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  1. Sailing the med, and my cruise has dropped almost $1000 per cabin since I booked last August, plus I have OBC credit now too.
  2. Hi! I see that my original post over 2 years ago has been revived! For all you lucky cruisers going to Labadee soon and managed to get a bungalow, congrats! You won’t regret it! I paid $327 CAD 2.5 years ago, so there are some good prices going around now for the bungalow! Worth every penny!
  3. We recently returned from a cruise on Harmony and spent a day on Labadee. I thought I would share our experience in one of their beach bungalows. I made a reservation for a bungalow on Columbus Cove about 6 months before our cruise. They are pricey, but not as much as the over the water cabanas on Nellies Beach which we had on our previous cruise. My family all proclaimed they felt the bungalow experience on Columbus Cove was far superior to our cabana experience. We disembarked the ship relatively early and took the ferry across from the pier to just past Nellie's Beach. It was so convenient!!! View from the ferry at the pier: We had a short walk to Columbus Cove where the bungalows are. Upon arriving to the "entrance" of the bungalows (roped off reserved area), I checked in with the attendant. He had a list of the guests with reservations with pre assigned bungalows. He gave us each a red wrist band to identify us as being able to come and go within the reserved area. We were assigned to bungalow 3. Here is a photo of our bungalow: As you can see, it comes with two floating mats, comfy padded patio type furniture, a large cooler with 6 large bottles of Evian water. We closed the curtains for privacy from neighbouring bungalows. Right in front of the bungalow are two comfy padded loungers. The bungalow just had 2 towels, and we did not sign any towels out assuming the bungalows came with towels. So I asked our attendant to get us more towels and he brought in plenty of towels for us to use the rest of the day. Here are more views: You can see there is a private beach area with plenty of loungers and shade just for the bungalow guests. We did see a few people sneak into the reserved area (which are prime spots with lots of shade!) only to be asked to leave. The bungalows are super close to the buffet area. We walked over and got our lunch from the buffet to bring back to our bungalow to eat. The attendants were busy filling drink orders, and clearing our lunch plates! They were also convenient to the restrooms. I remember last time we were in the cabanas and we didn't even bother bringing our food back to the cabana because it was too far a walk! I highly recommend the lower priced bungalows to the over the water cabanas! We had the option of relaxing in the bungalow or out front the padded loungers, or on beach loungers right by the waters edge! The water at Columbus Cove was super calm and perfect for hanging out. The sand is incredibly soft here too. If you have any more specific questions, I'll be happy to answer! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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