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  1. I have a hard time believing that the Empress would be returning to RCI, but I'd be all for it if it happened. I love both the small and mega ships, so I'd definitely be open to trying her out.


    The comments about Cuba make sense, but so does the possibility of her being sent to Azamara. We shall see! :cool:


    P.s. Just thinking out loud here, but I'd love to see them send her back to Philly to do Bermuda runs again! A 25-30 minute ride to the port would be awesome...


    The only thing about leaving from Philadelphia it takes so long to get to International Waters.

  2. Thank you akcruz finally the answer I was looking for. But on your cruise you were actually going Nowhere. So I wonder if they will unlock the liquor cabinet since we are actually docking somewhere. That's what I wanted to know and from someone who has done a CTN. Again thank you.


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  3. Hi Tom thank you. I know what duty-free is. Served in the military and been on many cruises. I just wanted to know if the shops are open so I can shop.


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  4. A cruise to Nowhere is non revenue because no money is made on shops and duty-free. Of course the casino will be open and drinks will be sold. To have Duty-free shopping the ship has to go to a port not just to international waters.


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  5. I wonder since we are going to Halifax is this going to be a revenue/duty-free cruise. It should be since we are stopping in a port out of the U.S. Does anyone know if this will become a revenue cruise.


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  6. I've been monitoring the NYharborwebcam. On the audio feed, I heard that Summit has a problem with one of the azipods. It has asked for permission to berth in the channel. We'll see what happens.

    My news feed "Marine Traffic" said it was going to become a floating hotel in New York Harbor


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  7. I work with individuals who need the supplies that you were in need. Someone stated just get it from the drug store near the port. Apparently they don't understand the severity of your situation. They can't be purchased at the drug store near the port. They are speciality medical equipment. I'm sorry you were unable to enjoy your vacation. I hope this never happens to anyone again. They took away from you quality of life. Hopefully they will resolve it for you financially.


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  8. TV was good when it was RCTV. Yes I watch TV on a cruise and the stations were decent then. When we were on the Explorer the TV was horrible. Sports and news all the time. Good movies were in every other language except english. Or kids movies 24/7. They really need to work on it. And paying for a movie just doesn't make sense to me because you usually fall asleep while watching it.

  9. Well it was a sad Sunday no Explorer out of Cape Liberty. But tomorrow morning we will have Quantum. Looking forward to watching the webcam tomorrow. Unfortunately I can't come to the party morning.

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