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  1. The last time we were in Cozumel there were 8 ships there. Downtown was crowded but manageable. Also depends on what ships are there. Some hold many more passengers than others.
  2. One of the best reviews I have read. Good words. Good pictures. Definitely made me want to book another cruise. Thanks for taking the time to post your great experience.
  3. Free beer...... I advocate being one of the last to board the ship. May have to rethink that strategy.
  4. I have looked in a door of a cabin like you are talking about and it looked crowded.
  5. Completely agree. Been to several places that I was guaranteed certain death. I, and the tens of thousands of other Americans there had no problems and a great time.
  6. mexicobob

    Montego Bay

    When we were there we took a taxi with no problem. Enjoyed the beach and the food. Afterwards, went down the street to Margaritaville and had great drinks. Many taxis lined up outside for the ride back to the ship. Older driver offered us the "best" marijuana in the world. Have always kinda regretted turning him down. Do not see how this could be a dangerous place as it appeared to me most were stoned to the eyeball. Never saw so much pot smoking in my life and I grew up in Mexico. If I remember right, it took about 15-20 minutes to go from dock to Doctors Cove Beach. It did look like traffic could become a problem so would allow plenty of time to get back to the ship. Do not do like us and stop at the bar at the pier until they start pulling the stairs to the ship up. We were the last ones on and were given a stern "talking to" by ships officers. I do not pay attention to what The State Department says. They have cried wolf too many times.
  7. Assure you, there will have many to choose from.
  8. I try to be one of the last ones on the ship. No lines, no hassle. Last cruise we were literally the only passengers in the terminal. Also, lunch was much better in The French Quarter than on the ship. We arrived 30 minutes prior to All Aboard.
  9. That war is probably on the horizon.
  10. Really good words that I completely agree with.
  11. Sit at a bar and listen to usually, good music. Eat. Explore the ship. Eat some more. Work out. Shop. Take a nap. Go back to a bar. Watching the sea go by is enjoyed by some.
  12. Agree. The Cucumber Cocktail is worth going on a cruise for, and have booked a cruise with that reason in mind.
  13. Sailed on The Destiny many years ago. She was a great ship and really enjoyed the cruise.
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