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  1. This smoking area outside. Can anyone tell me if it is covered area or uncovered? Thanks so much
  2. Does anyone by chance have a great copycat recipe for the Tortuga Rum Cake.
  3. From reading what has happened with the Diamond Princess, there was no smoking anywhere until the people were allowed to go out for supervised walks. During their walk they were allowed to smoke outside in the designated area.
  4. I am trying to see where the smoking areas are on the ships. Is there a thread I may have missed on all smoking?
  5. Smoking area question. We have not sailed Holland for many years. I am seeing talk of Seaview area’s. Are they inside? Outside? If outside, are they covered areas? Don’t bash me. Yes I occasionally still have a cigarette but prefer to do it outside out of the sun. No interest in smoking in the casino.
  6. Not to long ago we were on the Coral. My husband loved that Churchill’s because of the windows to look out while smoking. I understand the sister ship, Island is the same. Does anyone know any other ships that have the same type of windows. Most of them are like dungeons.
  7. Where was this ship suppose to disembark and what day
  8. We just did this tour and it was awesome. Just enough and lots of Penguins. Had Juliet . She was fantastic and very knowledgeable and never rushed...
  9. Thank you for taking us on your journey. We will be on this Sunday. You have been so helpful to us and others. By chance have you bought any souvenirs? I always have to come back with something...lol
  10. Can anyone tell me where the smoking areas are on the Coral? Covered/Uncovered?
  11. Any updates for the Coral Princess? Outside? Covered? Uncovered?
  12. I am curious about the outside smoking areas. Please if possible provide some pictures. Thank you
  13. If you have a drink package, are these specialty drinks still free?
  14. Three friends are sharing a room on a Charter Country Cruise in November. I understand that all have to get the drink package. What I don’t understand is that in order to prepay you can only use one credit card. Is that right???? Are you able to buy on board with each using their own credit card????
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