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  1. We have heard so many positive comments about dinner in the WJ we tried it one night on Anthem. It was a terrible experience for us - crowded and poor selection and quality of food. That doesn't mean we won't try it again - but never on Anthem!
  2. We had our daughter and granddaughter on a Halloween cruise on Anthem - it was fun and if you wanted to dress-up you could. Don't stress over it - just enjoy! We did all dress up as a family as "little mermaid theme". We had fun!
  3. Like so many others who responded, Song of America was our first cruise, too. It was June 1997 to Bermuda. Everything about that cruise was "magical", except our boarding. When we arrived at the pier a huge storm blew in and lighting struck the gangway and it broke off from the pier. Now, I was afraid that this was a horrible "omen" for us not to get on! Fortunately no one was on the gangway at that moment because of the lighting. We had no electricity for 2 hours and could not board the ship - there were about 150 of us who had to board yet. They moved the ship to the next pier. Ken Rush(who was with us on the pier) was our Cruise director and he told all of us not to worry, they won't leave without us because they needed him on board - LOL! After that "sail-away", the next 29 have all been a breeze! Oh, and I will never forget the very small, small rooms. We had to turn sideways to squeeze through the room. All the beds had to be singles - no room to double them!
  4. So - we sailed "Nordic Empress" from New York in 2000 and 2003. Both times we went to Bermuda. Loved it and not a problem. Took our kids in 2003 and have so many fond memories. Love that we can dock in Hamilton an "d St. George again. We plan to book and enjoy time to ourselves. A great little ship - can't wait to sail on her again!
  5. So - we sailed Empress from New York in 2000 and 2003. Both times we went to Bermuda. Loved it and not a problem. Took our kids in 2003 and have so many fond memories. Love that we can dock in Hamilton and St. George again. We plan to book and enjoy time to ourselves. A great little ship - can't wait to sail on her again!
  6. Suggested name - "CoCo Crazy to book Cocoa Cay"
  7. We did a BtoB in Miami - got off 1 Enchantment and then had to get on Navigator. We took a Taxi. Not because it was far, but with luggage, traffic, and HEAT it was way more efficient and comfortable. A young couple stood next to me to board Navigator and were drenched with sweat. I asked if they had walked, and they did from Enchantment. They thought it would be so easy since it was close - but they said NO WAY would they do that again - LOL! Highly recommend the $10 for a Taxi!
  8. I am anxious just reading this - why are you doing this to yourself? Do you want to miss the first day? I would be on the phone now to see if RCL will hold your room - or/and then be changing my flight to at least the day before the cruise leaves! I wouldn't even drive to Bayonne. NJ from Cape May, NJ without at least arriving 6 hours ahead of time. Landing 3 hours before any cruise is insane!
  9. I so agree with your statement that the location is inconvenient! My husband walks with a cane and to walk through all of the carts and rooms through the long hallway to access the lounge was a trek for him. The view is great - but too, too far removed from the elevators.
  10. I was just thinking - if this smart "IT" team tries to cancel everyone's purchased $18/day drink package, perhaps they may make it worse and cancel our reservations instead😫 I really DO believe anything can happen! I advice this "IT" team to leave well enough alone and don't play with our cruise planners 😉
  11. We had to think about this, too for the very same reasons you mentioned. At D+ we get plenty to drink - but fresh OJ, a pool drink; night cap, and coffees are a nice add-on for only $18/day. So we do have the package in our paid cart - no cancellation this morning. We have our confirmation. This morning for our 11 day March Serenade cruise it is now listed in the cruise planner at $60 for Deluxe drink package and they added Voom!
  12. Good Question about "upcharge". I am not sure (Adventure of the Seas in May) except that we paid $29.95 for the 2 of us - (2 burgers; 2 cokes; 1 fries; 1 onion ring; and added 1 shake). That would have included the 18% tip. Food was poor - not worth it!
  13. We had the pleasure to dine with him 2 years ago. Very personable and friendly at dinner - we had no idea about him. My husband asked him, "so, do you cruise much?" The entire table boost into laughter - we were at the captain's table. Mario then told us his story.
  14. Thank you for your honesty. I would not have started this thread if it had been free except for the shake. That is why I started the thread - the price of the meal. We paid $29.50 for 2 burgers; 1 fries; 1 onion ring; 1 shake. We did not see any posted prices - but it was a crowded sea day and we thought it would be "oK" even with an up=charge. It wasn't. We didn't get the cute "hello" when we entered; or an ok burger. We had bad frozen fries and onion rings. We were just felt it was over-priced and poor quality of food.
  15. I don't remember seeing Chianti offered - I would have ordered it if I had. The majority of times we sailed, there has been a priest on board that does offer mass. We were on Adventure May 4 and had mass daily - but it is usually just by luck. Unfortunately the 1 time we had a sea day on a Sunday they offered a place of Christian workship and put a Joel Osteen video on - oh, well, they tried! The Boleros and Schooner Bars had enjoyable entertainment.
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