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  1. I just bought 150 shares @ 21.74. I have another 50 waiting at a little lower. I have been wanting to buy this stock for over 10 years. I was too afraid at that time and I have always regretted not buying then. I told myself if it ever dropped I would buy some and this was the day. I am so glad that I had issues with the first site I tried to use, this was on Friday, I would have been happy at 26. I opened up a ameritrade account today and very pleased with the layout and glad it was at 21.74. Know to figure out how to get it applied to my next cruise.
  2. Do you know how much the water toys are?
  3. So excited to follow this. My mom and I are going tot take a Christmas cruise up/down? the Danube. Have been waiting for about 5 years because that is when my kids will be off in college, the time has come both kids will be in college and I will be able to take this cruise. We have set the river and the cruise so the weather and the water level needs to be at the best!
  4. Looking for something to do in St Tropez or some type of excursion that we can do from St Tropez. This is the only port that I cant figure out what to do. We will be in port Next Tuesday 8am-10pm I know the market will be going on in the morning and we plan to walk around but not sure what to do with the rest of the day.
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