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  1. Ravenna is a very nice city with beautiful mosaic ceilings in many old buildings, but Venice it isn't!
  2. Quarantining the ship so nobody travels into or out of Australia except the crew maybe?
  3. As you are cancelling and have a NRD normally you would lose it, full stop. We cancelled our Apex TA and received 100% FCC on our NRD which was correct as regards the UK offer, why would you expect a refund or 125% FCC if you are the one cancelling? In our circumstance something is better than nothing.
  4. I'm very sure that the majority of their problems would not have existed if they had held the funds for each booking in a secure holding account until the date of the cruise, instead it is patently obvious that any funds received from deposit onwards are distributed to the various cost centres asap to pay for the current and not future operations. In other words a giant form of Ponzi scheme. Then having got into a mess they don't communicate, which leads to thousands of extra phone calls and emails from customers that have to be dealt with, probably by the same staff who are processing refunds
  5. No, I can't because the charge would be the same cost as the deposit due to it being non returnable, plus I haven't had any emails and my cruise technically isn't cancelled, they've "just" changed the ship and cabin as per their Caribbean redeployments.
  6. Thanks, I just read some of the posts. My situation is I have a November 7 day ex Miami booked through a UK travel agent, I found from another site that MSC were redeploying ships in the Caribbean, sure enough ship changed, cabin changed and extra OBC given, no word from MSC to me or the agent about the changes. My return flight with Norwegian was cancelled and just refunded, and the deposit for my Celebrity Apex cruise prior to my MSC cruise has had the deposit moved to 2021. Final payment for the MSC cruise is first week in August, I'm not going and will not make final payment but would rath
  7. Not what it said on the UK website 2 hours ago, why do you say that?
  8. I'm not sure thats correct? I know there are like for like stipulations for Lift n Shift but afaik you only have to do it at least 48hrs before sail date and by August 1st. Have you checked the up to date position via Celebrity's website?
  9. Well something needs to happen soon, about a week ago the big boss of MSC Cruises announced itinerary changed for 2021, since then the US site has carried a news item about this but the changes are still not showing and the old cruises are showing available to book. MSC are also well behind other cruise lines in their dates for which you can rebook, most are allowing up to end 2020 or line to "lift n shift".
  10. Yes I do mean Anthem, doh!!! I was tossing up between that and Harmony out of Barcelona, so had a senior moment there. I think the European Cities itinerary is repeated a few times from early May, we're on the first one.
  11. I know the feeling re ex UK itineraries, but for us Harmony is a new ship and class, plus we've never been to either Rotterdam or Bilbao before so that's good enough. It'll be interesting to see how they manage the entertainment though as the big theatre show is normally on mutiple days and times to accomodate everyone on board in a full theatre, but that was without any social distancing...
  12. Another UK customer here, slightly different situation in that we have a Caribbean cruise booked for this November that I want to move back a year, wouldn't be a problem for pretty much every other cruise line going on the current climate because it will cost them nothing and keeps the money in their coffers. MSC however will only allow this penalty free up to end October, after that it's £100 each to change for 2 of us or lose deposit of £200, so same thing. Final payment looms late next month at which point we shall have to cancel if they're stance doesn't change, if that happens, despite us
  13. That excuse says to me that all the claims are in old style paper folders, and someone has been dumping piles of new claims into in-tray baskets before the existing pile has been cleared, thus the oldest ones never get processed....
  14. I already gave a possible reason why the refunds are coming out a bit at a time just a few days back up thread...
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