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  1. vjh

    Question for Copper10-8

    Copper, Do you know who will be the Officers for the Grand Asia Voyage, sailing September30,2018? Thanks! Valerie
  2. We are on the same cruise as you, and we ordered an eggcrate mattress for the sofa bed. HAL sent our TA notification that it would be available for us. Perhaps try again. Valerie
  3. vjh

    A Question for Copper 10-8

    CoppIIer, I will be on the 49 day Atlantic Crossing on the Veendam October 20,2017. I would appreciate information on the Captain, Cruise Director, Hotel Director, Pinnacle Grill Manager and Piano Man.
  4. vjh

    Cooking class in Civitavecchia

    We have tried to find him on facebook as he hasn't answered an email. Could you please tell us how you searched and found him on facebook, we tried the restaurant and his first name, we don't have his last name.
  5. vjh

    Responds SimplyGo Batteries

    You will be charging your unit in Auckland, I would check with the manufacturer as to how this might affect the unit, using foreign country electrical adaptor.
  6. vjh

    Current Captains

    Do you know who will be staffing the Noordam sailing San Diego to Auckland Sept 29, 2016
  7. vjh

    Which line treats smokers nicely

    Where can you smoke inside on the Noordam, if smoking isn't allowed in the casino.
  8. I am researching a cruise for the fall of 2017 55 day Vancouver to Asia. Originally there was going to be two of us girls travelling together, now a third friend is interested in joining us. Does anyone have comments as to travelling with 3 in a BB balcony cabin on the Volendam. I know that the sofa bed opens with the back sliding down rather than a sofa bed opening fully out. However, with the bed made up for sleeping what does one do with the sofa table and vanity chair. Would there be room when the bed is made up to access the balcony easily.
  9. I have used Omni Car Service as well with no issues. I can't remember what the cost was, but you should be able to go to their website and get a quote or call their 800 number.
  10. vjh

    Tiles, Medallions

    I came off the Zuiderdam Nov 9 and finally received my 100 day medallion, however it was not without alot of effort and questions on my part. I had made the 100 days in 2013 on a 21 day Panama Canal Cruise. In 2014 I took a 4 day Pacific Coastal Cruise and didn't expect to receive my medallion on that short cruise. After we boarded in Athens I went to the front desk to check when the presentations might be made. They said they would have to check with the Mariner's Society. I went back the following day and they said that Seattle said that I had received the medallion. I went back a few days later and was told there was a presentation tomorrow at 1100 and I was assured I would be on the list. I went to the reception and my name was not called. Again, I went back to the front desk and talked to Michael, he could tell by comments on the computer that I indeed been having issues, he assured me that he would get a resolution. Indeed, he did. The following morning he called and asked if I would be available at 1100 for a special presentation in the Atrium. He had arranged for Captain Christopher Turner and Hotel Director Frank Ulbricht and a photographer to present me with my medallion. I was truly impressed by Michael Bueno and the depth he went to assure customer satisfaction. I have my medallion and a great story to go with it.
  11. Sailing on the Zuiderdam Oct 14th and just checked my luggage tags and have a room assignment, very happy!!!
  12. vjh

    Bon Voyage, Kakalina

    Bon Voyage Trisha! Say hello to Patrick for me, Karen and I were fortunate enough to take his tour for a second time last October. Valerie
  13. vjh

    Number of Passengers?

    What about the Zuiderdam sailing Oct 14, 2015 Athens to Fort Lauderdale and the Zaandam South America Oct 2016 San Diego to Buenos Aires.
  14. What about taking the money you would use for the drink package and purchasing OBC for the same amount, still no worries about what you are spending, could have a refund at end of cruise.
  15. vjh

    Tips, Hints and secret's

    I buy a one dollar door stop to prop the door open slightly and it works well.