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  1. My first time on the Explorer was from Miami. Then she came to NJ. I wish she was going to be refurbished first then going to Florida. I would love to see the changes that will be made to her. Especially my favorite cabin 1638. Oh well I guess I have to find a favorite on Anthem. Quantum looks very exciting but I'm boycotting her because she was promised to us first. Then she was taken away. So I figured why even go on her if she is not staying. I fully understand the reasoning why she's going to China. So I will wait.


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  2. Well the day has finally come to say goodbye to my favorite ship. The Explorer Of The Seas. She will take her 14 day journey to her new home in Florida starting today. I wish I was able to be on her final NE journey. We have been on her 8 times and have enjoyed her every time. The crew is wonderful and will be greatly missed. Hopefully they will be able to transfer to the Anthem. The Explorer crew is like no other. They go above and beyond what is expected (speaking from my own opinion).


    I hope I will feel as comfortable and welcome on the Anthem as I do on the Explorer.



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  3. Hi Merion Mom

    I'm sad I love the Explorer. I don't want her to leave. I feel so at home when we are on her. I've been on her 8 times and one of those times we renewed our vows on her. I wish I could sail on her repositioning cruise but unfortunately our school year won't allow me to cruise now. I glanced through your post and I'm glad I can be along for the ride in spirit. Is the washy-washy lady on board?


    Our last NE cruise on her was in August we had a fantastic time. My travel buddy told me at work today don't cry to much tomorrow when she leaves.


    I will give you the same advice don't cry to much when you get off of her. Say goodbye for me. And enjoy.....I only hope she will be treated well during her brief stay in Fl. 😭😭😭😭


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  4. Sadly I'm not going. Thought about it and decided to wait for feedback from everyone. I was really excited about Quantum then Royal decided to send it to China. So I figured I would wait for Anthem since she is supposed to be stationed at Cape Liberty. I didn't want to get hooked on Quantum and be disappointed when she leaves. The way I'm feeling about Explorer. I'm excited for those of you who are going. And looking forward to rave reviews. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. And don't over pack 😊

  5. Sorry 3 days. I know me I probably would over pack. But that's me. It depends on where you are coming from. Bring something warm. It's a bit chilly/cold here on NJ. Hopefully they do have luggage check in. Who wants to carry baggage around.

    How much luggage do you need for 2 days 😀
    <br />

    <br />

    You're not taking into consideration that perhaps the shorter cruise is not the only one the OP is taking. We are going on the 2- night pre-inaugural, *after* 18 nights on Brilliance, and we will have to manage our own bags. It has led to some creative re-packing. :)<br/>


    The OP didn’t mention anything other than 3 nights.

  6. Its becoming a struggle to decide do we continue to leave from Bayonne. We have a cruise booked on the Adventure out of SJ. Would like to go on the Liberty but the price is ridiculous. I continue to do the math back and forth and the itinerary is the only thing keeping us on the Adventure. I did enjoy flying when it was less dramatic. Fees for luggage, waiting, worrying if my luggage is on the plane. Way to much[emoji51] But the extra💲💲💲for the convenience leaving from Bayonne very debatable. Doing the same itinerary over and over again is monotonous. We basically use the ship as our vacation the ports are secondary. It would be nice if they would speed up the ship until they get to Florida then cruise making more ports accessible. I'm sure they could get to Florida in less than a day. This would be ideal....in my thinking. 😨

  7. Relax..... The terminal is not near as bad as some have complained. It is not the best terminal, but you are only in it for a short time. Consider the terminal a real NJ adventure...


    The ship is great..... If the propulsion problem gets worse, you will still get the cruise and maybe get your money back for a free future cruise. Sounds like a great time to be had....


    We are leaving on our 3rd cruise on Explorer on Saturday and have had a great time on the previous two. The one we sailed through Hurricane Sandy was a real adventure..... :cool:


    Edjny go on the Explorer and enjoy your cruise. You will truly enjoy it.


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  8. B-52 that's why I'm afraid to step into a GS. That's how I got stuck in a JS. Cruised in one once and we haven't been out of it since. LOL. I would never want to see a loft. The 7 grand is on the Liberty for next year I know the price will drop. It's just the idea of them even asking that price for a few more feet. I'm just visiting not moving in. [emoji2] [emoji2] [emoji2]

  9. I love it when people complain about Cape Liberty. I love it. I don't have to go to congested NYC. I paid for a cruise not the port who really cares. Max time there 1 hour. Max time on ship between 5 and 14 days. Cape Liberty was a Naval Instilation. It wasn't built to be a cruise ship port. All right Arzeena and Merion_Mom I'm with you👌

    If you don't like it don't cruise from there. Just because someone likes something does not make them a cheerleader. People like what they like and apparently for some the terminal is more important than the cruise. Go figure. Cheerleader for Cape Liberty. Hurray hurrah.......[emoji562] [emoji562] [emoji562] [emoji562]

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