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  1. Another vote for either Uber or Lyft. I downloaded both apps and check first to see pricing which seems to be "dynamic".
  2. Uber/Lyft. About 40% cheaper than a shuttle service and it's per vehicle not per person. Galveston previously had rather onerous restrictions for Uber/Lyft and they both pulled out but now ride shares are regulated at the state level so no longer a patch work of restrictions from city to city so they're both back. I want to say it's about $65 on Lyft from Hobby. I've recently been staying at Schaefer Haus. It's very reasonable. Run by absolutely lovely people, and it does take a single night reservations (A few places require a 2 night stay peak season on weekends). Also it's w/in walking distance (a few blocks) to the historic area of Galveston w/ lots of fun restaurants. https://www.schaeferhausgalveston.com/about-us-old/
  3. That's annoying. Though the menu was limited, it was still nice to get something cooked to order as well as have a quiet place to sit if I got something from the buffet. It still lists "Private lunch seating for ships without Coastal Kitchen" 😞
  4. Hmmmmmm last time I was on Liberty (Prior to the key) bkfst as well as lunch on sea days was in Chops, in that front room, including a lunch w/ small buffet and a limited menu. Like salmon, chicken or small steak. But that was last year. Now that they use Giovanni's alternating w/ Chops, it's obviously changed. But , like many things w/in the RCCL family, it's not necessarily a beacon of consistency.
  5. JEANNE I've also used Cruise Park and have only good things to say. Actually I've had no issues w/ any of the parking and I swear I've tried them all including some that no longer exist. Or exist under another name anyway.
  6. RE PARKING: I use Lighthouse parking. You can't really walk to the ship from Lighthouse, as you can with Park N Cruise, but I don't want to schlep luggage that far anyway cuz I'm OLD and falling apart. Also the last really bad rain/hurricane/tropical storm in Galveston, Lighthouse was about the only one that stayed above water. It is the highest cruise parking in Galveston (but highest is relative. Maybe 3 feet). They shuttle you to the terminal... very short ride. If you are completely mobile or don't have much luggage then I second Park N Cruise, but the ground isn't all that smooth so rolling luggage isn't the easiest thing, when you have a torn meniscus. LOL
  7. In my experience the answer is NO. The UDP covers the "Cover Charge" at the specialty restaurants. None of the upcharge steaks etc are covered in the MDR or the Specialty.
  8. OH wow! Somehow I missed that Chops key lunch wasn't in CHOPS!!! 😄 We tend to do the UDP so in the recent past DID do lunch in Chops. Pre-Key.
  9. Ditto on Sabor for the embarkation lunch a couple months ago. So you were the only one in Chops more or less on embarkation? Didn't they have the KEY on your cruise? I was wondering how this would effect us in November. Not that you have a crystal ball for November... but if ya DO..... 😵 Again your blog is one of the best things out there for Liberty. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the review. I second Mangesh (MJ) as being great AND for SURE Janet Crick and the food tour in Falmouth. And yeah on the Texas stamped and taxed booze. It is what it is but... I wish it weren't! LOL I even agree that last time on the Liberty, I was pleasantly surprised at the MDR esp since normally I'm on Celebrity in Luminae. Weird about making you weigh IN PUBLIC especially after you'd been doing the slides already. I'll be sure to check out your blog.
  11. Elite will get you diamond status. That is how I originally got Diamond on RCI (since have "earned it") Some people report it was done automatically but not for me. I called the Crown and Anchor number and provided them w/ my Captain's Club info.
  12. For me it was Zenith. Caribbean 1992. My kids HATED it b/c there were "no other kids" and begged to go back to Carnival. Now they're 37 and 39 and you can't drag them on to Carnival and they've cruised on Celebrity with their spouses... on their OWN DANG DIME!! 😂
  13. Another thing to be aware of on things such as purses. I saw a Valentino sale on board a few years ago. (I'm sorry but I can't recall if it was Celebrity or Princess or what, but I believe it was X). People were snatching up "Valentino" purses for several hundred dollars instead of several thousand. These are NOT the true haute couture Valentino line. They're from a "sister line" of Valentino called RED Valentino with none of the RED purses being found in the original Valentino line and vice versa; but it wasn't readily apparent that these were from the RED line. Especially if the consumer isn't even aware there IS a RED. Additionally, various MK or other purses MAY NOT be from the higher end designer line. Which is OK if that's what you want. But something to be aware of. AGAIN just know your merchandise and prices before you buy. And make sure you're getting the SAME quality and line that you'd be buying on land. Also you can almost 100% of the time find Tag Heuer watches considerably less expensively at HOME from a reputable vendor. Buyer beware. But if you see something you must have and have a bunch of OBC, and IT MAKES YOU SMILE... buy it.
  14. Thanks for this. I'm sure many of us are enjoying your review. Well I AM anyway! 😄
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