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  1. I just got off the Magic on Sunday and had the large water bottles each night in the MDR...included in the cheers package for me.
  2. Geography obviously dictates that there are no ports within two miles of DC. However, the question was, "how far would you drive to get to your port on departure day?" Since we ALWAYS arrive at least one day before we sail (to any port of departure), and book hotels within a couple miles of the port, my comment stands.
  3. We have gone over to St John on our own a few times. Super easy. Even thought eh ship excursion may be similar in price, you’ll get WAY more time of you just do it on your own. And Trunk Bay isn’t to be missed...you’ll want several hours there! 1. Get off ship as soon as possible. Catch taxi to Red Hook Ferry Terminal: about $10pp. 2. Purchase round trip ferry ticket to Cruz Bay. $12.00pp 3. There will be taxis at Cruz Bay. They will go to Trunk Bay ($6pp) or Cinnamon Bay (a little more, maybe $8pp). 4. When done at Trunk Bay, take a taxi b
  4. We cruise at the end of January... My wife and I have been to Half Moon plenty of times and normally get a cabana for the two of us. However, we expected a few more people to join us on this cruise, so we reserved a Villa. Unfortunately, those people had to back out so now it is just my wife and I. There are no more cabanas available to reserve at this point, so if I cancel the villa we will just be on the beach. Has anyone ever had a villa with just two people? I’d still like a place to get out of the sun, and the private bath and shower are a plus...it just seems lik
  5. For about the past 5 years, I have only cruised on Premiers, Ultras, etc. and have only had to pay taxes and port fees. I typically get onboard credit that covers the taxes and also cruise cash (anywhere from $500-$1500 or promotional chips). I play UTH and Blackjack and average $50-100 per hand and up. I always have the drinks on us card waiting in the cabin for both my wife and I. I’ve never played a slot machine, so I couldn’t tell you how many “points” I get each cruise But I can tell you that win or lose in the casino, Carnival keeps me in good supply of cruises. As I’m sure you know it
  6. Probably our last 15 cruises have been Premier/Ultra. They USED to be really great and they USED to make us feel at least a little appreciated. Like the OP has stated, they are not very good now and the perks are pretty weak. Our next cruise with Carnival isn’t until January and we’ve purposefully booked a non-premier cruise (although they seem to make many of the cruises premier nowadays, so it’s always possible this changes). But we are actually looking forward to going on a regular cruise for a change. I can get a lot better return on investment and comps with any of the nearby land based c
  7. Just got this in our room this morning. We don’t watch much TV in the room but im guessing this new lineup will please some and upset others. Looks like some of the kids channels (Cartoon Network, boomerang) are gone as well as the 10 CNN channels.
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