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  1. Is the Unlimited $49 plan per person or per cabin?
  2. Thanks so much I like vacation. Just what I was looking for.
  3. We will be boarding the Oosterdam next Saturday and I have a question about laundry. As there are no self serve laundry facilities aboard the ship, do they offer the "full bag" special during the 7 night cruise? if so, what is the cost? In addition to the 7 nights on the ship, we will be gone another 5 nights so will definitely need laundry done. Thank you
  4. Thanks folks, really appreciate your input.
  5. We are a group of 6 and after closely looking at the wine's available and pricing of the HA selections, we have decided to bring our own wine ( in excess of the 1 bottle per person allowed in carry on) onboard. We are aware of the $18 per bottle corkage but were wondering if the 15% gratuity is added as well. Since they are not opening or pouring the wine I would not think so but would like a confirmation. Also, could the $18 charge be applied to on board credit? Part of our pricing included OBC. And finally, are we allowed to bring a case of bottled water on board? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. Jane, Really looking forward to your blog. We have a group of 10 on the Emerald Star July 28. AMS to BUD. We are spending 4 days in Prague prior to flying to AMS for our trip. It is almost identical to what you are doing, but in reverse.
  7. Thanks so much greatam. Really appreciate the insight. I have looked at Air Lingas and Icelandair and yes they offer some nice alternatives.
  8. I checked out AC from Toronto to AMS and returning from Prague. Over $1400 and that still leaves getting to and from Toronto. Back to $1700rt pp
  9. Great idea and that is a terrific fare. Will look into it.
  10. The river cruise leaves from AMS thus once we arrive there ( most likely will go a day or two prior) it is onto the ship. It is the return from PRG that has been the issue. The City Night train seems to be one of the possible solutions. As mentioned, the cost is equal to or less than the best air fare I could find and the sleeper cabin eliminates the extra night in a hotel. It is 15 hours total by train. Leaves at 6:30 PM arriving about 10:00AM. Just did a Princess Baltic cruise a month ago with most of the same people who will joining on this trip. We are all aware of the baggage issues and limitations. Actually, two of the men in the group traveled with the hand help luggage scales. Kept the wives from buying too much along the way!!!
  11. The cost of a Deluxe Sleeper cabin is $165 PRG to AMS. Includes breakfast. Yes, checked with all the major US carriers. It appears IAD TO AMS on Iceland Air is best bet. Only issue is they fly 757's, not wide bodies.
  12. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. One issue with a travel agency is the discount airlines in Europe ( like South west and Spirit here) do not participate with TA's We are in coastal NC so RDU was one of the airports I included in the research. Currently considering a rt into and out of AMS and the overnight train from PRG to AMS. Overnight train eliminates a hotel stay and allows for making departure in AMS back to US Train is less than flight.
  13. I guess I should have said code share partners. The issue seems to be getting from PRG back to east coast. On the RDU AA search it was via a Finair connection and the trip was 32 + hours!! It was still about $1700 total, even with that lengthy return.
  14. Yes, our entire group is from coastal NC. RDU less than three hours away. Checked AA out of RDU, but wehn you add in the connecting flights is gets way high. Thanks for the input.
  15. I have looked at pretty much every carrier with routes to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Brussels, Stockholm and London. Thinking, if I find a bargain to Europe, a train to Amsterdam might work. I tried using FF miles to no avail. Also, the Air France strike is causing some scheduling issues for the other carriers. I was told to wait until the strike is over before trying to secure any FF seats. Admittedly, getting a 30K seat to Europe is a long shot. When you have to drive a distance ( or fly) to a gateway airport, the costs mount. Maybe the $1700 rt to AMS and returning from PRG is the best to be had. At least I can leave from and return to a nearby airport.
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