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  1. Skip the clothes steamer. They're on the prohibited list and there are plenty of photos on here of the "naughty table" where they've been confiscated. (from the RCI webstite of prohibited items.... ) Candles, Incense, Coffee Makers, Clothes Irons, Travel Steamers & Hot Plates. (Items that generate heat or produce an open flame. This includes heating pads, clothing irons, hotplates, candles, incense and any other item that may create a fire hazard. NOTE: The only exception to this policy are curling irons and hair straighteners. Matches and normal lighteners are allowed onboard.
  2. I always contact the special needs ahead of time about a CPAP requirements (water and cord). I'd say that 50% of the time they are in the cabin w/o me asking the steward and otherwise I just have to ask and VOILA.
  3. I got this also and agree there's no "new bookings only" clause I could find. I already booked a cruise through the Casino Royale so not sure if it would be double dipping but this APPEARS to be a separate "bonus". So if you call and get the info, could you come back and let us know? (Save me from doing it ... 😄 ) Also every time I've called Casino Royale I've always gotten someone in the US. I guess I've been lucky.
  4. Last night I was checking out a February 2020 Majesty cruise. I was going to book 2 Superior Ocean Views EACH ONE as a solo. I got to the "choose cabin" , and had to go back to check something. When I came back to the process, all of a sudden there were no Superior OV's that could be booked solo. I got the "Sorry, there are no S.O.V.'s that can be booked for single occupancy. Try another date." So I tried every single category and basically they said NOTHING could be booked solo. Now I realize having 3 or more in a cabin could cause life boat overcrowding issues. But having 1? Are undercrow
  5. IMHO Elite perks are a bit better than Diamond perks. But there are Diamond Lounges (D and up) on most ships that are open all day but which have continental bkfst as well as drinks and canapes in the evening. ALso often they load 3 drinks onto your card on RCI during the "happy hour" redeemable at most bars. I also think Michael's (Retreat on many X ships) is much better than the suite lounge. You can get cocktails there for most of the day but only in the evening hours at the Suite Lounge. The ambiance is nicer. Last time in the RCI suite lounge there were a BUNCH of kids and not parti
  6. Honestly? I always carry it in my cleavage. That way I always know where it is (make sure to take it out before going thru an airport scanner.... just saying. 🙄 )
  7. Some may think it tastes better because it's free --if you're Diamond or above.
  8. Another vote for either Uber or Lyft. I downloaded both apps and check first to see pricing which seems to be "dynamic".
  9. Uber/Lyft. About 40% cheaper than a shuttle service and it's per vehicle not per person. Galveston previously had rather onerous restrictions for Uber/Lyft and they both pulled out but now ride shares are regulated at the state level so no longer a patch work of restrictions from city to city so they're both back. I want to say it's about $65 on Lyft from Hobby. I've recently been staying at Schaefer Haus. It's very reasonable. Run by absolutely lovely people, and it does take a single night reservations (A few places require a 2 night stay peak season on weekends). Also it's
  10. That's annoying. Though the menu was limited, it was still nice to get something cooked to order as well as have a quiet place to sit if I got something from the buffet. It still lists "Private lunch seating for ships without Coastal Kitchen" 😞
  11. Hmmmmmm last time I was on Liberty (Prior to the key) bkfst as well as lunch on sea days was in Chops, in that front room, including a lunch w/ small buffet and a limited menu. Like salmon, chicken or small steak. But that was last year. Now that they use Giovanni's alternating w/ Chops, it's obviously changed. But , like many things w/in the RCCL family, it's not necessarily a beacon of consistency.
  12. JEANNE I've also used Cruise Park and have only good things to say. Actually I've had no issues w/ any of the parking and I swear I've tried them all including some that no longer exist. Or exist under another name anyway.
  13. RE PARKING: I use Lighthouse parking. You can't really walk to the ship from Lighthouse, as you can with Park N Cruise, but I don't want to schlep luggage that far anyway cuz I'm OLD and falling apart. Also the last really bad rain/hurricane/tropical storm in Galveston, Lighthouse was about the only one that stayed above water. It is the highest cruise parking in Galveston (but highest is relative. Maybe 3 feet). They shuttle you to the terminal... very short ride. If you are completely mobile or don't have much luggage then I second Park N Cruise, but the ground isn't all that smooth so
  14. In my experience the answer is NO. The UDP covers the "Cover Charge" at the specialty restaurants. None of the upcharge steaks etc are covered in the MDR or the Specialty.
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