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  1. klfhngr - i've read this before, but found it linked again from a similar thread about 'anyone ever get left behind' on the carnival forum - and this condensed version was linked. i read it again, because it's still great info to keep in the back of your mind 'just in case'... why didn't alfred leave you at, say, the british colonial hilton? now i see two different addresses when i google 'mr photo nassau bahamas'... so that's where i guess the plot thickens... their current location (or maybe there's more than one location for all i know), as based on their website, shows them at market street (at bay street), all of a few hundred meters from the BCH (and cruise port, AND us embassy): https://www.bahamaslocal.com/showlisting/2844/Mr_Photo.html#largemap the embassy is all of 300m, a few minutes WALKING, from either, just south. if i just type in 'mr photo nassau bahamas' to google maps, it shows it on Shirley St, about 2.6km from the BCH (7 minutes via taxi): https://www.google.com/maps/dir/British+Colonial+Hilton+Nassau,+One,+Bay+St,+Nassau,+Bahamas/BahamasLocal.com,+Shirley+St,+Nassau,+The+Bahamas/@25.0759111,-77.3435988,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x892f7d1b19f200c3:0x453562fa0f5eb52a!2m2!1d-77.345713!2d25.0784252!1m5!1m1!1s0x892f7db18d205bed:0xe556d7f7ee5bbea5!2m2!1d-77.326891!2d25.073971 i really ask this mostly because you specifically said you were expecting a hilton or hyatt (and then mentioned again when you moved near the airport), rather than the 'seedy' hotel you were left at, and quite frankly the BCH is directly next to the port. i've always thought it was odd the port agent (for any cruise line) would direct someone to those sort of accommodations when there's a very nice hilton right around the corner, close to the embassy. there obviously would have been better internet connectivity, either via business center type computers or wifi there vs. where you were left. i guess i also figured there'd be somewhere to get a passport photo taken that close to the embassy (and i believe other countries' embassies are also in the same general area, around the nassau government complex). i'm not for a moment questioning your story. i did read this whole thread to see if it's been answered, and it hasn't even been asked. it's just something i've always wondered. if it was answered on the other (un-redacted) thread anyone else please feel free to relay info. glad to see you're back to cruising, and i wouldn't bother asking but i see you've been here semi-recently (and have more cruises planned, way to go)... but i've always wondered. anyhow, thanks regardless for your story, it definitely has influenced the way i think of such situations. cruise on!
  2. falkcor

    Room Service and kids menu on Victory

    victory does not have guys burgers YET, so the grill may still have the chicken tenders available. i haven't been on victory so cannot comment, but chicken tenders were often available at the 'off the grill' station before being changed to guys burgers. ymmv. the website definitely still lists 'grilled chicken' but not the tenders: https://www.carnival.com/cruise-food/off-the-grill chicken tenders are now available from the a la carte room service menu for 5.00: https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/explore/dining/menus/room-service-menu.pdf
  3. falkcor

    Triumph or Fantasy?

    i would choose triumph over fantasy any day. triumph is a larger, more modern ship. she has more, larger, facilities than the fantasy class, and she's smaller than the conquest forward derivations of the destiny platform - so pretty much the same stuff of the bigger ships with less passengers. i can also speak from experience on triumph - i'd go again without hesitation. also, triumph has the more modern feature of many balconies, for greater availability and lesser cost vs. fantasy class ships. i just don't dig the fantasy class ships (granted, i've never been on one), and given the choice, i'd pick the larger more modern ship any day.
  4. falkcor

    Solo cruiser and loyalty program points

    i've seen the issue raised before and as posted, i believe the answer has always been 'no plans at this time'. i think it's only fair if you're paying for imaginary pax #2... (i would not agree if they waive the supplement as they have in the past but i haven't seen that for a while) i've seen email addresses for carnival management posted here and there, but i have no idea where. i bet you could find them if you're really bent on pursuing this
  5. it depends on a few things. first - is the ship sold out? if by 2 weeks from now you mean the nov 11th cruise, they have interior, balcony and suites (no ov) available. in fact, all the sunshine sailings i see in november have availability at this time. ETA: if this is indeed the nov 11 sailing, i just checked and no there are no interiors that *i see* on the website for 3, they are sold out. balconies are still available but are of course more expensive. second - can a third passenger be accommodated in the room they have booked? i can't tell you this without knowing the room number. many cabins can accommodate a 3rd passenger with pull down bunks, couches (but interiors do not have these), and sunshine is one of the older ships that should still accommodate a trundle / rollaway bed. if the room they have booked cannot have 3, then you need to see if there is a room that DOES. further, it also depends on what the lifeboat capacity is in those sections. even if there are rooms that can accommodate 3 or more, if the lifeboats are to maximum capacity, then they cannot book more into those sections and those berths have to sail empty. lots of variables here, carnival will have to advise. so there's the answer to the question of whether it will be possible or not. as for not being able to talk to carnival until monday i'm inclined to call BS on that one. if your cousin was booked with carnival direct, she could call them RIGHT NOW or any day 24/7 at the 800 number and ask these kind of questions / make changes. granted maybe the TA is waiting for her own inside sales rep, but i would be very surprised if a TA couldn't contact carnival just like i can when i'm in control of my own booking (booked direct - via PVP or the 800 number - even if a PVP isn't available you can still talk to the CVS at the 800 number about stuff like this). this is why i book direct. good luck :)
  6. falkcor

    What makes Cheers Program worth it?

    search 'cheers' on this forum and you will find tons of threads and posts to help you make this decision. as far as beer is concerned, each fosters is about 2 beer, so hubby could have more than a 30 pack a day available to him. or 15 16oz of several domestic brands, or 15 12 oz imports. as far as your concern - if you try something you dont like, you could toss it and get another. non-alcoholic drinks - coffee, water, virgin drinks, even milkshakes are all included now. there are 'break-even' charts, etc. in threads here. it's a personal decision and you're the only one that can make it. it works for me. it might not for you.
  7. falkcor

    Drinking without Cheers

    that is true, but subjective. purchasing a la carte does not have the same steadfast 15-drinks-and-you're done-limit as cheers does. and that kinda makes you wonder why there is a steadfast limit with cheers, and not if you order a la carte - it's all about the profit margin built in to the system. granted, ^above was not all for me, but it was a la carte... but the cheers limit it not to 'encourage responsible drinking' or anything like that, it is to ensure they make enough money off the purchase. there is no such limit if you don't have the package.
  8. i clicked on this because i was really wondering what the premise may be. i see you're trying to prep for some under your wing... i don't think there's anything in particular to be 'warned' about though... here's my thoughts... cruising is addictive. balconies are addictive, too... that whole 'once you go balcony you don't go back...' the 'welcome drinks' are not free. turn your cell phone off. charges can be exorbitant. this is a new one - if your room steward asks you to pick once a day service, tell him/her no, you can have twice a day service no bottles of anything except wine don't try to take a power strip or splitter with surge protection no 'decorations' that aren't flame retardant you have to ask for ice most times... glory isn't carnival's best (or worst) ship so don't take it as a full representation of the line based on one experience. that's what i've got right now.
  9. falkcor

    Upgrade fairy!! So shocked!!

    that was definitely a good deal. i can tell from your posts that you'll love a balcony. don't let the nay-sayers get you down lol. be excited, it's awesome. tell your husband to shut up, he'll like it too lol. have a great cruise ;)
  10. falkcor

    Drinking without Cheers

    no, they don't limit you to the time constraints of 5 minute intervals. yes, you can order as much as you want. no, there is not a limit - i bought 12 once :D so long as you don't have cheers, you just do what you want. they will not challenge you.
  11. they will probably still be up. i think they start taking them down the first full cruise after new years (probably with the same variability as when they put them up). they were still up on my january 4 cruise though they may have started taking them down for all i know.
  12. you can order distilled water from room service for 3.00 per gallon. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3372/kw/distilled%20water%20-pap%20machine%20available/session/L3RpbWUvMTQ3NzM2Mzk3NC9zaWQvSDRBMmFZMW4%3D
  13. schedules are not released that far out currently. sunshine will be in new york city again next year (as she was this year), so if they don't 'rock the boat' and stay with status quo that would be the likely ship. pride is and has been in baltimore for a few years now, and baltimore's ship options are limited due to the bridges - they can only accept fantasy or spirit class ships in that port - and since they do not typically put fantasy class ships on 7 day runs, and pride's relative speed, covered pool and balconies are needed for sailing from baltimore, which fetches premium prices, it's pretty likely that pride will remain in baltimore.
  14. exactly. agreed. i said the washing towels and added cleaning toilets a few 10's of posts back. i think we agree. i am tired of 'apologists' trying to say 'oh please think of the poor steward when you 'demand' twice a day service' - come on... it is not our job to worry about the employment agreement between employee and big corporation - it is our job to say when they've gone too far. if people keep accepting, and even worse, apologizing for the cruise line making further cuts, then the cruise line will keep taking, and will be in a downward spiral to the bottom.