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  1. In my opinion Carnival stock is overvalued to the point of stupidity. Up to their necks in debt, have not made a dime in over a year, who knows when they will sail again, have diluted their stock value by selling millions of extra shares, etc etc. Was a great deal at $7.99 which is probably what it is worth at the moment. Long term think it would be a great stock to own, and will keep what I own. Would be very wary of buying new shares at the current price. No matter what happens to the stock..............look forward to being on one of their ships ASAP or on any ship. Give
  2. As usual you have great advice, as in check out the prices for international travel before you book a cruise. We were/are planning a cruise out of Barcelona but price of airfare has gone up to the point are you kidding me. Thanks for the warning.
  3. Do not think Carnival, or any other cruise line, will care about the medication you are bringing with you within reason. Customs, including arriving back to the USA might rarely, be another thing. But at that time your pill boxes should be empty.
  4. Have found the above to be correct on several occasions.
  5. Leaves me out. To each their own I guess.
  6. We did the same. Good excursion plus you get to see a good cross section of the country getting to the the river. Floating down a river in a cave is a different experience.
  7. Totally agree and would be a great experience. The only problem would be getting supplies to the ship. Since it is an island that would probably be impossible. Otherwise think this would have been done long time ago.
  8. Have given up on Carnival or any other cruise line leaving from the US in the future. Do not care any more. Making plans on Oceania for a cruise out of Barcelona. Looking at other options also that continually open up in other countries. We are fortunate enough to have the means and the time to travel to other countries and will take advantage of that.
  9. Probably the best advice I have received in a long time.
  10. And I thought my biggest worry was whether the freaking ship sailed or not. Too deep for me at the moment. Calls for an extra glass of wine.
  11. You will not be alone. I, for one, have already begun making plans to cruise from Barcelona. Also watching what other opportunities open up. This could end up being a good thing as far as opening up new ports to sail from.
  12. I have decided that to cruise in the near future...next couple of years....I need to plan to go outside of the US. The morons at CDC do not seem to have a clue. If they have their way we will all need to be locked up in a closet. Sure it will keep us safe but not much of a life. This will probably change the cruise industry. They have to go where they are allowed to do business. The tourist areas of Mexico are as safe as anywhere. At least as far as I have seen and heard.
  13. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this advise. Might be the best post I have ever seen on Cruise Critic.
  14. My experience on Cove balconies....the first 4-5 Cove balconies toward the forward part of the ship can experience more spray, sometimes so much spray you might not be able to go out on the balcony. Depends on the seas to some point but I would not recommend one of the forward cabins. Have seen some minor dripping of water that was irrelevant on all Cove balconies. Also you need to do research and find out what is above you on the ship you are on as far as noise. Pretty easy to figure out if there will be noise above you. Cove balconies were the quietest of any cabin I
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