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  1. We will be in Havana for 2 days in July on the Empress of the Seas. Hoping someone can let us know if the tour buses are air conditioned. We are thinking of an 8 hour "Best of Havana" tour with Royal Caribbean. I know it will be very hot in July and hoping for an air conditioned bus!

  2. We will be in Havana for 2 days in July on the Empress of the Sras. We are taking an 8 hour tour plus a night at Paresian the first day. On the second day we thought it would be fun to just have an old convertible drive us around for an hour or 2. Does anyone know if this would be possible near the port?

  3. We are just off Harmony and had a wonderful time except for the menu in the dining room. The menu remains the same every night with the change of one or two items. Desserts were the same except for one (usually no sugar) dessert every night.


    This became almost a joke for our group. It seems they want you to eat mostly in special restaurants.


    We were on this same ship in December and had much more varied menus. Has anyone else noticed this change?

  4. Thanks for your responses. With 14 people it would be impossible to get tables together in my time dining. Also late seating is too late for the children and we have already reserved shows so there would be conflicts. We will try to be there by 5:45. No other diners will be disturbed as we have two full tables together. I just know it is earlier than we have ever had dining before.

  5. I notice our early dinner on Harmony is 5:30. I have been on many cruises and it is usually 6:00, 5:30 seems really early since we would be getting dressed at 4:30. Would it be possible to show up later, closer to 6? We are a family of 14 dining together and want everyone to enjoy all the activities every day.

  6. We are on the Harmony in two weeks with our family of 14 aged 11 to 73. This is our third cruise together and we are all excited. We are hoping to use the Royal IQ app to stay in touch with each other on the ship. We have downloaded the app to our phones (some are Iphones and some are android). I know we have to pay $7.50 per phone Does anyone know when we do that? Does anyone have any experience with the Royal IQ app?

  7. We will be on Star Princess docked in Honolulu until 11 PM. We have been to Pearl Harbor before and this time would like to do a scenic tour. We are thinking of the Natural Highlights & Oahu's East side. This tour returns to the ship at 1 PM



    My husband would like to go back to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Would we have time in the afternoon to go to the cultural center? Have no idea how far it is from the ship dock. I would like any information about the Polynesian Cultural Center and how to get there from the ship. Thank you

  8. We were on the Celebrity cruise October 2015. The Israel ports were cancelled the morning we were flying to Rome for the cruise. Celebrity did substitute extra ports in Greece and Italy. We were very disappointed as Israel was the main reason we booked this b2b 28 day cruise. However we made the best of it an actually had a great time.


    We are now considering trying the same cruise again this year. I am very worried that this might happen again and if it does I don't think we would be able to just enjoy the cruise. Too much time and money invested. The other couple we went with really wants to try again. I really don't know what to do and I think I am looking for some reassurance.

  9. I was on the same cruise.Did anyone else notice the rust on the balconies? I think this ship needs a refurbishing pretty badly. We also had to change cabins due to terrible banging from the hallway. Anyone on decks B or C in the low 600s probably had the same situation.

  10. Passenger services told us there was nothing that could be done about the banging. Thanks to the fact that someone had to be ambulanced off the ship we were able to change cabins and we were okay.


    By the way, we have been on at lease 50 cruises on many different lines. Never had this kind of problem before, so it's not as if we are new at this. But I think we will try to stick to newer ships in the future, Still hoping to go on the Star in March. Thank you to those who gave us a positive review of that ship.

  11. We are just off the Crown Princess and wondering if anyone experienced what we did. We were in Cabin B605 and there was a terrible banging from the hallway all day and night. We could not sleep for 3 nights. Finally in Antigua we were able to get the cabin of someone who left in an ambulance. That was C616 and was pretty quiet. However, the cabins near C606 had the same banging noise as the deck above on the other side of the ship!


    If we had not been able to change cabins we would have gotten off the ship in Antigua and flown home. It was that bad.


    We have booked the Star Princess for next March in Hawaii and are worrying about the condition of that ship.


    Has anyone had a similar experience?

  12. Of course there are a lot of people. I know that. I was only saying that compared to 5 years ago when I said "you would never know there were 6000 people on that ship" to people thinking about booking her, I would never say that now. Not to say it isn't still a wow for people who have never seen it. But the difference was very obvious to me and wanted to read some other opinions.

  13. We are just off the 12/6 Allure. The crowds in the Windjammer and the other lunch venues seem much bigger and lines longer than when we sailed on her 4 years ago. MDR tables were so close together we could hear all the conversations at the next table. And MDR service seemed to go down a bit. Our food was often cold and sometimes the wrong order.


    I was told they added 100 more cabins. Can this be true? I always told people you could not believe you were on a ship of 6000 people. Now I don't think I could honestly say that anymore.


    We are booked next December on the Harmony and not sure if I really want to go. Maybe I should try something smaller.

  14. We were on the same cruise in addition to the previous one (btb). Food is very subjective. We enjoyed most of our meals in the MDR as well as the buffet. There were always many choices and the few times we were disappointed, our waiter quickly brought us something else.


    I get a kick out of the people on all the different cruise line boards who say "never again". Wondering where they are going instead?

  15. We are doing b2b on the Silhouette (Eastern Med and then transatlantic). Just wondering if the shows will be the same for both cruises? If so, we can skip them on the first cruise where we are doing a lot of sightseeing and see them on the transatlantic segment.

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