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  1. Windstar Does! We were shocked and very happy. I don't drink as much as hubby so he got it and I didn't!
  2. Well ... the inconsistencies drive me crazy - I don't want to worry about it so I'm just going to buy the SS package and call it a day! Thanks for the input!
  3. HA ~ After the nap it's time for those cocktails!!
  4. Cisterna

    Wine List?

    Bingo! Venice to Rome - Your hubby will have a field day! Fantastic wines and the prices are excellent~ easy to buy several and carry on board! We are headed to Southeast Asia, and from what I have been told the wine prices in Hong Kong are outrageous, hence the purchase of the SS package, also I don't want to spend the time trying to find a good wine shop on this trip. When you are in Italy it is a different story...passing wine shops and browsing is part of the adventure!.
  5. Campari ! We had it in our room in Florence, I knew what it was for , and didn't tell our friends, he opened it thinking it a nice cold refreshing drink - too a big swig .....HA HA ....Yes we are still good friends!
  6. I have been to Florence several times in November. Florence is ALWAYS crowded, when you are there, paying the extra money to skip the lines is always beneficial! (the skip the line, lines are actually quite long)!. Actually I really suggest you book a private tour to make the most of your trip there. My most recent trip was in May (during the OFF LOL season), which I know is not November, I brought 4 friends who had not been there before, they were over whelmed by the crowds and so glad I talked them in to buying tours! Honestly if this is your only time to go to Florence, make the most of it and see everything you can with a guide... you never know if you will ever make it back!
  7. In my opinion, if you like a choice of wine ~ other than red or white, would like a morning cocktail, Bloody Mary, mimosa, screwdriver etc, Cocktail or beer poolside, before dinner or after dinner cocktail , evening nightcap ...You get my drift. It is worth it! 3 drinks ( a person) other than your beer or wine with your meals a day, including tips ~ it is a bargain!
  8. It's a computer and it will let you book - but if it is an optional excursion that you are paying for, I would advise against it. The tour operators are independent contractors and cannot guarantee you will return at the stated time for various reasons. If you don't make it back in time for the next tour, I don't know what their policy would be as to a refund.
  9. Yes - I have used Tours by Locals for at least 10 years in UK, Italy, France, USA, Greece (all islands), Germany, Amsterdam, Brussels, Canada, Caribbean... I would honestly say I have been very satisfied 98% of the time. The communication is great, the description is very true to the experience and the beauty of it is , that once you purchase your excursion , you are personally contacted by your guide and they have always been very accommodating. Since they are private tours, your guide is very able to alter your tour and tailor it to specifically what you want ~ albeit within reason. Excellent company , just make sure you understand the cancellation policy ! Unfortunately there is absolutely no wiggle room there, as they set their schedule and that is their income for the time frame that you booked for. case in point, our cruise was altered, 6 days before departure, I obviously could not cancel within the 14 days required to get a refund, so I lost several hundred dollars. That's life...
  10. They are not a specific table or even dining room - they are in whatever room they decide to put them in on each ship!
  11. Cisterna

    Hong Kong

    Apparently it is the Hong Kong Night Tram Tour that has been cancelled, which makes sense due to the street demonstrators blocking the area on the weekends. The Hong Kong at night tour has been amended and no longer includes the Market - same reasoning I assume.
  12. Cisterna

    Hong Kong

    It is my understanding that the night tour of Hong Kong has been cancelled and some have been altered for those on the Orion this coming weekend. Those currently on board have relayed this info, but also said all the other tours are a go.
  13. Before you spend a tremendous amount of money on travel insurance~ look at the credit card you used to purchase your trip! If you have a great credit card like Chase sapphire and used it you are covered 10K each ! Citibank just discontinued their travel insurance which was a shock! Many of the charges which include travel insurance are retroactive to the date you made the charges. It takes a lot of time but check your card benefits for each used and see if you are covered before you buy additional insurance! My friends husband passed away unexpectedly two weeks prior to her cruise and she received a full refund from her credit card company. It took a lot of paperwork, but she got it. Another friend's mother passed away (while she was traveling) and her credit card included travel insurance paid for her to leave her trip (trip interruption), reimbursed her to change her flight plans to get to the funeral .The most important insurance to have is a supplemental medical insurance for travel outside of the U.S. Another friend's husband had to be evacuated ( air lifted) from a ship and hospitalized, with the med. supplement it only cost them $50! The hospital bill was over $ 28K. Most people don't realize they are not covered when they are in other countries! The policy only cost them $184.00 for the two of them! Look up Go Blue is you have Blue Cross or Blue Shield. blue
  14. Hi - I don't know what happened here - I was giving you my impression on the Chef's Table Lumiere - We did the Chefs table on Royal Princess with the wine pairing. I believe it was around $115.00 per per person. It was amazing! We had a really fun group - so that made it exceptional. Our group was very talkative and energetic. The Chef actually commented on how much fun we were vs. the group they had the night before. I witnessed that group and honestly they seemed boring! Unfortunately you don't know who you will have in your group - but if you are doing this as a foodie experience it is very good. The person who showed all the pictures , was putting in some information for the Winemasters dinner- (which is not offered on all ships - but if it is do that also). That's what the tenderloin picture was about!
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