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  1. I used to get sick a lot on long (overseas) flights, and Airborne definitely seems to help frequently.
  2. LOL, yes, this is one of the ones I came across pretty quickly after some cursory research, but we're not going to have our one meal in Cozumel in an Italian restaurant, sorry! 😁 Ah, okay, makes me feel better. Maybe we'll hit Paradise Beach, not sure we want an AI. And thanks for the reco on security.
  3. Yikes, we're there on 11/20 on Celebrity Equinox, and there are 5 ships total including the Allure of the Seas, and I thought *that* was bad. We're actually not planning on anything, partly due to the expected crowds. I'm thinking we'll mostly stay on the ship, and maybe take a taxi to downtown San Miguel for lunch, if I can find some good recommendations on here (haven't looked yet...)
  4. Nah, I still think it’s easier than planning a land vacation.
  5. There’s really no such thing as “regular crab legs”. That’s kind of like saying “regular fish fillets.” 😊 But the more common type of Crab legs are snow crab legs. For most other types of crab (eg, Dungeness, Blue crabs, stone crabs, etc.) more of the meat is in the body or the 2 main claws. And yes, Alaska King Crab can be quite expensive, though I assume it’s much cheaper in Alaska than the lower 48!
  6. That just lets you share one internet connection, like a hotspot. It doesn't technically slow down or speed up the underlying connection. Also, any Windows 10 computer can easily serve as a mobile hotspot as well, sharing the connection over WiFi or Bluetooth. So in theory, you can pay for one connection, log in with the travel router or the Win10 laptop, and then connect, say, an iPhone and both use the connection simultaneously. Neither solution helps when the two end user devices are in different locations on the ship. Two other potential issues: 1) it may be a violation of the terms & conditions of the Celebrity internet to share a single connection, and 2) Multiple devices will have to share the bandwidth of the underlying connection -- I don't know exactly how, say, the Surf packages work, but if it's limited to, say a 1 Mbps connection, then sharing that through a hotspot would limit the combined bandwidth to 1 Mbps, whereas if you had a "2 device" plan, you'd each get your own 1 Mbps connection.
  7. I'd be careful about the WiFi calling feature of the phone. A friend of mine was out of the country, and did an hour long call on his iPhone from his hotel room while connected to the hotel Wifi. Well, Verizon still charged him at the $1.99/minute rate, and they wouldn't really reduce it after complaints. For a "true" WiFi call I'd definitely disable roaming, and then use something like Skype or Google Voice or even FaceTime (Audio). However, these VOIP services aren't supposed to work on the "Surf" packages.
  8. If you only have a flip phone, the internet package would be pointless (though I guess you could use one of the ship’s computers in the computer lounge if they even have that?). Agree to check with your Wireless carrier. Verizon has cruise ship coverage for $2.99/minute for voice calls, $0.50 per text message sent, $0.05/msg received. That should suffice for emergency use. But you need to make sure your phone is compatible (VZW said you need a 4G LTE World Device), and you may need to have the carrier activate it for international roaming. When in port, you can pay $5/day in Mexico or Canada ($10/day in most other countries) and use your domestic plan allowance for calls, texts, and data, if you sign up for TravelPass.
  9. Bumping this thread - anyone? particularly wondering about speeds on the “surf” package. I’m likely fine without streaming video or face time, but I may need to remote into work via a Citrix connection. That said, 1Mbps is usually enough if the latency isn’t too bad (which it probably will be...). Also, if I buy the surf package, does anyone know if I can upgrade it To the full unlimited package if the speed isn’t sufficient?
  10. Away! Lol (To be fair, Crouteax from Long Island has a very nice “Rose of Merlot” I think) Well White Zinfandel is technically a type of rosé. But i don’t think there’s anything inherently sweet about the Zinfandel grape. But my recollection (from the 80s, though note I was well underage at the time 😅) is that it is sweeter, at least the plonk from Beringer and Sutter Home. Wouldn’t surprise me if they added sugar. “Real” rosé today is generally dry but can run the gamut - it can be made with any number of varietals and is often a blend of several. The best ones are typically from Provence in France but lots of other good stuff from various regions.
  11. Wow, haven't heard anyone ask for White Zinfandel since like the late 1980s. 😂 Now, we just call it Rose (All Day)! BTW, if you are ever offered White Merlot -- RUN!!!
  12. Prepaid gratuities are primarily (solely?) for the cabin attendant and dining room servers. If you pay for drinks a la carte, yes I think they add the gratuity. But if you have a package, there’s nothing to add too unless you go over the $9/15 package limit, and then the 18% (or is it 20%?) is only on that excess. Hence the discussion here. Also, gratuity is charged on bottled wine purchases.
  13. Hmm, I’m trying to remember if other lines (eg, RCCL) print out receipts for all drinks on a package. I could see why they do this — for tracking purposes. But also maybe an effort to guilt you into tipping? Don’t really want to start that discussion though, lol. I can’t really remember from previous cruises where I’ve had a package. I guess when I've done the package in the past there was a gratuity added at purchase and I assume that got split amongst the staff based on how many drinks they served or something. But with the classic package as a perk, there’s no explicit gratuity paid and so I have no idea how the servers are getting compensated!
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