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  1. We got the same offer and after 3 hours 40 minutes we got through and booked for next February. I also wanted to add my 2 cents regarding Princess inside rooms. They are not bad at all, room to walk around the bed on both sides (queen) and the bathroom and closet are separated from the room ( hard to explain). Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Thank you, I believe the Teva's and Keens are comparable. I just didn't want to pack "hiking boots" if I didn't need to.
  3. Yes and there is nothing there. I have also used the search function with only one hit.
  4. I am considering this excursion in Grenada on our February 2020 cruise. Can anyone who has done this advise how difficult this is? Princess notes on this indicate that you need to be in "excellent physical condition". Also, they note that hiking boots or sturdy shoes are needed. I'm wondering if a pair of the closed toe Keen Sandals would be sufficient for this trek.
  5. We were able to put two of our three suitcases under the bed. Yes there is closet and one case fit on the floor of the closet. There were three dresser drawers available to use also. One thing we do on cruises is take the "over the door" plastic shoe rack. It hung perfectly on the outside of the bathroom door and we used it for shoes and other small items. My husband kept his folded items in the suitcase and just pulled it from under the bed each day to get his clothing.
  6. We were on the Majesty of the Seas August 10th thru August 14th, Key West /Nassau as our ports of call. We flew in the morning of the 10th. From Ft Lauderdale Airport, we took an Uber ($13.08) to the ship and arrived around 11:15. Check in was painless and there was no wait as we walked right on the ship. First Impressions of the ship were somewhat disappointing. This was our third time on the Majesty, 2005, 2012. We had forgotten things about the small ships, like the low ceilings and the smallest rooms at sea. We had an inside and it was TINY. The ship showed some obvious wear and tear throughout. But this was our vacation and we decided that we would be positive. It’s amazing what keeping positive can do, because after the first initial impression, we never really noticed these minor issues. For anyone who expects a partial refund, the letter was on our bed the first day at sea. FOOD and DRINK: We had the drink package and thoroughly enjoyed it. The drinks were well made with lots of alcohol. We never had an issue at any of the bars getting served quickly. Each morning we got our coffee from the International Café, they had Starbucks. The line here could get long, but we were there by 730 and had no wait at all. We had Anytime dining and ate in the Main dining room each evening between 530 and 600. The food was very good. There was only one night that I didn’t like the item I ordered. The wait staff was fantastic. They were very friendly and went out of their way to make our dining experience pleasurable. We ate in the Windjammer for breakfast and lunch. We are early birds and were up and around by 730. We were always able to find a table to sit at for both breakfast and lunch and we had no trouble finding items on the buffet that we enjoyed. The staff here in the Windjammer always had a smile on their face and a friendly word. ENTERTAINMENT: Each evening we would watch the main shows. We weren’t expecting a lot and went to the shows with the thought that if we did not enjoy them we would just leave. Once again we kept an open mind and we found them enjoyable and always ended up staying for the whole show. The comedians were entertaining and provided some good laughs. We did not spend much time listening to any of the music in the centrum or on deck, so I can’t comment on them. We spent some time in the Casino, winning a little and losing a little. Ultimately we walked away a little lighter, but we had a good time. The table dealers were friendly and the bar staff was always around. The Casino is pretty small, but there were plenty of slot games to play. PORTS OF CALL: After Cuba being nixed on this cruise and us deciding to continue on, we made the decision to just relax and enjoy not being at work. Since we had visited both of the scheduled ports of call, we made no plans and just woke up each day to decide what we would do. Key West was a great place to just walk on your own. We had been here a couple of times before, but had never taken the opportunity to visit the Hemingway House Museum. It was very enjoyable. There is a guided tour with lots of information about Hemingway and his life. Nassau Bahamas is another port we have been to many times and our least favorite. We wanted to get off the ship for a little, so we took a cab to Atlantis and spent a couple hours walking around. Then back to the ship for some lunch and more “relaxing” DISEMBARKMENT: This was a breeze. We planned on staying an additional night at Margaritaville on Hollywood beach, so we took our time getting around the last morning. We had been assigned number 7 and our waiting area was Boleros lounge (several other numbers also had this lounge). The numbers were called quickly and when we got to Boleros to begin the “waiting” we found it almost empty (10 other people are all we saw). They had water, coffee and juice set up in the lounge. Our wait lasted only about 15 minutes and then our number was called. We made our way down to the line to leave which went quickly. We were off the ship and in a cab to Margaritaville by 815. NOTE: Information for those who thought they were going to take an UBER from the port. We were told by the UBER driver who took us to the ship the first day, that since the shooting in Walmart the week prior, security had tightened up. He told us that no UBER driver would be allowed in the port area unless they were dropping off a passenger. With this in mind, he warned us that we would not be able to order an UBER to pick us up and he suggested we take a Taxi after leaving the ship (a ridiculous $35.00). OVERALL TRIP SUMMARY: We had a great time. The staff went out of their way to make the trip enjoyable. We had a conversation with a couple of the staff who pointed out that it has been difficult for them since the cancellation of Cuba. It seems that there have been many disappointed guest who get on the ship disgruntled. We did not have any contact with people who didn’t appear to be enjoying themselves. One thing we did notice was there were a lot of “20 something” age groups. We assumed this was because of the people who bailed and the cheap prices offered after. For us, it was a very relaxing vacation. We were prepared to “just make do” and ended up pleasantly surprised. We enjoyed the food, the drink and the entertainment.
  7. We have stayed a few times pre cruise at the Beacon on South beach. It is a great location with the beach directly across the street. A clean hotel with helpful staff.
  8. Another Uber question, has anyone taken an Uber from the Port (after the cruise) to a hotel? If so, is there much of a wait for the Uber to arrive at the Port or are they, like taxi's standing by?
  9. If we Uber from the Airport to the port, do we need to know what terminal our ship is at?
  10. I called today to see if I could upgrade my existing cruise reservation (Feb 2020, 10 Day Southern Caribbean) from the inside room to a balcony and then get the "sip and sail promo". The price was shocking to say the least. We are currently booked on a casino offer, so this cruise cost us under 500.00 total for two (inside room). For us to upgrade this to a balcony and get the promo included it would end up costing us about 3,000.00 more. That makes me think that the promo really does jack up the cruise price, thus making it a little more than "Free".
  11. Does Princess ever put the package on sale?
  12. This posting has been very helpful, here's another question. We are doing a tour with RCI that will take about 6 hours. Should we exchange US dollars for Cuban or tip in US?
  13. Here's a couple of questions....did you exchange US Currency in Cuba for the local currency? If so, how did you do this? Did you take an RCI tour in Cuba or do something on your own. How was the flow getting off the ship (in Cuba)? Thank you
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