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  1. Aft balconies are in the back of the ship. Long ways to walk, or roll, to get to your cabin. Would advise getting the cabin that involved the least walking. Been there, done that, with a hurt knee, and seriously regretted an alf balcony cabin.
  2. You are sailing to the tropics so it will be warm if not hot. Go to weather.com and type in Cozumel and you can get the average temperature for that time of the year. You will be going in the "busy" time of the year for that area. People looking to escape the cold. Last time we were in Cozumel in February there were eight ships in port.
  3. Being next to the elevator and stairs is not necessarily a bad thing as the cabins are in a hall away from the traffic. Sometimes nice not to have walk so far to get to your cabin. Not nice not being next door to your friends.
  4. I drink beer, or wine or tequila. Do not have to worry about water prices. But then, their tap water tastes fine to me.
  5. We were on The dream 3 years ago and had a great time. Was everything perfect? No. Would go back again in a heartbeat. The majority of people on the ship will be having a great time.
  6. Being close to the elevators is very convenient and will reduce walking. We were on The Legend three years ago in an aft-wrap at the very back of the ship. One of the best cabins at sea, but a walk to the elevators.
  7. Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on the face of this earth. Not the place to take swim suits.
  8. Probably too late now but...……...an Aft Balcony would be the only cabin I would consider on that kind of a cruise.
  9. Never had this problem either.
  10. In Progresso would recommend an excursion of your choice. Not the most exciting place so great idea to go somewhere. If you venture too far from the ship I would do a Carnival tour. Be wary of some of the restaurants in Progresso on the beach charging you $50 for the privilege of eating there. This is a waiter ripping you off, not restaurant policy. Go somewhere else if this happens.
  11. Agree with being spoiled after sailing on an Aft Warp. Unfortunately, they can be hard to come by if not impossible. Have tried several times to no avail. A Cove balcony is a close second for me. Small balcony but nice being so close to the water.
  12. Last year on Princess I received a gift card that could be used on the ship. Bought a very nice shirt in one of the shops on board. Year before on Carnival got a coupon for a free drink. Do not remember being offered a cake, but not really into the sweet stuff.
  13. No need to sweat the "elegant, formal night" on carnival. Many posts on the subject on this board. You will see that many of us do not like to dress up on vacation. May have opened the hornets nest. Guy's Burgers will be fantastic any time you can eat there. Not healthy food, but good.
  14. I would suggest you stick with the MDR. Crowds are not as bad there.
  15. The Holiday was my first cruise. Had rough seas and was a very unstable ship. Hard to walk sometimes. Toilets did not work at times as well as the elevators. Maybe because of the rocky motion. Some of the waiters were rude. Loved being at sea though and enjoy going back on better ships.
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