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    Latitudes Cocktail party with Captain

    Thanks for all the responses! This sounds like it will be a lot of fun! How do people usually dress for this? Not too fancy, right?
  2. I'm sailing on the Dream on Sept 14. How will I know if there is a cocktail party with the Captain? I've sailed on NCL before (last year), but am not sure what I get with my Latitudes membership and do I need a card identifying me as a Latitudes member? Not sure how this works...:o Thanks!
  3. misskitkat

    Sewage problems on the Dream??

    I'm leaving in a week and a half in room 6223. Now I'm very concerned about these odors. I don't know if I should try to change rooms, but where should I change to??
  4. misskitkat

    Live from the Dream

    Glad to hear you are having a good cruise. Can you tell us which cabin your SIL is in? I'm sailing in Sept and will be on deck 6.
  5. misskitkat

    7/27/08 Dream Review

    We're leaving on Sept 14. Would you mind sending me the Dailies as well? Thanks! kbtj_08@yahoo.com
  6. misskitkat

    Room 6223 on the Dream

    Has anyone stayed here before? Just curious, anything good or bad to say? Thanks!
  7. misskitkat

    Help Please room location on the Dream

    I'm looking at CC on deck 9, looks like no one could see in those? The NCL website says these rooms come with a concierge, is that true?
  8. misskitkat

    Help Please room location on the Dream

    Do the CC rooms have any other perks over the other oceanview rooms, aside from the size? What about the new 2.0 perks? Thanks!
  9. My husband and I are considering the Canada/NE cruise in Sept on the Dream. We have sailed NCL once before (the Spirit to the bahamas) and loved it. Of course, I'm a little skeptical of the Dream due to some bad reviews. Just two quick questions. I keep hearing about the buffets for lunch, but are the main restaurants open for lunch? In particular, which restaraunt is open for lunch on embarkation day (so that we can avoid the crowded buffet)? Also, I'm a little concerned about seasickness. Due to the size of the Dream, does it move a lot more than something like the Spirit? My husband felt a little queasy one day on the Spirit when the seas were somewhat rough. Are the seas in New England generally rougher than down to the Bahamas? Thanks in advance!