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  1. If Carnival wants to keep my business they need to be honest and let us know what is going on with the October cruises and not string us along for another month or two before they announce they are cancelled. I would like to be able to make alternate plans for our vacation before it is too late.
  2. We are booked on the October 4 Glory out of New Orleans (originally was April 19) I'm pretty sure it will be cancelled at some point. I wish Carnival would just let us cancel it now without penalty so we can make other plans and try and salvage some sort of vacation this year.
  3. I would not wear a mask on a cruise. If this becomes a requirement I would hope that those of us who choose not to cruise under these new rules would be given the option to cancel and receive a full refund.
  4. Has anybody gotten funshop refunds yet? I received refunds for cruise fare and excursions but not funshop purchases.
  5. Glory cruise April 19 , cancelled March 13, received refunds yesterday , May 9 for everything except Funshop purchases.
  6. I cancelled our 4/19 cruise on 3/13, asked for a full refund, haven't received a dime back yet. I'm getting very frustrated! I was actually told 14 days for a refund at that time.
  7. Early access to cabins and Fttf will go away, giving Stewards more time to clean cabins
  8. Don't leave your balcony light on at night, it interferes with your neighbors being able to star gaze.
  9. No way 2 hours on St. John is enough. I would save it for another cruise when you have a longer day.
  10. Costco sells reef safe sunscreen.
  11. I've been having problems this morning, cant log in to do anything.
  12. I noticed the stained furniture on the Legend recently, it was pretty bad, the ship is in pretty bad shape in my opinion. Used to be my favorite, but not anymore. I'm taking a break from Carnival for a while, my last few cruises haven't been great, I think they need to pay more attention to the small details.
  13. We were recently on the Legend Hawaii to Vancouver, we saw lots and lots of trash for about 3 days in the Pacific.
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