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  1. It appears that you are a very miserable man! While you were off drinking your beers and watching football, people were dying and children were fleeing to higher ground to prevent from drowning.YOU my friend are the perfect example of a narcisist. (look it up). Yeah, we should all be pissed at Carnival right now. PLeeeeeeese. I live in Texas only 2 hours away from Galveston and WE don't even know what the REAL DEAL is over in Galveston just based on the news. So tell me how it is that you have such detailed insight as to what is happening over there and what is not? You are just a miserable man that wants this company to feel sorry for you because you can't get your brake away from whatever it is you are so miserable about that you have to come a spew ugliness all over this thread. You have already disqualified yourself on this thread as a person that can add any positive or helpful information to the situation. So respectfull Robert "go away" and go drink a beer or watch another football game and stop demanding that people be perfect when they are being motivated by a REAL desire to help people.. Deanna