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  1. Hi Thrak: If we ever sail together again (we sailed with you on the 2019 Emerald TA), I would love to get together and talk grammar ( as well as other topics.) Ira
  2. Thrak: I recently heard a local news commentator repeatedly say : "Me and my colleagues sat down to discuss..." Since this was part of a repeated promo for a future program, I have to assume it was written that way.
  3. How about the "fewer/less" confusion ?? Candidate A got fewer votes (not less votes) than Candidate B. Emerald P. carries fewer passengers than Royal P., because Emerald P. weighs less. The "rule": fewer for things that are counted; less for things that are measured
  4. When you purchase FCCs onboard, the $100 credit is actually stored in your Captain's Circle Account, along with whatever Onboard Credits you were offered. When you book a cruise, these amounts are transferred to the particular booking. The $100 becomes your deposit. When the cruise is cancelled (as happened to us with our 8/31 Alaska Star Princess sailing,) these amounts are returned to your CC Account. All of this is separate from the record of Cruises Sailed and Cruise Days, which are used to determine Level and Perks. I suspect the same being done with the FCC being offered for cancelled cruises when FCC is chosen, rather than a "cash" refund.
  5. Yesterday we received word that our Affinity Group cruise (October 2020 on NCL) has been cancelled.
  6. There is a similar Koons Sculpture at Glenstone in Potomac, Maryland
  7. This bit of humor comes with an introduction, but since we've all got nothing better to do, ... Many jokes rely on double meanings in their punchlines. This one, originally credited to the creators of "The Simpsons", contains not one, not two, but three double meanings in its 8-word punch line. It's after the great flood. The waters have receded, the sun has come out, and Noah gathers all the animals together. Noah declares "The word from the Lord is 'Go Forth and Multiply'." The animals all leave the ark, thanking Noah. All except two snakes, who remain behind. When Noah questions them, one of the snakes points to a small grove of trees, and says to Noah "We need you to cut down those trees, and cut them up into pieces." When Noah questions them, the snake replies ..."We're adders, and we need logs to multiply."
  8. Obviously, I meant that WE neither saw nor heard of any signs of bedbugs.
  9. We too were on the Emerald for the 18- day repo cruise which arrived in US on Nov 18. No sign of any bedbugs on that cruise.
  10. Yes, but you are allowed to deduct Gambling Losses up to the amount of Winnings. So if the OP "gave it all back", no federal tax would owed on the winnings.
  11. RomeinLimo is an excellent transportation service, both for transfer from the cruise port and for transport around the city.
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