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  1. We have done 2 b2b's in Barcelona. Both times our passports were collected two days before we docked. They were stamped and returned to us the night before we did the turn around. You are not required to get off the ship in Barcelona like you are in the USA unless they need to do a deep cleaning of the ship.
  2. The Windjammer is open when you arrive. The Main Dining Room opens at dinner.
  3. We are RC and Celebrity cruisers who love MSC. MSC has more international guests who love to party way into the night. Food is the same as other ships with better pizza and Italian entrees. Ships are beautiful and spotless. When you choose to cruise with MSC you have to pick your level of experience, Bella, Fantastica, Aurea or go all out and book Yacht Club. You'll need to read up on these levels to see which one suits your needs. We've done Fantastica in the past and have Yacht Club booked. We would do more MSC cruises but they didn't have the itineraries we wanted right now. Will definitely do more MSC in the future.
  4. The entire trip is beautiful. If you can, spend a few days in Copenhagen either before or after the cruise. If you enjoy walking, you can easily do all these ports(including Copenhagen) walking. If you are an avid hiker, there are some great mountains and hills to climb. The Captain will point out the Seven Sisters/Suitor waterfalls and rotate the ship so everyone can see them.
  5. You will find most of the regular activities on this cruise. However, you may be too tired to attend all of them. We do this itinerary annually and do a lot of walking. Also, the scenery is so beautiful that you hate to go to sleep and miss any of it. Not sure when you are going, but it will probably be daylight most of the time with only a few hours of darkness(mostly twilight).
  6. We use the wash and fold all the time. We send pj's, underwear, sox, shorts and light colored polo shirts. No major problems except the occasional wrinkle.
  7. There will be a Russian Bazaar on the ship for one or more nights where you can purchase the typical Russian souvenirs.
  8. There are many wearable blood pressure/heart monitors with alarms that this man could wear. No need for a dog that can't do much more that a monitor.
  9. Thanks for the info. I have a lot of food allergies and can work around them sometimes but not always.
  10. Great review. Thanks for sharing. Did anyone in your family have food allergies or any special needs? If so, how well was it handled?
  11. From what I've observed, part of the problem is the "Mingle". As soon as the prizes are given out, most of the people leave. Only a few stay around to meet their fellow CC members. Isn't that what the meeting is for?
  12. We also changed cabins. From Fantastica to Yacht Club. Only took a phone call from our TA to MSC. Received a confirmation within the hour.
  13. It may have been the time of the year. We were trying to get back to the US just before Thanksgiving. Seemed like most of the passengers were from the US or Asia.
  14. We stayed a few days in Sydney and had a late flight home. Took us 4 hours to get through immigration and security at the airport. The line was the full length of the airport. Our driver had checked with the airport and picked us up at the hotel early because of the backup. He said it wasn't unusual as the airport has limited hours and gets very crowded.
  15. If you read the Cruise Compass the night prior to your port visit, it will say what type of id is required in that specific port.
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