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    thanks for the weather update in Vancouver. We will be staying in Victoria, can we see the Fireworks from there do you think?
  2. 6angels


    Has the weather really been that bad this year? We are leaving out of Vancouver this Monday on the Princess Coral. Brian
  3. 6angels

    Looking for something to do in Skagway

    we are looking for something more to do with the wilderness, nature?
  4. Hey Everyone, My family and I leave for Alaska next week. We have already booked fishing in Ketchikan and dogsleding in Juneau. We are looking for something to do in Skagway? Thanks Brian
  5. 6angels


    thanks for all your help, i talked to captain ken tonight and we are booking with him.
  6. 6angels

    dogsleding on Mendenhall Glacier

    we will being going in early August
  7. 6angels


    Was wondering which port to do our Salmon fishing at, Ketchikan or Juaenu. What do you recomend for clothing. I will have my kids with me, 11,9,7. Thanks
  8. 6angels

    dogsleding on Mendenhall Glacier

    Just was wondering if it was worth it, i know my wife and kids are really looking forward to it. I know that there is also a dogsleding excursion in Skagway. Was wondering if i did do one, which one?