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  1. I am with you regarding age and pre-existing conditions. We have had 9 cruises cancelled and we have enough FCC to pay for a 50 day South America cruise January 2022. We are willing to wear a mask, social distance and get the Moderna vaccine. We don't do flu shots because they are just too inefficient. 95% success is a winner. Covid is unlikely to strike but its death rate is higher than the flu. We wear our masks, stay home but, we still travel and stay away from people. We respect other people's concern and stay away. We have had all of our Princess cruises for 2021 cancelled. So, we will wait until we see Ships sail from San Pedro or Long beach before we book again locally.
  2. I just booked 7/17/2021 RT LA. Sun Princess. Last Stop Prince Rupert.
  3. The more people tend to condescend the more ignorant they appear. They think food comes from packages and not the country folk that produce it.
  4. Here is the deal, I don't care if you like O'Sheehan's or not. Is "The Local" The same or similar fair?? Do they serve beer? Can you get breakfast away from the people that don't like anything and want to tell you about it?
  5. I think she was drunk at the time.
  6. I ordered a double bailey's and didn't get charged. Of course I wasn't ever near going over the 15 limit.
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