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  1. Really, that's your reply? No, we would not have been disappointed if only 1 was accepted since it is not a guarantee. At least we all would have had the chance to bid. Thanks Andy I appreciate the reply. I agree, would have been nice to at least bid on a chance. Personally, I think this is a bad business decision by RCL to not give everyone a chance to bid for an upgrade.
  2. Very disappointed in RCL and this program at the moment. We have 3 reservations(linked) for the Dec 23rd sailing on Oasis and 2 of the parties received emails but I did not. We are all interested in putting in a bid so I called RCL and was basically told if you don't get an email you can't participate. Seems a little unfair that not everyone is allowed to bid and if I'm calling to ask about it why can't you add me to the list for an email? Definitely should be in the cruise planner so everyone has a chance to participate.
  3. On Oasis 12/23/18 sailing - UDP is at $126, Deluxe Beverage is $50 and Refreshment Package is at $15. Booked the UDP - excited about trying that. Already had the beverage packages booked so looking to see if prices go down further this weekend.
  4. Thanks, that's kind of what I thought but wasn't sure and it sounds like Izumi is changing so might not be an issue. Thanks for the info, I will definitely be using the email and possibly the phone number to see if they can help out. So looks like the A la Carte might not be an issue for us then. Sorry I didn't mention it in my original post - we are on Oasis of the Seas so looks like we will have some options for lunch and I just read a review where the cruiser was able to eat at one of the specialty restaurants(I think Chops) on embarkation. Thanks again for the info.
  5. With the sale we are now looking at the UDP but I have a question. We are a party of 7 and I'm wondering how hard it will be to get reservations for our group. Also, what does it mean by a $35 credit for a la cart places and which are these? And another question - it says we can do lunch at the specialty restaurants for lunch on sea days does this include embarkation day? Thanks
  6. This was what we thought originally but after the previous poster said night 6 I looked at the cruise planner app and it doesn't show a menu for day 5(sea day) but shows lobster on the menu for day 6. So hoping we are all correct and it is Day 5 - I know it's not the best lobster but is always a nice treat.
  7. I'm surprised it's on night 6 and not night 5 which is the 2nd formal night. We booked Chops for night 6 - hoping we won't regret that.
  8. Not sure about the soda package but you can purchase the refreshment package for her while you get the deluxe drink package. You just have to call - we just did this for 2 cabins in our group.
  9. Awesome! Thanks! First time on RCCL and we are excited about the drink package.
  10. Does the package include drinks at the specialty restaurants(I know not Starbucks), Sabor bar, and Vintages, etc - we are on the Oasis? So basically all alcohol on board within the drink price limit?
  11. My daughter loves that beer. Hoping we can find it in other ports since we won't be in St Maarten this cruise. Question about the magnets - I have been on numerous Disney cruises and decorating your door with magnets is huge but I hear not so much on RCCL. Also, I noticed in the pictures of your door it is not all flat on the outside - are most of the cabin doors this way? Thanks!
  12. While the state says alcohol can be purchased anytime it does vary by county. Here in the panhandle most of the counties do not allow sales of alcohol(in stores) on Sundays until after 1pm. If you are in Miami which is Miami-Dade county alcohol can be sold any day of the week 24 hours a day. If you are cruising out of Port Everglades which is Broward county you can not purchase alcohol until after noon on Sundays.
  13. Looking forward to your review. We board her on Dec 23rd for Christmas. It will be our first Royal Caribbean cruise and we are excited to check out the Oasis!
  14. We are cruising in Dec on Oasis with a stop at Labadee on Christmas day. The port schedule also shows Empress of the Seas in port that day. With all the talk about the island being crowded with the 6K from a ship like Oasis I'm concerned about what it will be like with another ship there that day. Anyone have any experience with two ships in port?
  15. Hopefully it is okay to post this. For those that might be cruising to Bermuda between now and Sept 14th and doing Dolphin Quest - if you see my daughter Alyssa please tell her that her mom says HI!!! She is doing a 4 month internship there and loves to see all the cruise passengers! Thanks!
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