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  1. mlkin

    Fascination or Freedom?

    We did the Fascination last year and it is all new and great. The camps were wonderful to a point that my sons did not want to do anything but spend time there. We will be going on the Freedom July 2009 because we wanted to try a longer cruise this time and it is going to Key West which we loved last year.
  2. mlkin

    can you cancel and get $?

    Thank you for your reply. We were actually thinking of changing cruises and instead of going to Western Carb we are talking about possibly Hawaii.:D
  3. Hi, Only been on one cruise and boy oh boy everyone was right, it's an instant addiction. Have booked my next cruise already but I forgot to ask my Carnival Vacation Planner something. If I booked my cruise and only made a deposit (it's 340 days away) and I want to cancel will I get my full refund?
  4. mlkin

    5 day vs 7 day

    Did a 5 day for our first cruise and booked a 7 day for our second cuz we loved it so much the first time around. As for the 21 years old...I couldn't book a seperate room for my son under his own name cuz he was not 21 years old. Best bet is just call Carnival or do the chat on their website and ask. The first time we cruised I called them and spoke many times to a planner before I actually booked it.
  5. mlkin

    Freedom and Destiny Ships

    I have booked Freedom for July 2009 after sailing on the Fascination as a first time cruiser. I sailed with my 4 sons ranging in ages 8,14, 17, 20. They all were amazed at how much there was to do and camp carnival and the Teen Club was the BIGGEST hit of the cruise for my youngest 2 boys. We choose Freedom for our second cruise because the slide goes into it's own area instead of a deep end of the pool, the 22 foot screen on the pool deck and because it is only a year and 1/2 old. I was warned that the Carnival ships were very "colorful" and sometimes tacky when it came to the decor but I found it very cheerful and fun. When I compared what we did with my inlaws who went on RC the month before us (same ports) and what we spent compared to them and we had 2 staterooms (one with a view) they vowed to cruise Carnival from now on.:D
  6. mlkin

    Where to stay in the port of Miami?

    We stayed at the La Quinta (west I believe) near the airport and the hotel itself was very nice and there is free port transportation to your cruise BUT there is NOTHING near by except some highways and XXX video places. My sons and I could not even go for a walk outside the hotel area because of this.