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  1. Just off Ruby a couple of days ago in San Pedro. Debarkation was a piece of cake. The curb was one massive cluster and everyone was having trouble connecting w/ their rides even though we stated "We are under the 93 sign". Not sure why it was such a mess (but the rest of debarkation more than made up for it). We Ubered (OK we Lyfted). We took later debarkation (9:05) and were still at LAX at 10:30AM. Not sure if this helps. I'd probably take whichever flight is cheaper if it's a big difference.
  2. Adding my thanks to those above. Sailing on the Ruby in a bit over a month so it's good to see she's looking good.
  3. AFAIK they serve it everywhere on and off ships. But I rarely personally REMEMBER to order it unless I'm on vacation!
  4. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate post or place to post ithis; but if not, I'll assume it will just be pulled or moved. I don't have a question. But I do want to say I've used Steve and the gals he works with and tripinsurancestore.com for probably 40 cruises and service has been stellar. I've had "special circumstances" a few times and called and asked which insurance he'd recommend and he's always extremely helpful as are the other folks that work with him. He really knows his product. Recently a travel mate of mine lost sensation in her legs a few days before we were set to cruise. It was a fairly pricey cruise and we had various private (non-refundable) excursions lined up. She filed a claim on her insurance, and said the entire process was painless and she was refunded for every dollar she asked for. But during the process, the folks at tripinsurancestore told her that if she needed any assistance, just to let them know and they'd be there for her. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  5. I was imagining the dock had turned into some super huge neodymium magnet!
  6. OK no change fees and I've upgraded through the casino several times. My cruise this coming Sunday in the 2 bedroom Grand (Liberty) was originally a free cruise. I've also merely called the casino and asked "is there anything you can do for me? I'd like to go on XYZ ship on ZYX date." Usually there's SOMETHING they can do but not always. Also if I haven't cruised (gambled) in over a year, there tends to be a NO GO. In other words my discount is based on my casino action within the year before the cruise date that I want to book (I hope this makes sense). I don't usually have a gap over a year but I also mostly cruise Celebrity so it happens. I tried to book a cruise via the casino for NEXT year in November and since that's over a year out there wasn't much they could do; I booked anyway. I was told to call if I gamble on a cruise between this November and Next and they could retroactively apply the discount to my already booked 11/2019 cruise. Now we all know ANYTHING could change between now and then but so far this is what I was told. And all my "changes" have been cabin category rather than date or ship, hence no change fees.
  7. I'm here. :D I read this every day on an empty stomach. Couldn't you hear it GROWLING? I got the Ultimate Dining package for my Liberty cruise starting Sunday and I'm committing to memory which to try and which to avoid. Keep up the lovely photos! It's a dirty job but SOMEONE'S GOTTA DO IT! ;)
  8. I just checked my original invoice. I booked April 1 2018. I originally booked a balcony through the casino. At that time there were no suites available. I kept checking and when a 2 bedroom grand became available I called ASAP to ask what the upgrade cost would be. Total price was half of what I could have booked it for on the RCI site.
  9. My B/F and I are in a 2 bedroom Grand Suite on Liberty, leaving this coming Sunday, and I paid approximately 50% of the going rate.
  10. I assume she has total custody? B/c my g/f was divorced and she had PRIMARY custody but she had to get a notarized permission from the ex husband/the father to travel outside of the country. I can't recall if the was RCI or another line.
  11. I recently cruised on the Equinox out of Miami (few weeks ago). I injured my hip right before I sailed, so decided a limo/car service was the way to go. I used Guillermo from Miami Vice Limo and he was FAN-TAS-TIC! He was always waiting for me well before I got there (from airport to hotel, hotel to cruiseport, cruise port to airport). Not inexpensive but worth every penny and then some. https://miamivicelimoservice.com/
  12. Elite + on Celebrity. I also cruise once or twice a year on RCI as well as twice/year on Celebrity, and every year or so on Princess (March will be my next Princess). I'll give you some sweeping generalities. I'd say the MDR is about equal on both. Service and food are similar. Both have some hits and some misses but basically consistently good, if not great meals. In my opinion the suites only restaurant on Celebrity, Luminae, blows Princess' "Club Class Dining" clear out of the water, with it's totally separate menu and separate kitchen. But you pay for it with higher fare, especially for anything bigger than a Sky Suite (which equates to Jr. Suite size wise on Princess). Specialities, I'd give the nod to Celebrity (except their Silk Harvest which 2 weeks ago was the worst cruise meal I've ever had. Period). Buffet and Room Service: Slight nod to Celebrity. Both fine for what they are. Where Princess really stands out to me is the International Cafe. Celebrity really doesn't have ANY 24 hour venue. Maybe the closest comparison is Cafe al Bacio which closes at maybe midnite IIRC. I'd say the offerings in the IC are better pretty much any time of the day. I'd say not to worry. You'll be fine.
  13. Sometimes too you just have to keep scrolling down the page to find the various internet packages. It wasn't immediately apparent when I looked.
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