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  1. thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and helping with my questions! im sure ill be back with a few more:) Dawny x
  2. Hi all Ive just registered after reading through your boards for some while, so nice to meet you all ! I am going on my first Royall Carribean cruise on 26th Aug on Independance of the Seas which im really looking forward to. Theres four generations of my family going from the ages of 18 - 78 and I wondered if you could help me out with a few questions? 1. I read that my son (18) can drink alcohol if i sign a disclaimer is this correct? 2. What additional expenses can i expect to come across? All gratuities are paid for but ive read that certain meals and drinks will incur suppliment charges? Also will i be charged for using any of the facilities on board? 3. What is the best time to get to Southampton port? 4. Is it ok to take a travel iron? Im sure i will have loads more (ive arranged this trip and am a little nervous....just want everything to be ok ) Thanks everyone x Dawny
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