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  1. Haha oops you’re totally right, brain fart. But of course both citric and ascorbic acids are used in food. And acetic acid while we’re at it! 😅
  2. Figured I'd just update my experience with corkage on Celebrity (Equinox, November). We bought two bottles on board (the allowed amount). One night in the MDR the sommelier notified us of the corkage fee, but never charged us. On our last night in Tuscan, they also notified us of the fee, but we asked them to waive it since we both had beverage packages and could otherwise order "free" wine anyway. She said she'd have to check with the Maitre d'. A few minutes later she comes back and opens/serves the wine. At the end of the meal, we get the bill for the corkage fee. 🤦‍♂️ I should have a
  3. You know what vitamin C is made of? Citric Acid. 💡 This is definitely what happens. No, there are not an equal number who drink Pepsi to compensate, and so beverage revenues decline for the establishment. Pepsi can win over new accounts by throwing a lot of money at them, but it's not particularly sustainable. That's one reason Coke has much higher market share in the foodservice channel, notwithstanding some recent "wins" (e.g., Madison Square Garden, Marriott). On the other hand, Amtrak just switched to Coke. That said, when it comes to colas, I'm a diet coke drin
  4. I was on Equinox a month ago - the embarkation lunch was super-lame. The couple next to us got up and left after sitting down and looking at the menu. I think there were only like 3 starter and main choices. We had caesar salad and a chicken "paillard" but it was really just a sauteed thin-cut chicken breast (paillard is usually grilled, this was in a light sauce). Service was also a bit on the slow side, but it was nice to not have to fight the crowds at the buffet on embarkation day.
  5. I left my wedding ring on the bedside table after a 1-night cruise in Halong Bay in Vietnam...on my HONEYMOON! 😳 I didn’t even realize it until we were checking into the hotel in Hanoi hours later, and I was devastated. (Just a basic platinum band so not $$, but sentimental obviously) For some reason the cruise director had given me his card and mobile # and I got in touch with him, and the office staff shortly thereafter let me now they had it. But getting it to me was going to be an issue as we were leaving for the US the next morning and shipping was a no-go as customs would have s
  6. I was on Equinox in November and had no problem getting the specialty alcoholic coffees (for $9 or less) on the classic package. My favorite discovery was the Café Aspen, which is Bailey’s, Kaluha, and Frangelico, and was priced at $8. (Vs. Bailey’s in the MDR at $10, go figure!). I’ve always been a big fan of coffee & Bailey’s, but this was another level! 🤣 So of course I came home and spent >$100 on a bottle of each at my corner liquor store!
  7. Agree OPs complaint is a bit ridiculous. I think the one time we did a guarantee it was a SkySuite (prob all that was left) and we got an Accessible SS. Which of course means bigger room (2 berth widths vs 1.5 for regular SS) but an aesthetically un-pleasing bathroom. Which is fine - EXCEPT. The door opened automatically when the key card was scanned, and stayed open for an extended period before closing. But the biggest issue was NO DEADBOLT. I understand why this might be desired/necessary for a disabled passenger, but not having an over-ride was absurd. I pitched a huge fit in the
  8. No, it says PALL in the corner. (CALL for the classic). The colors distinguish regular, Concierge, Aqua and Suites classes. No mini fridge in the regular Premium package, but there is a special package that I think does include it if both passengers in the room have it.
  9. There are definitely more than 2 white wine options on the classic package. If you were looking at the suggested drinks page in the menu in the MDR that’s only a small selection, you can get the full list from the sommelier. You can call Celebrity in advance, closer to your cruise (<1 month?) you can do it online in the cruise planner, or as others said you can do it onboard. There will be A LOT of staff on embarkation day asking you to buy/upgrade a beverage package. 🙂
  10. You can also buy multi-port USB power adapters so you can charge multiple devices from one outlet. Tablets and QuickCharge require more power, which means a more expensive and larger adapter (and possibly a USB-C port for the fastest charging), so check the specs. Nevertheless, *super* annoying not to have bedside outlets.
  11. Yes, I believe the egates became active For US citizens (and a number of others) in late May or early June. we disembarked Equinox ~2 weeks ago, our group number was estimated at 8:35am but called maybe 5-10m early. Didn’t even see a global entry line, zipped through the facial recognition lanes, found our bags and were curbside pronto!
  12. Yes and if you want a coffee with Bailey’s in the MDR they will charge you $1+, or you can go to Al Bacio and get the Aspen Coffee which is Bailey’s, Kaluha, and Frangelico (and *delicious*!) for nothing extra since it’s $8. (At least on the Equinox). Go figure.
  13. I used to get sick a lot on long (overseas) flights, and Airborne definitely seems to help frequently.
  14. LOL, yes, this is one of the ones I came across pretty quickly after some cursory research, but we're not going to have our one meal in Cozumel in an Italian restaurant, sorry! 😁 Ah, okay, makes me feel better. Maybe we'll hit Paradise Beach, not sure we want an AI. And thanks for the reco on security.
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