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  1. English_in_Spain

    Costa Fascinosa bed layout

    Thank you for your reply There are several cabins that have this symbol - two triangles. I have a feeling it is a mistake in the wording and that it should say "2 low beds that CAN BE converted into a double" As you have cruised with them a lot, do you find there to be a language or culture problem? We live in Spain so we are used to being among non-English speaking people but neither of us speak any Italian.
  2. English_in_Spain

    Costa Fascinosa bed layout

    We are thinking of trying Costa cruise line for the first time later this year. I have found a cruise that fits what we want on Fascinosa. We want a balcony cabin on deck 9. When I look at the cabin options the only one available is 9207 but it has a symbol which the legend says "2 low beds that cannot be converted into a double" but underneath a note says "Please note: Double bed is available in all cabin grades" Can anyone tell me if we can have a double bed in this cabin or not.
  3. English_in_Spain

    Which style cabin do you prefer and why.

    All my HAL cruises apart from one (in a Signature Suite) I have always had a Neptune Suite. I liked the perks that go with it. Having just got off the Veendam where we had a Neptune Suite I became 4 star Mariner. I will probably not bother with Neptune Suites again. I am not that bothered about the Neptune Lounge on HAL - not like Concierge Lounge on RCI which is great. I will now get free laundry and priority boarding as a 4 star. I tried an inside cabin on another cruise line a few years ago just to see what it was like. I hated it. I like to have a balcony so a balcony cabin is what I will probably book in future.
  4. English_in_Spain

    Wine prices in dining room - Koningsdam....? Need advice pls

    On our recent Veendam cruise I bought the 8 bottle lowest price package and they applied my Mariner discount so it was much cheaper than buying by the glass.
  5. English_in_Spain

    HAL going to San Juan or St. Maarten yet?

    When we were in San Juan last week on the Veendam we got speaking to a couple of locals. They said that most of the money that was available was being spent on giving San Juan, particularly the cruise terminal area, a facelift and painting the buildings. They thought it unfair that this was being done but the people living a few miles inland were not receiving anything and were still without water and electricity. I know that cruise ships visiting is vital to the economy of the island but is it really necessary to repaint everywhere when help is needed elsewhere?
  6. Thank you Jacqui. Also thank you to Roy for your kind comments. After all the hundreds of Bon Voyage threads I did at a time when my late husband was too ill to travel, it is wonderful to be able to cruise again and have Cruise Critic wishing me Bon Voyage. I hope to be able to do a blog of our trip here
  7. English_in_Spain

    How's the Entertainment on Veendam?

    We leave home tomorrow to head to Fort Lauderdale and boarding Veendam on Friday. I would be very interested to hear your 'factual issues'.
  8. English_in_Spain

    Veendam NS cabin 008

    Thanks Jacqui I hope you are right. Just so much has gone wrong with this trip I have become a bit twitchy. Fingers crossed
  9. English_in_Spain

    Veendam NS cabin 008

    I was thinking more about people jumping about and general noise. We are hoping to have some quiet time in our cabin and on our balcony. We are both in need of a complete rest.
  10. English_in_Spain

    Veendam NS cabin 008

    I am surprised that no one has replied. Particularly about the use of the table tennis area.
  11. English_in_Spain

    Nov 29 Veendam Atlantic Adventure Pic O'the Day

    Thank you for all the photos you have posted. When Veendam returns to Fort Lauderdale we will be getting on so please take good care of her.
  12. English_in_Spain

    Veendam NS cabin 008

    We have finally got our cabin assignment for our Veendam cruise next week. We booked a NS guarantee and have been given 008. I am pleased with the location but I have just read a review from last year that said cabin 008 is directly under the table tennis area and that it was noisy. Does anyone have any experience of this cabin? Are those table tennis tables used a lot?
  13. English_in_Spain

    Need to insert card for power on Zaandam?

    Yes, a lot of hotels here in Spain use that system to make sure you switch the lights off. The trouble is sometimes the fridge/mini bar is on the same circuit and that goes off as well :D
  14. English_in_Spain

    Posting smaller photos on Cruise Critic

    On my web page this image is 200 x 129 pixels. Posting it here is much bigger. The above is just copy and paste image. Below is post by using URL link. Both are much bigger than the original. I want it to look more like it is here http://www.caribbean2017.com/general%20photo%20storage.html
  15. I used to use Photobucket to publish photos on CC. Now they have changed their publishing policy I am trying other ways. I have my own web domain where I can store my photos for posting the URL. This works ok BUT the photos are coming out too large. No matter what size the photo seems to be it still comes out whole screen on CC. How do I make them smaller?