes, she did the flying and got to do the bumper cars, once. When it was a roller skating day, she had to be 8. She loved "We will Rock You", but she loves Que
  2. Knowing what I know now, I would not have gotten off Serenade in the Nassau! We just returned from the March 2 sailing of Serenade. We were on vacation and decided to disconnect! Not until day 10 of our cruise did we realize what was going on in states. Passengers were getting e-mails that they could not return to work since they had been out of the country! At first I did believe that we were all over-reacting. When we arrived at Fort Lauderdale airport I was shocked at the number of people getting flights out. Again, I didn't realize that the mayor had declared a "state of emergenc
  3. On RCCL We have always had priests during Easter break, and at other random times - but last year in May we had a priest for a 12 day sailing on Adventure. It is hit or miss. We always look at our sailings to see if we will be in port on Sundays and taxi to a catholic service. We did a "non-denomination service" once when we were at sea without a priest - turned out to be a video of Joel Osteen and basically a commercial for his ministries! Good Luck!
  4. We had to park in the outside lot the second week in May! That is not the summer! But it is no big deal - very secure.
  5. Actually - the garage may already be filled when you get there and you have to park in open air lot. We had to do that - just as close and Cape Liberty is very secure. No problem and then you don't have to worry about your height clearance at all! Just park there - the attendants will direct you there if they anticipate that you will have a problem. I wouldn't want to have to take the carrier off and put it back on again when you don't have to! Enjoy your cruise and don't worry!
  6. As I am reading through this post - I was thinking how many go on vacations and are not given alternatives when bad weather occurs? Most people are stuck - period. I live in a shore town and have seen rainy days and storms coming up the coast and vacationers having to stay inside their hotel rooms(with kids) and NOT able to use the beaches or pools. No one gave them money back nor did they expect compensation for the weather conditions. We can't control weather. I believe that Royal is doing the safe alternative and hoping for the best. If you are flying somewhere, airlines cancel flights
  7. We went from in Miami from Enchantment to Navigator 2 or 3 years ago. My husband uses a cane and there was NO way we could go through the crowds and walk the distant. It is very congested with people and cars and too difficult for us with luggage. So - we got off and Hailed a taxi - told him we were only going to the beginning of the pier and would tip him well. Taxi driver was not too excited to take us - but we gave him the tip up front (better the tip you know than the tip you don't know - LOL). Even though it was only March- it was very warm. While waiting in line to do check-in on Na
  8. We have heard so many positive comments about dinner in the WJ we tried it one night on Anthem. It was a terrible experience for us - crowded and poor selection and quality of food. That doesn't mean we won't try it again - but never on Anthem!
  9. We had our daughter and granddaughter on a Halloween cruise on Anthem - it was fun and if you wanted to dress-up you could. Don't stress over it - just enjoy! We did all dress up as a family as "little mermaid theme". We had fun!
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