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  1. Great review! Getting online of late has been a royal pain in my ass! However will be heading home tomorrow so SHOULD have time over the weekend to start... however how am i ment to top this Michelle?? lol. Will do my best to keep it informative. And you can tell Thalia i did feel for her... but the cocktails dulled the pain... so i got through it :p
  2. First question... Its cash or credit card. Debit cards are not accepted as forms of payment. If using cash you still have to fill out the slip, but you write cash in the left hand box. I used cash and never had a problem. However i recommend checking your account at ther pursers desk every few days. Its amazing how quickly the money goes... specifically if you dont mind a cocktail or two. Second question... Tipping is a personal thing. The 'auto' amount is $7.50 per person per day. However you can have this turned off and do personal individual tipping at the end of the week. On friday there were little white envelops at the pursers desk for this. For instance my dinning table did a group tip and gave to our waiters. They say that the auto tipping does go to your personal stewarts, but you know it is when you hand it to them. Cant help you on the 3rd question sorry... but hope the above makes sense.
  3. It was really great... and hope to catch some of them again in the future. Glenda was awesome... not just for the cc meeting but for what she done for michelle's b'day... i remember thinking crap, what am i gonna do... but she handled it all... which was fantastic! As far as the reviews... i dont see why you cant do it for them... just title whos perspective it is when doing it... otherwise join them up... more the merrier Agreed we had the best waiters! 'Big Al' will miss us for sure... or be glad to see the back of us... either way :p
  4. Back on dry land... and i have to admit im missing that big boat! When i first got off it i could have kissed the ground i walked out on... and something i dont think i read on here is the post rocking... It took 2 days before the feeling wore off... felt like i was side stepping when walking straight. Wasnt a great feeling but it does wear off. I can now see why ppl rebook when they get home. I do plan on doing a general over view of my time on the Pacific Sun... however i havnt even unpacked yet lol. So will get around to it as soon as i find where ive shoved the notes ive got. And to the other '2nd seating, burgundy dinning room' people... apologies if table 31 was too loud at times lol. I remember looking around thinking jeez, what must they be thinking! lol. But we had fun... and we made some new friends along the way :)
  5. Not a bad lot of responses :) Not sure what i started here... people just keep adding to it lol. However im glad that the message is out now... im sure if it wasnt me it would have been someone else... infact it was someone else as i did read it from cc... but it was like page 7 in some unrelated thread... i just wanted to shine some light on it... and i feel that is what happened lol Keep up the good work ppl ;)
  6. Um... firstly im not having 'a whinge' ... the idea of the thread was to let people know about it as there was no mention of it happening during the refurbishment. I heard they were repainting and turning the library into something of a night and things like that, but that was about it. From what people have said it is a good thing that its gone... which is most likely true... i cant argue with it as i havnt been on it before. Secondly... 5 DAYS TO GO!!!! YAHOO!! Thanks for everyones feed back :)
  7. I understand all the above... But when you book a cruise on a ship with a slide... you kind of expect it to still be there... admittingly i didnt book on the sun just for the slide... but do feel a bit ripped off as it would have been fun! And they are still advertising pics with the slide on it with the digitally remastered white funnel which is talked about in another thread. Also read "Pacific Sun had a major refit in 2004 at a cost of A$35 million" ... why not take it out then? Anyways it isnt really an issue... just sucks that it seemed like a big secret or something.
  8. BRING IT ON!!! Its coming so quick... i dont think ill sleep the whole trip just to make the week last longer :P Looking forward to meeting new people!
  9. Ok just did some reading around... and have to say im dissapointed to hear the removal of the slide... thought it would have been fun! No offense to the older generation out there... but adding lounges and removing slides sounds like they are turning into an 'older' peoples ship... Of course still looking forward to it... not long now!
  10. From what ive read it depends on what times too... someone mentioned getting wedges after a nite out (so would have been early am) and there was a surcharge of $3.50 But with that you could order as much as you want without that changing... so order in bulk rather then a few separate orders.
  11. Travellers cheques... to use... or not to use... that is the question?? Just wondering whether anyones used them... or whether you think them necessary...
  12. Was reading through and noticed this comment... "If you have a "recent purchase" expensive item such as Laptop, camera video and so on, declare it to customs prior to sailing" How recent is recent and why? Im planning on taking my laptop (brought june/july sometimes) on board and am still looking at cameras... so not sure what they mean by the comment.
  13. Its been said before but great review! One thing i got from this though is the buffet is crap?? I'll be on the sun but my guess is the food wont be any better then the other ships. The alcohol bill will be scarey too lol. Will be something i'll have to keep an eye on as i know the more you drink the less you care about the amount you drink. And its not just one nite. So it adds up quickly.
  14. I was told by a friend who rang p&o... but yes sorry it may be $9 (4 people per cabin x $9= $36)
  15. nothing like your $690... but yes we were all paid for months ago... got our tickets and all... then when we rang to enquire about shore tours or something and they told us we all (8 of us) owned an extra $36 each due to tax increases.
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