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  1. Nonstop flights are more desirable and thus higher yielding.
  2. I don't think the MSP flight is on AA. MSP is a Delta hub so 95% certain this is a Delta flight. The bigger question is why couldn't they do ORD-ATL-MIA?
  3. The Sky has had the more recent refurb, so I'm guessing it's currently a better option. Don't expect anything close to the Escape. FWIW, I've never been on the Sun and it's been years since I've been on the Sky.
  4. I agree with the posts above mine. I would call a supervisor and report it. He may have done this to others simply to bump up his numbers.
  5. I just checked and the July 18th sailing is still there. It looks like only "insides" are still available. All other categories are marked as "sold out."
  6. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/regent-says-goodbye-to-plastic-in-switch-to-vero-water/ maybe NCL will be next
  7. Buying bottled water anywhere is crazy to me. I understand there's a need and a place, but not the way the industry has brainwashed the masses. Evian spelled backwards is...😉
  8. The original poster has stated an issue with the ports of call but hasn't mentioned any alternatives. In addition, if you prefer sea days, then the solution is simple (stay on the ship.) I do think VV is innovative with their stop in Bimini.
  9. We did our honeymoon on the POA back in 2011, and plan on doing it again for our 10-year anniversary. This analysis is spot on! We loved the cruise, and IMO you cannot compare this ship to any of the competition. It's the only U.S. flagged ship that doesn't waste any time on sea days to/from the mainland. You can take those days and spend some extra time on the islands pre or post cruise.
  10. S4POPO


    Might want to try looking at a PPT-LAX-LHR option.
  11. I think there should be a pinned "Cruise Next" topic. It seems there's always someone selling or buying.
  12. Key West and Cozumel are not bad alternatives, but I understand everyone's disappointment. It could be worse... Freeport and Nassau.
  13. Wow, great pics. Thank you all for sharing.
  14. Based on feedback in the other threads, it looks like NCL is also offering the full refund option if elected prior to 6/11.
  15. Hang tight, they might be able to add Cuba back in 2021. 😉
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