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  1. Hopefully the price will drop on Liberty. For 7 grand I need to be in a Royal Suite. Next year we are flying because I can't see paying that much for Liberty she's not brand new. So we will be on the Adventure. I love sailing out of NJ it's so convenient. We have to settle for a 7 day cruise instead of nine. I need a price drop. :thumbdown: but I'm thankful for any cruise. :)


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  2. Thieves are thieves on land and sea. Last week on my Explorer cruise I turned in 2 seapasses and someone's pink and black backpack. Hopefully the got them back. And for that good deed I won 400.00 in the casino that night. Karma does exist.


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  3. as mentioned, superior is in the eye of the beholder. We do not have kids but are DCL Platinum cruisers.


    I love the size of the rooms compared to other lines, the split bath format, having a bathtub to shower in so the water doesn't go all over the floor, we would rather watch a movie than gamble, the staff is MUCH friendlier than on other lines especially in the dining rooms where the other lines are stiff and stodgy, not only can I bring my adult beverages if I buy something in town they don't confiscate it, it stays with me, disembarkation is sooo much smoother (you don't sit in some hallway for an hour waiting for your number to be called, you leave pretty much when you want)


    RCL's "pool police" count down your time and take your stuff away at the pool and they only allow one towel per person and there was NO food on the pool deck (we had to change our clothes to get a hamburger then change back to go to the pool)


    When you think about it too, before Disney, the pools were all lumped together and folks couldn't get a quite place to relax without kids. We never could even find a chair on some cruises and had to leave. And not that I use the outdoor movie screen, but that was a first at sea.


    We have friends who think we should expand our horizons onto the higher priced "sophisticated" lines. But I think I would be bored without the fun in the dining room and elsewhere.


    As a RCCL cruiser I have never had the pool police move anything or limit the number of towels we are allowed to have poolside. They do have poolside barbecues. And just like any establishment that you eat at on dry land you are required to cover yourself in the eating areas. Cover ups are acceptable in the Windjammer. I'm just stating the facts as I know them. But cruising is like food subjective. To each his or her own. Happy Cruising.


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  4. Just off the Explorer. MLIFE benefits were 1 free dinner at chops, 5 free drink coupons, 5% casino charge waived and a Mlife sticker on my seapass. I've never been to Vegas. I just called MLIFE with my diamond information and I was made a gold member. I'm sure I'll go up because I will be diamond plus when they add my last cruise. If i need to call them again to be upgraded I will.


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  5. Oh well since the time will soon come that we we have to say goodbye to our beloved Explorer Of The Seas I figured we might as well start a new thread for her replacement The Liberty of the Seas. I hope she will bring us many days and nights of fun filled cruising memories. 🚢🍸🍹🍷🚢

    Does anyone have any thoughts or information about her they would like to share.?

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  6. I HAVE heard of bed bugs on a ship...I think people bring them with them, just like at hotels.


    I have always heard that with bed bugs, there will be three bites in a row or right near each other....like, breakfast-lunch-dinner..




    Bed bugs do not necessarily bite in a row. They bite what and when they can. Bed bugs hide out in dark places. In clothing, furniture and anyplace they can catch a ride. But you can see evidence of them. Dark spots on the mattress. Look around the mattress seams and button areas. One bed bug can cause a massive amount of bugs. The cleanup after bed bugs is very costly. Thousands of dollars. I always check my bed on ships and hotels to make sure my room is safe.


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  7. Is the Explorer leaving Bayonne permanently?



    Yes she is. I love her. I wish she could be refurbished and stay here. We already pay premium prices for cruises from NJ but when Liberty arrives which is 7 or 8 years old we will be paying even more. Not to mention Anthem. We need to keep our Explorer home.


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  8. Same happen to us. Got to the CL once then they changed the rules.

    Love the balcony discount. And everything that comes with it because extras you don't have to pay for are always welcome. I'm thankful for those things.

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  9. First cruise for our 25th anniversary we get on the ship in Alaska and loving every minute of it for 24 hours. Wake up first full day(Sept 11 2001) turn on T.V. and this nightmare is going on.We did not know what to do (could do nothing) went up to breakfast and we could tell that no one else knew , it was very strange . As we were leaving a lady who did know (I could tell by her face ) says to me ''none of these people know do they ''(I guess she could tell by my face) I just shook my head no and kept walking . I have tried a few times to write about it on this site but it seems trite compared to what others went through.


    It's not trite. Your feeling and experiences about that day are important memories. Everyone had to be someplace and your place was to be on a ship.


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  10. I bring our own personal items soap, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo and whatever else we need. We don't use everything on our skin, hair and teeth. We bring enough for use to use. We even bring Clorox or lysol products to clean our tub and surfaces in the cabin. I know its disinfected when I do it.👌


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