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  1. My cat is "she who must be obeyed". If I don't pay her enough attention, she puts her teeth on me, not enough to be a bite, but just to let me know.


    Rachel G I feel your pain. I love it when your reading your tablet (formally a book) and they have to lay on it while your reading it.


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  2. Hello Everyone! A New Year has begun and we have all just been entertained (or really "torqued off") by two threads seemingly populated by those who really, really don't like smokers, former-smokers, all forms of "smoking" (however we might define that), any accomodations made for smokers who are cruising within close proximity of non-smokers, and....people who live in Washington State and Oklahoma (God bless them!).


    It occured to me that we've been limiting ourselves far too narrowly and that a more wide-ranging discussion might be more theraputic and cathartic. So I'm starting this new thread (not wanting to be accused of being "off topic") and seek to broaden the discussion to ALL traits that could be exhibited by any or all of my fellow cruisers - which would/and does "ruin my day"!


    This should not be considered, by any means, to be my final or all-inclusive list of obnoxious traits I don't like! :) Please feel free to add your own:


    Snobby people (using my own definition - but you KNOW who you are!); People who don't bathe regularly; people who don't launder or dryclean their cloths on a regular basis; people with bad breath; obnoxious children; parents of obnoxious children; the former and current Mayor of New York City, along with the 80% of NYC residents who have a compulsion to tell ME how I should live; warm coca-cola; hot tea (really, any form of tea!); bragging and boastful people; people who DON'T like cats -"Meow"; people who flatulate in public; people who belch in public; people who sit down to eat with a ballcap on; people who can't seem to "function" without an IPhone or IPad within arm's reach; people who use a restroom and then don't wash their hands (Yuk!); people who use funny words like "whilst" and "amongst"; people who criticize my country - or anyone's country, for that matter!; people who use their fingers at a buffet table; people who reserve 5 chairs at poolside - and then never really use them; people who are unkind to animals; people who are in (NOT "amongst") the top 5% of the world's income bracket yet won't drop a dollar into the Salvation Army kettle; People who seem to "hate" smokers rather than feeling sympathy and understanding for their addiction to a STILL LEGAL product (and No, I'm NOT a smoker - Okay, I confess to the occasional cigar - but only on a Regent Cruise! :D)


    So there's my beginning list of things I don't like. Any additions?


    ((Host Dan - Hopefully I didn't break any rules)) :confused:




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    Thank you I love it. I do smoke but I find that some individuals have habits that are truly disgusting and harmful to the entire ship. Again love your comment. :):):)

  3. [quote name='ckrobyn']Just off the Explorer yesterday. We had a fabulous 9 night cruise! The crew are amazing, very attentive and friendly. One major observation is that this ship really needs a dry dock sooner than later.... I know she is scheduled for 2015, but honestly there are areas of the ship that are looking very tired and worn. I'm used to an older ship (AOS), but on this cruise I couldn't help but notice that it was looking a bit on the beat up side. These are my own observations...... Like I said, we had a fantastic cruise and met some wonderful people!!!!!


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    Hi ckrobyn

    What were your observations?

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  4. Loved your review. Short and sweet. I think I may change our dining options we usually do 8:30 on all out cruises in the main dining room. I love the Explorer usually get JR suite on Deck 10. We've been trying to get a cabana on our last few cruises and have been disappointed every time. Its hard to get one on Coco Cay. We leaving on the 22nd of December holiday cruise. I'm excited as usual. Just hoping we get a cabana. Thank again for your review



    Love To Cruise RCCL

  5. We work hard and pay it off over time like a bill. Sometimes we get a good deal sometimes not. Living in the Northeast the deals will never be like the South. But is mandatory ( Lol) that a cruise happens once a year twice if we are lucky. My husband and I need this to relax and enjoy easy other. You have to treat yourself. We have one in 56 days and I can't wait. :) We will celebrate Christmas in February;)


    Love To Cruise RCCL

  6. If you get plain water, you are merely getting the filtered water from the ship which is probably the same as the water from the ship




    :confused:The machine generates all Coke products. Now why would Royal say its Dasani and why would Coke allow them to use filtered ship water for their product.



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  7. @ ckrobyn We did it in April it was about who killed Johnny two shoes or two tons. He was a gangster. Johnny had a cheating wife, a shady business partner and a ditsy girlfriend. It was pretty good. Especially Sally Said So the girlfriend. I hope its different in December if not we will enjoy it again.


    Love To Cruise RCCL

  8. I thought of a few things that I would like to give them for no DiD, but CC would print them as all stars. The great exodus has started. Just moved one of my December cruises. Hated to give up 1602, but what can you do? Was just looking at who the concierge is for Serenade. Don't think that we have ever had him.

    Maybe I missed where did no DiD come from?



    Love To Cruise RCCL

  9. I was wondering how you got a picture of my friends.We were on the same cruise. We didn't show up for the picture.

    Here's another shot of the 70's party, taken from the library I think:




    Friday at sea - it was cloudy and rainy but after 3 days of sun, that was fine! After breakfast the kids went to kids club for a bit and we met with our Cruise Critic group for a picture. Not many showed up. Where were you guys?? LOL. Here's our little group:




    We also did some shopping, I believe this was the day they had $10 tee shirts and some Pandora style bracelets for $24.99, picked up some souvenirs and gifts and then it was lunch time.


    More Tutti salad bar, and my daughter's crush in the middle, she loved this waiter and smiled and giggled every time he came near her.




    And we had a singing waiter too!



    The afternoon was REALLY pouring down rain. It was warmish but just too rainy to do anything outside. I enjoyed some time in the cabin, watched Life Of Pi (excellent) and my daughter took a nap. Hubby took my son to Kids Club for a little while and then it was time for our 2nd formal night.


    We made sure to go a bit early so we could get a formal family photo. They came out OK. We bought a few before we left. Then it was dinner - our favorite, the night they have the fisherman's platter (AKA - lobster!)


    Here's hubby with the awesome Maitre'D:




    Lobster dinner - the lobster on this trip was much more generous than the lobster on Enchantment last year. They made THREE special ones for my son with dietary issues - and he ate them ALL.




    OK, have to take my oldest to tennis, I'll finish up later!

  10. Have been wanting to cruise out of New York for the scenery and cannot find any cruises that appeal to me. Like the Explorer itinerary leaving from New Jersey. Will I be able to see the NY skyline, statue of Liberty, etc. Hope this is not a dumb question. Have cruised a lot. But mostly from Florida, Calif. and Europe.


    Yes you can see all of that and more. The scenery is beautiful.

  11. We were on the explorer this past April and they had the bags. Just pay attention to your slip before you sign because we caught numerous times where they tried charging the full beginning price!!!


    We have been on the Explorer a number of times and will be going in March hopefully they will have them. They have not had any on any sailing I've been on and I've been on EX several times. I guess we keep missing them.

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