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  1. Wow!! Thank you all for your thorough answers. We are definitely going to change our cabin selection. I thought about the mini suites in the bow but sorry that the wind would make it too cold to sit there in May for a northern Ca., Oregon, Washington, and Canada cruise. Thoughts anyone? Thanks... Pam
  2. I have just booked cabin c743 on the Royal Princess and have been reading reports about soot and fumes in the rear facing cabins. I have been wanting a wake cabin for ages but am concerned. Most of the reviews are quite old (2013-14) and hopefully this issue has been fixed. Has anyone been in one of these cabins on the Royal recently? I was to be sure this is no longer a problem. Thanks for your help! Pam
  3. The for your help. Wonder why they show a deck out there in the deck plan drawing?
  4. Oops...the ship is the Grand Princess not the Star. On lido deck 14 in the bow. Sorry about the confusion! Thanks again for your help. Pam
  5. I have been trying to get info about the deck on the front of deck 14 of the Star Princess. It is pictured in the deck diagrams but with no further info. Some postings have said it is off limits due to bridge access, but others say it is above the bridge and available to passengers. We are thinking of getting an inside cabin up there IF we can access this deck. Has anyone been on the Star recently who can answer my question? I so appreciate your help!
  6. Just back from a week's cruise on the Escape and want to warn fellow cruisers about our cabin. We were in 14631 (inside cabin) and it was quite the experience, As I love cruising and have never had a "bad cruise" since I feel your cruise is what you make it, this is just a heads up. This cabin had peculiar swooshing noises above and next to it. Best we can tell, it was from the pool on 16. Plus the bathroom drains gurgled periodically, quite loudly. Sometimes the bathroom smelled like chlorine, other times not so pleasant! Then there were the shrieks and ghostly sounds from who knows where. Plus the crew sounds from the "white space" next door, especially on the last night with moving suitcases around. It certainly didn't ruin our trip, but if you are a light sleeper you might want to avoid this cabin. We joked that it was "haunted" but fortunately the ghost didn't follow us home! Seasprite, cruisin' fan
  7. Whew! No shade and only 4 inches of water sounds pretty steamy to me. Thanks all for the info. I think the sundeck pool may remain empty!
  8. Hi there, Does anyone know if there is any shade up on the sun deck (yeah, I know there's sun up there lol) where the small splash pool is forward on deck 16 of the Coral? I love to be in the bow of the ship, but am sure I'll broil after a couple of minutes in that hot sun. The small pool sounds good to cool off. Just wondering. I'm getting psyched, since we leave to drive to Florida on Mon. and our cruise leaves Feb. 5th. Almost here! Thanks in advance for those of you familiar with the Coral!
  9. Yeah! Glad to hear about the beds. We will be on the Coral on Feb 5th and I love being rocked to sleep on a new mattress!
  10. Thanks for the information, both of you. It sounds we may not have shade after all. I can't see renting chairs for 45 minutes, which is all the time the tour allows. TG for sunscreen!
  11. Thanks so much for your response. You have set my mind at ease about the roughness of the ride and I can't wait to see the beach! Only one month to go till se shove off! Wahoo!
  12. Wow, Bob! That was a great video tour. I would imagine the Breakaway rooms are the same as the Getaway. I like the window seat and the arrangement of the bed and outlet plugs is perfect for my husband's cpap machine lol We usually have cords dragging on the floor and have to separate the beds to make it less hazardous. Thank you for sharing this!
  13. This thread has gotten to be really lively! Who'd have thought my little old question would start all of this craziness lol. I had read about cabin 12704 on the Breakaway too, and that was what prompted me to ask about this. It sounds like the rooms are so special with the view and window, so I'm going to take my chances. I'll stay on deck 12, rather than move up to 13 directly under the bridge. Square dancing might get on my nerves lol. With all of the varied opinions, I'll just hope it's a quiet area and that people aren't up flushing their toilets all night! I'll let you know how it goes...but my cruise isn't till next Oct., so be patient!
  14. Thanks Monte and Trumpy, for the replies. LOL Trumpy at the drone pun!
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