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  1. Travelbug 2

    Advise please.

  2. Travelbug 2

    Advise please.

    I will be disembarking in Montreal Canada on Sat June 14th and will be taking a cab to visit friends outside the city. There will only be one cruise ship in port. (Maasdam). I would like to be off the ship as soon as possible, my questions are --------- *How long is the taxi line up likely to be? *Would it be better for me to walk my luggage off the ship? (first time "solo" cruiser) I have never done that before. *Would I have time for breakfast on board before vacating cabin? Any info' appreciated. :)
  3. Travelbug 2

    Cruising out of Boston - help needed

    I am flying to Boston this coming Friday and will stay overnight before joining the ship the next day. I have booked a room at the Airport Hampton Inn, the rate is very reasonable (for Boston) under $200. and they have a shuttle to the cruise terminal for $10. I hope to board Maasdam about 11 am. :) Hope this is useful.
  4. Travelbug 2

    Best time to board 11:30? Noon? 2pm?

    Get on board as soon as possible and enjoy the extra time eating and exploring. Always works great for me :)
  5. Travelbug 2

    Smart phone use ????

    Thanks for the comments. I will double check with my provider before I leave. I know they have various packages for out of area cover so may take one of those to be safe.
  6. Travelbug 2

    Smart phone use ????

    Thanks ---- my phone does that too, I am with Koodo. I am sure being in Canadian territory it should be fine. If not I can always go ashore and text or phone.
  7. Travelbug 2

    Smart phone use ????

    Can anyone answer this question? I am a Canadian cruising the East coast New England/Canada from Boston to Montreal in early June. My smart phone plan includes free phone and text anywhere in Canada anytime. As I will be in Canadian ports for most of the time could I use that while on the ship "in port" or even cruising the St Lawrence river? We will be in Canadian territory but I would be on the ship. :confused: Any help appreciated. :)
  8. My plans do not change because of exchange rates. I remember the days back in the mid eighties when the Can $ was only worth 60 cents US. :eek: My late wife and I were living in Nova Scotia and were wintering annually in Florida at that time, even though it hurt we just got on with it and still enjoyed our US visit. Not much you can do about it.....life is short...... live it to the max and enjoy every day. :)
  9. Travelbug 2

    My review of ms Maasdam April 22, 2014

    Thanks for your great review. I am sailing on Maasdam in early June and am looking forward to it, I like that size of ship. It is easy to get around and never overcrowded. I know she is older but so are we and we are doing ok!! :D
  10. Travelbug 2

    Our Maasdam 11 night cruise with pictures

    I feel like I have just been on holiday :) Wonderful photo's and review. I will be on board Maasdam June 7th, she looks to be in good shape, some recent reviews were scary :eek: Thank you for your "cruise story" I really enjoyed it.
  11. Travelbug 2

    The Very Beautiful Maasdam.....

    Great posts about Maasdam. My home for a week in June. :) Thanks for the wonderful photo of her.
  12. Travelbug 2

    Re airport transfers.

    Thank you all for the info'.. It looks like a cab would be the best option. I will probably do that. :)
  13. Travelbug 2

    Life Boat Muster

    Agreed, arrive the day before (if possible) board early, have lunch and enjoy the ship before the drill. No stress or worry. :)
  14. Travelbug 2

    Life Boat Muster

    Here we go again :eek: What's with this "correctness" in wording stuff!! :confused:
  15. Travelbug 2

    Re airport transfers.

    I do not have a transfer booked yet, I thought I would do that on board. I thought about my friends picking me up at the ship but do not know how easy that would be for them. I have never docked in Montreal before. Anyone out there with any info about that? Thanks for the info about the bus wait. Maybe a cab would be a good alternative.