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  1. I have now received full refund on everything for my cancelled Nieuw Amsterdam cruise March 14.. I am very happy with HAL.. Nothing about my free cruise yet.. also sending me a check for expenses (320)
  2. Just received chargeback of 4284 to my credit card this morning for Nieuw Amsterdam Mar 14 cruise.. so that is the bulk.. now just owe me about 800 for incidentals.. I sent a request to my credit card last week so dunno if that was it or if the payment was a scheduled one.. It doesnt say provisional or anything..
  3. My cruise was cancelled March 14 (New Amsterdam) STILL WAITING for everything to be refunded.. BS on this..
  4. My TA is a personal friend.. she got thru to HAL and was told I am good to go (71 yrs old)
  5. I have NOT received anything I am 70 (71 on Saturday) and sailing THAT day!.... A poster on NCL said she called an NCL rep cause she didn't get one.. He told her that her 3/14 sailing on the Star wasn't included so that's why she didn't receive anything.. I know If I got one unlikely me or my GF could get one at this late date.. we leave for Lauderdale tomorrow.. I am freaked out
  6. Did they say HAL said "effective immediately??.. OMG if true.. I leave Friday.. Who is considered a Licensed medical Professional.. does a dentist or nurse count>> I am feeling ill and NOT from a virus.. If I can't get a sign off I dont want to drive to the Port knowing I would be denied boarding... They have to let you cancel on phone... Good God
  7. I leave for Fort Lauderdale this Friday.. No way I would be able to get into a doctor, nor my girlfriend who is in her 70s as well.. This is crap.. I better not get down there and then find out it goes into effect on Friday for my sailing on Saturday!.. That is just not right!!!.. More than pissed.. They do it I will never sail with them again
  8. Ok seasoned Neptuners.. another question.. It says you can get wifi for a small charge.. Anyone know how much this is?. Is it per day, and can you only use it in the Neptune lounge?..Thanks!
  9. That's for sure!.. I was going to get my suits and blazer drycleaned before I went, but I will let them do it..
  10. Thanks for the quick response!.. Was also wondering about the expanded Room service breakfast menu for Neptune guests.. I know the mimosa is free, what about a bloody Mary, and smoked salmon, steak and eggs etc??
  11. Do you know if the Neptune Lounge is bottled water?..Thanks
  12. Thanks for all the responses.. two more quick questions 1. Is there a DVD player in the Neptune Suite? 2. Do they replenish water in the cabin as needed free of charge? Thanks
  13. Yes.. we have Pinnacle grill at 7pm.. going to try to change it to 815.......also the "Boselink".. I am guessing that is a stereo system I can plug my phone or tablet into and listen to my downloaded music??
  14. Suite reception is that a free bottle of bubbly?. Do we get a free bottle? Thanks
  15. Just upgraded to a Neptune Suite on Nieuw Amsterdam.. One of the perks is "concierge service" in the Neptune lounge.. What exactly does that mean?.. Anything else I should know about the Neptune Suites?Thanks
  16. Going on Nieuw Amsterdam March 14. I saw someone had posted a video and showed Cabana Rentals on board for the week.. I went to the HAL website accessed my booking but I do not see where it is listed to book?. Do you wait until you get onboard and if so how much are they PP or couple?...Thanks!
  17. That is good to hear.. I guess in some of the lounges?
  18. Thanks!.. Yes!.. The Yum Yum man.. lol.. We always enjoyed before dinner music as well, but I am guessing that is gone too.. sad if it is..
  19. I may be showing my age but my first cruise was on the OLD Volendam in 1983. I have been on over 50 cruises since that time, but haven't been on HAL in 20 years. Will be on the Nieuw Amsterdam March 14. Two part question: I days of old one for the big things were "hot appetizers" served by white gloved staff in some of the lounges before dinner. Does this still happen? The second question is they would have a staff member dressed like the Old Philip Morris commercial guy (Really showing my age!) walk around with some sort of chime "calling you to dinner".. So curious as to wheth
  20. My first ever cruise 1983 to Bermuda on the Old Volendam.. Heineken was 1.00 per bottle 🙂 They poured a glass of Dom Perignon on Formal night.. Rock African Lobster tails, caviar, etc.. those were the days
  21. Thanks for the replies.. I know that Carnival is now strict with boarding times that are "staggered", unless you are VIP/suite etc.. Didn't know if HAL was doing this so now I know I will get to the terminal and get signed in and take my place in line, then let the games begin..lol
  22. Just printed my boarding pass for March 14, Nieuw Amsterdam.. It has "1pm" for 'Embarkation time" My question is if this is a "suggested" time. Other cruise lines have recently switched to staggered times, others just put a time on there but you can board earlier.. Thanks for any info
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