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  1. A couple years ago we took an Azamara Transatlantic that ended in Barcelona. It was our first time to Europe. From Barcelona, we flew to Venice, stayed 3 nights to explore. Took the train to Florence for 2 nights, then train again to Rome for 3 nights. Flew from Rome back to Florida using the Celebrity air program which enabled us to get very reasonable fares. I made ALL of the reservations myself....air, hotels, trains....everything went just as planned. Went on some very interesting excursions including an underground tour of the Coliseum in Rome, and climbing to the top of the Duomo i
  2. I read that article and the comment section, then another linked article and comments. It appears that many locals do not want the cruiseships to return, much like Key West. There were suggestions that overnight guests bring more money, so an increase in condominiums and all inclusive resorts would be better. Many were also concerned about the ecology of the waters, and especially disliked Carnival cruises. The media seems to be perpetuating the petri dish idea about cruise ships. Also, the cruise lines are saying the Caymans will be in the iteneraries, but Cayman authorities have not sai
  3. What happens to the spouse/ travel mate if a person is quarantined ashore? Are they left to saail onwards alone, worrying about their mate....or do they go ashore as well? What about packing up the luggage before being removed from the ship if both are removed? Is the entire cruise held up while the packing and removing of the “sick” passenger occurs?
  4. I had a 12 day Alaska cruise scheduled with Princess for May 2021. Had suspected it would be canceled, so appreciate knowing well before final payment date. Hopefully the vaccine works as expected and I will take my Celebrity Hawaii cruise in May of 2022.
  5. Two healthy non medication folks in their 60’s, that can drive to the port as we live in Florida....sign us up!
  6. The sound on the individual movies being shown is great!
  7. I agree, this webinar is painful. Hopefully it will get better....
  8. I tried to call Captain’s Club last Friday, waited 2.5 hours and gave up. Called again Sunday (Mother’s Day) midday and got through with no wait at all! I wondered if I had selected the wrong thing on the automated list the first day, or there were just more free agents because of the holiday.
  9. The problem with this is that in a short number of articles we reach a paywall, and need to subscribe to see the latest news. Inconvenient to subscribe to multiple news sites.
  10. I agree with previously posted thoughts on recent improvements on Celebrity. However, we started cruising in 2008.....only early and late seating times. I kind of miss that you had one waiter that knew what drink you wanted, tablemates for the entire week that you might become good friends with......and even the silly Baked Alaska last evening dessert.., with the parade of waitstaff and swirling of our napkins overhead. I miss fancy brunches with carved ice statues. I miss the midnight dessert buffet. Our last cruise on Azamara actually DID have the brunch, the desert buffet, and a
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