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  1. I’ve also gotten some good deals on Mercari. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Late to the party, but I just ordered these from Skechers......https://www.skechers.com/en-us/style/32865/bobs-desert-kiss-twinkle-twinkle/blk it's hard to tell from the picture, but the strap near your toes has rhinestones across it, so I am thinking it can add a little sparkle and look a little dressier. I liked them because it looks like they will "pack small". Since I only like to travel with a carry-on sized bag, I like shoes that don't take up a lot of space. I hope they fit!
  3. My cruise for late June was cancelled by Princess April 14. Received my deposit refund ($700) two days ago. I did not contact Princess or dispute the charge. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. I already pack relatively light, so I doubt I'll change much. Probably making sure I have some travel sized hand sanitizer to carry around will be my biggest change.
  5. My cruise (Boston to Montreal in late July) was cancelled and I requested our FCC ($100 deposit) on 4-25 and received it today (credit card refund). But I'm still waiting on my FCC from my cruise in February 2021 which I requested 4-13 and still have not received.
  6. I'm curious what is happening to others in terms of reservations made for cancelled British Isles cruises? I was expecting to sail in late June on the Regal Princess. London Pass: We booked the London Pass for our time in London before the cruise. I intentionally purchased the insurance offered by the company, which essentially offers a refund for any reason prior to using the pass. They are now offering 24 months to use their pass instead of 12, but given I purchased the insurance I wanted a refund. The company ignored my attempts to contact them (I emailed twice and attempted thr
  7. My June British Isles Cruise was cancelled with many others on April 14. It is still showing in my "upcoming cruises" and I actually added a spa treatment and I was able to go all the way to entering my credit card number. Does anyone have any thoughts about this......do others have this in their accounts as well? I can't make a refund choice, since I only paid the deposit. The cancellation email just said refunds may take up to 60 days from Princess receipt pf preference. But I can't submit a preference. Anyway, I'm kind of confused about it and wondering if anyone ha
  8. Or maybe, they're just the most honest about the time frame?
  9. So I don't know what will happen, but I will let people know.
  10. yes, I did buy the deposit on the ship, but was told it was 100% refundable when I bought it. I actually bought two and requested refunds for both and was told it had been requested. So I don't know.
  11. Thank you, I did call today and started the refund process. It was actually a cruise credit I bought on our cruise last year and immediately applied to this booking. I appreciated this information. It didn't occur to me the cancellation policy didn't change! Grateful to Cruise Critic forums.
  12. I am confused. My cruise departs (maybe) July 25th. My account says my final payment is due May 26th. It was originally due tomorrow (April 26th) We paid a deposit of $100 each for a total of $300. What are the ramifications if I wait until May 26th to either pay the balance or cancel? Thank you for any insight.
  13. My frustration/concern/worry is that Princess doesn't have the money to refund passengers. The 60 day "processing" time, if true, should mean that some people are getting money refunded back, whether Princess is going in order of when you cancelled, when they cancelled, cruise departure date, etc. I am guessing that Princess (and other lines.....I'm also waiting on HAL) is hoping there will be some change in the next 60 days and some cruises will sail, so there is some income. And while I really want that to be true (I have a cruise departing July 25th). I'm not too optimistic.
  14. I am also waiting on a refund, although thankfully, it was just a deposit, so only about $700. Unfortunately, since I booked private excursions, I am waiting on those. One company, which previously stated a refund of cancelled before 30 days is not longer refunding any money, just a credit. Another hasn't responded to any emails. A third agreed to a refund, but I was informed it was 30-60 working days. Since all were booked over 60 days ago, I'm not optimistic for my credit card doing anything. In fact, Chase has reduced hours, just when you need more access to staff! Again, it's another agenc
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