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  1. We were booked on this cruise but have had to cancel as I have broken my ankle and was told I couldn’t travel but we would have been in Bangkok now ready to board the Eastern Oriental train to Singapore so we may not have even seen the email let alone been able to arrange to get to a completely different destination in time to board the ship it would have been a complete nightmare.
  2. We were on the Reflection Caribbean cruise in March and it was definitely chilly in there then I was wishing I had taken a jacket with me. From a personal point of view it was the only meal of the whole cruise we didn’t really enjoy , the steak was a bit tough and lacked flavour and the wine waiter was so sparing with the amount of wine he gave I don’t think any of us actually received an overall total of a full glass in all the time we were there. Having said that our actual waiter was so nice and friendly went out of his way to try and give us a lovely evening. Maybe we were just unlucky food wise as I have read of other people that thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
  3. Sorry to say but on my recent Reflection cruise I had been on my sun bed near the pool for over 3 hours next to me were 2 unused saved beds with towels beach bag and a book. It was a sea day so lots of people wandering around looking for somewhere to sit, the pool attendant happened to stand next to me so I mentioned this to him his response was “ we aren’t allowed to move personal items” and off he went. The so called owners came back over an hour later gathered up their belongings and went.
  4. It was the 16th October 2020 and went to Key West, Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao etc.
  5. We have recently returned from our Reflection cruise and whilst onboard tried to book two more cruises, the one for January 2021 was no problem and that was quickly sorted however the one we wanted book for ourselves and our family on the Equinox for October next year wasn’t letting her get a price and she explained that they were doing an inventory and that once we got home it should be cleared for bookings. We contacted our TA who was also unable to access the cruise and it was only after her making a few calls to Celebrity she was informed that it was no longer available as it had been chartered. Whilst I appreciate that charters guarantee the cruise line a certain revenue from a loyal cruisers point of view I find it extremely frustrating to find an itinerary and a date had that suited us all only to have that cruise withdrawn.
  6. Having just returned from the Reflection during our Caribbean sailing every day the speciality restaurant staff were outside the ocean view with offers for that night. We took advantage of the two for one offer at the lawn club but I can honestly say I wish we had dined in Opus instead the waiter was lovely but the steak was tasteless and tough and even though we had a drinks package they were very sparing with the wine.
  7. They only got off the ship once while he was in the fun factory to look round the cruise terminal shops but they told the staff where they would be and took the pager with them.
  8. Just returned from the Reflection with our 6 year old Grandson, he really loved the fun factory. They would ask his parents where they would be on the ship if they needed to contact them but then they also gave them a pager. It’s the first time he has ever used a kids club but the staff were wonderful with them and my Daughter felt it was also very safe as they were unable to leave without a nominated adult collecting them.
  9. We were in 8039 on the Quest in October nice cabin with a good size shower but had some morning noise from above but that wouldn’t stop me from booking this again. With regards to comparing it to the mini suite on Princess admittedly we have only had one on a couple of the older ships but to my mind they were no better than a standard balcony cabin on Celebrity so the club continent suite on Azamara would definately be superior.
  10. Cabin 8039. Club Continent Suite Ship. Azamara Quest Sail Date. 13th October 2018 Choose Again - Maybe but some noise early morning from deck above with chairs etc being moved. Balcony - slightly larger than standard cabins Comments Nice cabin with easy access to lifts. Was able to fit 4 chairs on the balcony for drinks with friends. As stated there was some noise early morning from the deck above it wasn’t a major problem but we were aware of it. Terrible smell from the shower drain when we first boarded but this was put right by maintenance.
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