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  1. Explorer of the Seas had its premiere of the Glow Party last night in Studio B. Some of the bar staff were wearing white T-Shirts with "GLOW" on the side. The dance floor was chained off, but there was a makeshift bar set up at one end with a bunch of glasses with the flashy lights. There were selling flashy bling on the way in, but I didn't really see anything that "glowed" except for a couple of burnt out glow rings that my have been handed out the day before.



    Hi TM38Rob

    The Explorer has had glow parties on board for some time now. Why was it a "premier of the glow party". I been to a few glow parties on the Explorer. So was this something different?.:confused:




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  2. Hi yogimax

    I know Bayonne is convenient not only NJ, but it also convenient for Pa and De. We can't fit a decent sized ship in PA. So Bayonne is the best fit for us to get to international waters. Please let us have something. We already pay max cruise fare by being in the NE. The only time we get a price drop is in the fall and the winter after the holidays. Most of us work for schools and have to pay the price. So let us have Bayonne.


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  3. Agree! We always have lunch there at least once on every cruise. We chose to spend the extra and make it part of our cruise experience.



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    :):):):) its all about vacation and what makes you happy. Food, fun and family. The experience makes it a memory that last a lifetime. Sometimes we have to pay extra for things we enjoy. We usually get it the last sea day. Enjoy your Johnny Rockets - At Sea 4Ever


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  4. Johnny Rockets is considered a specialty restaurant so an extra charge would be expected. I used G.A. as a reference from my own personal experience. I like Johnny Rockets and choose to pay extra for it. It's part of my cruise experience. :o


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  5. We booked a 9 Night cruise the price was 5078.00 in a Jr. Suite with diamond balcony discount When we got home the next day there was a price drop. In February we got a $1300.00 dollar military discount. Since then the price of the cruise has gone up and the military discount has gone down. It's all about timing. And we still have our onboard credit. Keep checking everyday.


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  6. Johnny Rockets in Great Adventure Jackson, NJ prices are ridiculous. $15.00 for the meal no beverage. $5.95 on the ship is a steal. Prices for food are going up in your neighborhood supermarkets. Why wouldn't you think prices would not go up on a ship. They have to pay just like everyone else does. No matter what line you choose. We had severely bad weather this year from coast to coast and the cost of food will go up everywhere.


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