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  1. We took a tour right outside the ship in Bonaire in May. It was an island tour. Exactly the same as one offered through the ship without the shot of rum. Half the price. Great tour.
  2. We use the form and always get a confirmation email. Supplies are in our cabin when we arrive.
  3. I have a Serenade if you are interested in a trade.
  4. On some cruise ships, during the process used to produce drinking water, the water is distilled. Maybe it is part of the process at MSC. A call or email to their headquarters may be in order to find out if MSC drinking water is distilled.
  5. Same thing happened to us. Reclassified one of our 3 cabins. 3 person cabin, now becoming a 2 person cabin. Moving parents away from children. Our TA worked with them to get us 3 better cabins and some money back.
  6. We originally sailed MSC because of the status match, price and discount. We returned because of the beauty and cleanliness of the ship, friendly officers, great pizza and other Italian food, International guests and fun.
  7. Another cruise critic member has used a taxi. Her advice is to put your luggage in the taxi and get in it before you tell the driver where you want to go. I know there used to be a shuttle but I don't know if it still runs. The trolley only goes to the last few terminals.
  8. If I do it, I will definitely report back. If it's too hot or rainy, I'll grab a taxi. Some others I know are taking a taxi.
  9. Thanks for the update. I don't mind the walk if it is nice weather. I may have to reconsider my plans.
  10. I have a lot of time to kill so I thought I'd walk if it's possible. I only have one wheeled suitcase so that isn't a problem. Thanks for your replies.
  11. I already looked at the map but was wondering if any of the areas are fenced off.
  12. Is it possible to walk from Terminal A(Royal Caribbean) to Terminal F(MSC)? If so, about how far apart are they? Thank you.
  13. We had 2 cabins for 2 and a cabin for 3 booked on 9, for August, and it is now a cabin for 2. RC moved all 3 of our cabins to 11.
  14. I have an American Airlines(Barclay Bank), Mastercard that allowed me to choose a pin when I applied for it early this year.
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