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  1. CC loyalty membership increases has an awful lot to do with Crown and Anchor reciprocy as well, probably far more than new X cruisers...
  2. It's Virtuosa now, all Magnifica 2021 cruises including my May one won't happen as the ship is not coming to the UK this year. Prices are considerably higher on Virtuosa and the MSC web site has the details of compensation for newly cancelled cruises...
  3. Really, in recent years my experiences on pretty much all the cruise lines except Crystal was that I have more often than not had to go to the bar to get a drink as there just aren't enough servers to go around...or maybe I don't grease their palms enough.Lol.
  4. Well sort of as i said before, except that the cancellation notice i just received says "product" instead of "itinerary" just to confuse matters and make yet more work for TAs. Very poor and lazy from Royal, given that there is only one ship available yearly from Southampton it wouldn't be too much effort to actually list the lift n shift options for each cancelled cruise. Still at least a decision has been made.
  5. Although one of the conditions of Lift n Shift states must be same itinerary, which for some cruises like June 4th isn't possible...
  6. Interesting you should choose that date, we are in the top 4 UK groups for vaccination which are hoped to be done by mid February, taking the 14th as the mid point and 2nd shot being within the stated (UK) 12 weeks later, I am reckoning on May 8th as being the very earliest we'll be able to sail, and I'm doubtful of even that date simply because the vast majority of people still won't have had both jabs by then.
  7. Agreed, but I'm sure you'll agree that almost all, if not all of the big North American online agencies headline advertised prices are with NRDs. Those agencies are the most likely places for a person booking from other parts of the world to end up booking with. Providing both prices isn't the same as clearly advertising both prices, hence my posted comment.
  8. Agreed, but they should be aware you still have to ask for the price for a refundable deposit booking these days.
  9. You won't, there's no such thing in the UK or pretty much anywhere else except North America.
  10. Thank you for that, obviously you are a travel agent? How on earth us mere customers are supposed to know this as we don't get to see the detail of the policy in this way I don't know! Even from your TAs brief it isn't totally clear what "qualifying sailings" for the BPG element are, as that isn't spelt out in that section. I guess we assume the dates referred to in the first paragraph of the brief are applicable.
  11. Just looked at both US and UK sites and this is what it says in the relevant to us sections of the FAQ answers relating to the above: Q : How are Non-Refundable Deposit bookings impacted by this policy update? A : Non-Refundable Deposits that were booked on or before September 30th, 2020 and are sailing on-or-before April 30th, 2022 are eligible for the Cruise with Confidence Policy and follow the same guidelines. Prior to the Final Payment deadline, guests with a Non-Refundable Deposit bookings that wish to change to a different ship or sail date can do so with no fee assessed prior to S
  12. Nothing I can find indicates that BPG element itself has been altered for our bookings in the UK. All the FAQs on the Royal site still refer to the dates I quoted. It was a programme introduced to stimulate new bookings, and in the UK at least was very welcome as unlike North America, we've not had the benefit of price drops or refundable deposit for many years.
  13. Price drops in the UK and probably elsewhere come under Best Price Guarantee as opposed to CWC itself. Must be booked on or prior to Sept. 30th 2020 for sailings departing on or before April 30th 2022. The programme is available up to 48hours before sailing but inside final payment will result in an OBC rather than an actual drop.
  14. Not necessarily, price drops depends where in the world you live and book from, and the conditions applying when you booked.
  15. Ravenna is a very nice city with beautiful mosaic ceilings in many old buildings, but Venice it isn't!
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