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  1. Sounds fabulous. The two of us did a trans-Pacific a few years ago and loved it - key memory, the infinity pool at the Bora Bora Yacht Club with our ship in the background.
  2. My partner and I will be on the Nieuw Statendam from Quebec to Fort Lauderdale, 8 - 22 October 2022. Which cruise is yours?
  3. I got it yesterday and replied to it. I was impressed that they asked the very questions that have been going through my own mind as we plan for future cruises. We are 3-Star Mariners, and are booked with HAL in October 2022. We will cancel by final payment time if we're still having to mask, distance, temperature check, etc, because we want cruises to be relaxing and low-stress. We can afford to wait until "the coast is clear", but we think mid-2022 should be well beyond Covid concerns, and so we've also booked a June 2022 Cunard cruise.
  4. There are lawmakers and there are regulators. The politicians are the lawmakers, and the public service are the regulators. That maintains consistency in applying the law. My background was aviation regulation, so I think health regulation and marine regulation similarly all fall to the public servants to carry out. The politicians are at liberty to change the law because they have been given the electoral mandate, but they don't get to apply it, day to day.
  5. For 2019 in Vancouver, about 1 million passengers and over 800 million dollars to the local economy. The difference in the number of people in town this year is very noticeable. Cruise tourism is big here.
  6. I agree. We cruise Celebrity, HAL and last year our first Cunard (QE Alaska). We are in our 70s and have no interest in rock walls, water slides, and similar items - we steer clear of ships which have those. There are specific cruise lines that serve that demographic, but our demographic is elegance, fine craftsmanship, good service, good food, and dressing smartly in the evenings. I like that Cunard sees the importance of retaining its traditions, because not all cruise lines should be the same, since it's okay to have a different type of atmosphere.
  7. When we took Infinity in 2016 for a Pacific Coastal, they had split off the port side of the Sky Lounge in the same way as Reflection. I forget whether it was for suites or a children's area. It makes the room lopsided IMHO, and on Reflection (2018 for me), the Elite happy hour no longer had enough space and had to be spread across all other bars.
  8. We're finding that there are several issues that have us looking at late 2021 at the earliest or more likely 2022 for our next cruise. First is the risk of taking flights anywhere - currently 60-70 flights per month just here in our province with proven Covid cases on board, so until there's a vaccine we'll only consider ports we can drive to. Second is the lack of stability of schedules and fleets - too many ongoing cancellations, closed ports, sales of ships, juggling of cruise schedules etc.. After the length of time it took to get refunds this spring, we're not
  9. 76 days and counting here from a 30 March Hal-initiated cancellation for April and May cruises. Nothing yet.
  10. HAL's website is way out of date. They have cruises still scheduled as early as September, and several ships leaving/arriving in Vancouver and Victoria, despite the fact that Canadian ports, for several weeks now, have been closed to cruise ships until 31 October.
  11. We're finding in Vancouver that we drive to quiet neighbourhoods for a walk, just to avoid the stress of passing people on the sidewalk who simply will not distance themselves. There are too many places in a ship which can't allow for proper distancing, and we can do without that constant anxiety, especially when we're paying for the privilege. We're not looking at cruising until 2022.
  12. I'd love to know how one passes someone in a stateroom corridor staying 6 feet apart when the corridor is only 4 feet wide! One way corridors perhaps?
  13. Actually here in Vancouver they estimate about $2M per cruise ship in economic benefit. Things like hotels, taxes and employment are included, not just souvenirs. Here is a complete report done by the Port Authority - https://www.portvancouver.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/2016-Port-of-Vancouver-Economic-Impact-Study.pdf
  14. Actually, on our recently cancelled two cruises, flights were with Delta, KLM and Air Transat, and none of them gave refunds, only future credit, time-limited. It's not a purely Canadian problem.
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