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  1. The outside temperature will be warm/hot. You will be able to swim every day. You will be in the tropics so do not forget the sunscreen. All ships keep the temperature too cool for me on the inside no matter where they go.
  2. mexicobob

    Vista, aft cabins....noise/vibration??

    Back of the ship is a great place to be in my opinion. The view is worth it. Also, not many passengers in that area. Be advised it can be a VERY long walk back to your cabin. Also can be more vibration and movement if the seas are rough.
  3. mexicobob

    Main dining room menu

    As others have said, the Indian food is great. That is what most of the crew eat. The apple pie is amazing. For some strange reason the other fruit pies are not worth eating.
  4. mexicobob

    Please explain Ship time vs local time

    When we to Alaska the time changed on the ship. Some of the crew said it made it hard on them when they lost an hour.
  5. I am also interested in what people think of longer cruises. Thanks for future information.
  6. mexicobob

    Show Me Your ALCHEMY Drinks!

    Love it.
  7. Agree with your observation that alcohol capacity diminishes with age. Saves on the bar bill, a little.
  8. mexicobob

    Dream Cove Balcony Question??

    Couple years ago when we were in a Cove Balcony on The Dream we booked 3 weeks before sailing. Had a cabin not under the galley. Never heard a sound from anywhere. Never smelled anything bad. Got a really good deal booking at that late date.
  9. mexicobob

    Show Me Your ALCHEMY Drinks!

    Cucumber Sunrise is my favorite.
  10. mexicobob

    ALASKA Newby

    Have done the round trip on The Legend and recently The Golden Princess from Whittier to Vancouver. You see more of Alaska on a one way trip. On a round trip you are at sea more. Also recommend the train in Skagway. HIGHLY, HIGHLY, recommend taking an aerial tour somewhere. Glacier helicopter landing, floatplane to anywhere. Obscenely expensive but worth every penny and then some. Something you will remember forever.
  11. mexicobob

    Looking for guidance choosing a Conquest Balcony

    Any balcony with "aft" in the title would be great. An "aft wrap" is one of the best cabins at sea and I say that from experience.
  12. mexicobob

    More beer options on Princess!

    On the Golden Princess this past June to Alaska in the whisky bar they offered some outstanding bourbon. Good selection of some high priced bourbon.
  13. mexicobob

    Favorite Drinks and What is in them?

    Cucumber Sunrise found only at the Alchemy Bar was impressive. When we were on The Dream noticed it was what most of the ships officers were drinking.