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  1. Hi. Anyone have any experience with the eSIM offerings for global or regional mobile data from companies for use on the newer iPhones and Pixels? I’ve looked at Gigsky, Truphone, and Know Roaming so far. They all have a history of providing SIMs and seem like logical choices to provide a good eSIM service. Usually I just buy an international data plan from AT&T but now that I have an iPhone Xs with the eSIM I’d be interested in trying it out.
  2. Thanks for the review. We leave from Amsterdam in just a few weeks. What time did you get to the port for embarkation? Trying to get a feel for what would be a good time.
  3. Good morning! Does anyone know the drop-off location in Seville for the Celebrity "Seville on your own" excursion from Cadiz? I've searched the boards and couldn't find that detail. I called Celebrity and they didn't have that specific information available either. Thanks!
  4. Definitely a normal table is the best as on other ships' sky suites. But our butler and I did improvise a table of sorts. He took the tray off the existing table and put it on the tomtom. I brought out the cube from the bathroom. A little awkward but it worked. Of course, the food was good. He was very apologetic about the whole table situation and (as has been reported elsewhere) mentioned tables would be forthcoming. He also chastised us for ordering by calling room service instead of calling him. We made that mistake only once.🙄
  5. We really enjoyed the food quite a bit. And go in with an open mind about the performers and just have fun with it. Our waiter said that the main menu would be changing often. I ordered off the hidden vegetarian menu - you basically were served what the chef thought up that day. It was absolutely delicious. The veg menu in the app apparently is only a sample menu. And I understood the main menu was to only be a sample as well. If you don't just love an item off the main menu, ask what the veg option is for that course. Once the table next to me saw what my plates were, that's what they did.
  6. We were on the January 13th Edge cruise I remarked that it was the quietest and smoothest sailing I've ever been on. We were in SS 10205 with the solid wall IV next to us. But from what I'm reading, our week was a bit smoother than yours has been. We were on Reflection in it's third month and we heard quite a bit of creaking then.
  7. I just checked and it is still listed on the Celebrity site. I also have an email from December 12 from Celebrity OneTouch.... "Thank you for contacting Celebrity Cruises, I am very happy to be able to assist you.Captain's Club offers complimentary benefits for Elite members, among which complimentaryaccess only for Persian Garden, on one port day. Unfortunately at this time, Thermal Suite onboard of Edge is not included."
  8. And I was wondering if we could get an additional one for our suite?
  9. Interesting. I just called Captain's Club and they said the free day should be available on the Edge. 🤔
  10. Take a look at sylvia_longmire on instragram. She is in a wheelchair and has posted many pics of the accessibility features on the Edge. https://instagram.com/sylvia_longmire?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=16qp2nclayab4
  11. The only dedicated veg menu I've seen so far is the veg menu for Eden (in the X iPhone app), which I promptly booked. In the past, the MDR has had a vegetarian menu, with all the other restaurants having at least one vegetarian app and entree.
  12. The X site says both $13 (on my cruise planner) and $15 (https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/onboard-packages/beverage-packages/premium-classic-and-standard). But I think recent cruisers have confirmed it's $15.
  13. A little disappointing but not entirely surprised about blocking the walkway. Hopefully in reality it won't be that big a deal for movement. But having it blocked off does make it more appealing to me anyway.
  14. To use the app on the ship you won't need to have a wifi package!
  15. Great video!! I noticed that in some of the rooms that the toiletries were in larger bottles in the shower, not the smaller size you normally see on some ships or in some hotels. Is that the case? I'm not necessarily opposed to that since it saves on waste, as long as the product is good.
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